Kotaku Matchmaker: Free For All

Aussie online gamers know that any online game is best enjoyed with, well... other Aussies. To ensure your weekend online gaming is as lag-free as possible, every Friday we'll be hosting the Kotaku Matchmaker, where you can meet new friends online!

We usually theme each Matchmaker around a specific game, but this week we're not. You're free to suggest any game you're planning to play this weekend. (Maybe you'll even want to play Far Cry 2! Ahem.)

All you need to do is leave your Live Gamertag, your Steam ID, your PSN ID, your Wii friend code or whatever other account details you might be using in the comments below. Mention a bit about yourself, too: How experienced are you? What modes do you prefer? What time do you usually play? Anything that'll help other players decide if you're really a good match.

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    SteamID: Tristosterone

      Yeah i second this - or left for dead (original)

        oh yeh - i'm pretty sure my steam id is Chuloopa as well, just in case anyone is wondering :P

      I'll be up for some TF2 this weekend, when I can free up some that is.. haha :D
      Maybe some MW2 as well. :D

      Steam ID: ScottocS

    PSN: mossy2953

    I'll play anything that is in my trophy list.

      PSN: buckE182

      Probably a lot of Modnation Racers this weekend, but up for anything in my trophy list also :)

    xbox 360 GT: dmanwhat
    ill be hard to get away from Bad Company 2
    only hardcore mode though, pansies.

    probably download onslaught mode too

    SteamID: nicnamenic

    Transformers: WFC anyone?

    To date I still haven't managed to get into a Code of Power or Countdown to Extinction match :'-(

    Xbox 360, GT: El Presidenteh

      Yeah me neither. I want to try count down to extinction. I have had some good Conquest matches thou.

      I'd like to play this weekend but i think i've used all my internets up. I try to get on Sunday mornings.

      Xbox 360 GT: Palstran

        Consider yourself added! We only need two more people now :-\

          I'd be up for some Transformers: WFC

          Occasionally having trouble finding games. I tend to play in the evenings. Also, if any one is willing to play FIFA 10 and actually finish a match without disconnecting on me, even if you are losing by a few goals, I'd be happy to play

          Xbox tag is MILBO FC

    Bad Company 2 on PC!

    Steam: Gorstrom
    XBL: Gorstrom
    PSN: Gorestrom
    BC2: Gorstrom

    ...I see a pattern emerging...

    PSN: calvinium

    Been playing a bit of "Uncharted 2" MP at the moment, now that I finally finished all SP trophies last week.

    Could also be convinced to load up some "Borderlands", "GTA IV" (never tried it's MP component out) or "Far Cry 2", if you like Mr Wildgoose.

      Also up for some FC2. For real.

      Also MW2 too - mainly Team Deathmatch for me :-)

      PSN name is JessePenny.

    If anyone's up for Super Street Fighter IV or BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on PSN I'm game! Not very good, but I'm game! PSN: najakh

    Or more friends on my StarCraft II beta list is always good. I don't remember my ID/number but ask me on Steam: grim_one

    PSN: MikeyW

    I'm up for more or less anything I've got on my trophy list.

    PSN: dexrrr

    pretty much anything in my trophy list, or maybe some red dead or uncharted 2...

    PSN: acillis

    if im on im up for anything as long as i own it :P
    probably a bit of MW2 and maybe some RDR mainly though

    360 GT: AshuraMGS3Sub

    I'm up for Halo 3 and Halo: ODST, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, SF4 (original) and SF2 HD Remix. I'm all for helping people with achievements or just having some fun matches or co-op. ^^

    I love the concept of "I'm up for anything on my Trophy List"... :p Need moah trophies!! Need the precious Platinum! :)

    Actually this is all true, I love getting trophies... perhaps a Kotaku Trophy/Achievement Boosting Club! :p

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