Blizzard Officially Launches StarCraft II In... Brisbane!

Blizzard has revealed its midnight launch plans for popular real-time strategy sequel StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. PC gamers are apparently quite excited!

So excited, in fact, they'll be heading down to EB Games Albert Street store in the centre of Brisbane for the official Australian launch event.

Proceedings kick off at 9.30pm on July 26 when StarCraft fans will doubtlessly thrill to the prospect of winning:

* the StarCraft trivia contest where you'll be tested on all manner of Zerg, Protoss and Terran history; * the StarCraft sound-a-like contest where you'll perform your best unit impersonations; * or the StarCraft cosplay contest where you'll try manfully to smoke a cigar.

Bliizard promises there'll be thousands of dollars of prizes to be won including gear from AMD, Razer, SteelSeries and lots of official Blizzard merchandise. There's also a live Q&A with StarCraft II producer Kaeo Milker.

While Brisbane will host the official launch, other EB stores around the country will be open on the evening of July 26 and, according to Blizzard, many of them will also be running special competitions and giveaways. So call your local store and find out what they're planning.

Who's planning to attend the midnight launch?


    while your at it. if there any blizzard employees.. tell them to make some god dam australian wow servers...

      Aren't there oceanic servers? I know when I played they were pretty damn good...

        There are, but they're just part of a rack of Servers located in the US. I think they're West COast Servers in the California cluster at Irvine, but I'm not 100% sure. The nearest actual server to Australia would be somewhere in Asia.

          They've changed it in SC2. The servers (at least the ones for beta) are in Asia and include Singapore, Malaysia etc. Though most notably, not Korea (thank God). It's a step in the right direction, I've noticed the lag is almost nonexistent in beta compared to my 500 in WoW.

    "Best unit impersonation"? Just wait until it ticks over 12 midnight and watch the entire crowd head to the counter at once. It'll be the best impersonation of a Zerg rush you'll ever see!

      LOL - excellent call!

      Perhaps minivans out front full of customers that could be likend to and Overlord - picking up and taking away the zerglings once the damage is done?

    Thinking about goin but I dont know. -I went the the Mass Effect 2 one though.

    someone please explain to me why 1/3 of a game is retailing for the same price as a console game?

      Because that 1/3 of a game is probably longer in Single player than alot of Console games are, as well as it coming with Multiplayer, which will probably still be popular 15 years from now when Starcraft 3 is released.

      To clarify the 1/3 of a game, they're offering a full length experience, however they've announced their expansion packs (Which Blizzard have always done) before the initial game is released.

      ugh so sick of hereing this from uninformed people.
      Its not 1/3rd of a game.
      SC1 had 30 mission played between 3 factions for 10missions a piece with 8-10 CGI cut scenes spread between the 30missions. it also had bog standard multiplay and came with a decent map maker. One expansion pack was offically made

      SC2 30missions just for 1 faction lors more cinematics both ingame and CGI. Vastly improved story and story telling. Loads more units to use in singplayer. a vastly improved and superior mission maker than SC1 and even War3 editors. multiplayer with 3 unique factions with new units and tactics as well as units that are loved from the first game. 2 Offical expansion packs are almost assured.

    you have to win autographs you cant just walk up and get a signing its stupid if i was to go the city in the freezing cold at least i want cool give aways and guaranteed signed copy

    Wow I'm surprised they're doing this at Brisbane... I wish there are more events like this for other big games too...

    Anyway, I'll head up there and see if I can get some free schwags :P

    I'm attending the midnight launch. My local EB store rang me the other day and asked if I would like my pre-order to be transfered there, I quickly said yes!
    Should make for a great atmosphere, and because my pre-order will be there I know I wont miss out :D!

    I want a midnight launch in Perth.

      Western Australian retail trading hours laws stop any retailer opening at midnight that's why you will find a lot of stores like EB open really early the next morning.

    im happy just having the collectors edition

    I just noticed something, EB website is listing the Collector's Edition as available again. Anyone happen to know if this is correct, did I miss some kinda news about this?

      Actually, scratch that, my idiocy prevented me from noticing the preorder button wasn't actually active.

    Will you be able to install it on a laptop without a DVD drive, either over a network or by entering a code and downloading it from Blizzard like you can with Diablo 2 now?

      Most probably. All of Blizzard's games are downloadable via your account management in Bnet. Though I'm not sure any disc-drive-less laptop/netbook should be running this game.

    So, any Gold Coast readers interested in carpooling? :)

      EB are looking into a bus for Gold Coaster's who want to go. It'll likely cost something, but it shouldn't be much.

        Huh. Where'd you hear this? My local EB is Robina and I haven't heard anything like this.

    Afterparty at the Mana Bar!

      LOL wont you all be running home to install/play the game instead?

    Ill be attending.

    Want me to take some picks and do something up?

    here I am about to go pre order it here in Australia and I can find no information on which EB is open for the midnight launch in Melbourne.

    all my friends in Perth are not buying the game as it has no lan play. thats about 10 people not buying it. given I can't lan with them anyway i'm was considering buying this.

    now I find out that the servers are in South East Asia. Having worked for iiNet and Telstra I can assure you the ping is bad compared to the US but even worse even the people who can speak English in south east asia won't. I've travelled every single south east asian country. there is a major cultural difference, and australia should not be mixed in with them. even the people on the west coast of united states are happy for australians to play with them.

    so here I am with my money, and I am not pre-ordering Starcraft 2. I know I am not the only one. They need to fix the server situation for Australia for me to even consider this.

    We don't buy this game for single player. It's only a multiplayer game for many including me.

      EB Games Elizabeth St are doing a Midnight launch.

      EB Swanston St and JB Hifi Bourke St might be doing one as well, though not confirmed.

    EB Greensborough, Victoria will be doing a midnight launch, and I'll be working!

    Don't really care about the game, but I love doing midnight launches!

    Some unboxing pictures of my signed Collectors Edition

    I attended the launch in Brisbane last night and it was a fun time. Who would've thought dressing up like a pilon would win you a laptop!

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