Kings and Castles Formations Demonstrated

Kings and Castles Formations Demonstrated

Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor has been doing weekly vlogs over at the Kings and Castles website as a fun way of promoting the game for a while now. And while the first few weeks mainly featured antics such as horse feeding and playing with chickens, he seems to have settled into a preferred formula of “one part info, five parts crazy”. His latest video ninjas in a preview of how formations will work.

[imgclear] In line with the Kings and Castles press release, which says the game will “utilize the state-of-the-art RTS technology that Gas Powered Games has pioneered with its previous titles”, the formations appear to be utilising the same tech behind Supreme Commander 2’s Flowfield:

[imgclear] Kings and Castles will also feature the large maps and ultra zoom capabilities the Supreme Commander series was built upon. More about how the game works can be seen in its E3 Trailer, a series of things trumping other things.

The majority of Taylor’s time on camera consists of either annoying his colleagues or playing with farm animals, but loyal viewers will gain a bit more of an understanding of how the game has taken shape over its development cycle.

Or at the very least, witness what happens with a theatre sports player creates his own game studio.

[Kings and Castles vlog]

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