New Red Dead Redemption DLC Screens Kinda Blow

Rockstar sends along four new screens of the Legends and Killers DLC pack, featuring eight multiplayer characters from Red Dead Revolver, nine multiplayer map locations and a new weapon: the Tomahawk. It's out in August.


    Other than the fat guy... this really doesnt look much different

      The only fat guy in the game is one of the american army dudes so i welcome new fat guys...

        what about the fat Mexican?

          Didn't see him. The character selection and loading of each gang is slow and frustrating....

          Im gonna go and change to that dude tonight.



    And he has TNT strapped to his head?!? Obviously not a member on MENSA...

    I think i seriously need to get this game.. lol

    Pity the game is so buggy otherwise i may have bought this.

    It would be smart if they fix the crashing issues on PS3 before releasing new content.

      Yes, I have the Xbox360 version and it crashes every 7-minutes. In between the Xbox 360 crashing and the actual game, it is very frustrating. The only modern products I have that are reliable is the Wii and my roller skates.

        What are you guys talking about. I have the game on both PS3 and xbox and it has never crashed once? I have 100% achievement for xbox version and am level 13/26 on xbox/PS3 respectively.

        The only issue I have with the game is that the PS3 matchmaking is horrible. I spent 45 minutes with a mate of mine trying to join eachothers game and nothing! We were both playing online with other people, just not each other. I only live 15 minutes from his house! (this is also why I pay for xbox live even though I have a ps3!)

        Is this problem with RDR common. I have not really been looking into it as I have never had an issue with either version?

        I've logged about 35-40 hours and gotten 100% on singleplayer and not had it crash once, and the only glitch I can remember was that my honour was at the lowest ranking when I loaded the game one time, I got a cool horse and played around for a while killing people, but reloaded the save and had my honour back at the highest rank.

        Yeah the PS3 online is broken, I hadn't realised how bad the matchmaking was until I played the game online at a mates on a 360.

    What trade in value does GOW3 have these days, sell off that crappy game, buy this w00t

    You know, I've got 100+ hours on this and I don't think I've actually come across a glitch.

    No wait I lie. Once I during a mission I was following an NPC and hopped off my horse while they were talking to me, then I couldn't hop back on and had to restart the mission. And these two:

    But that's all I can really remeber, if anything else did happen it didn't stick in my mind as "OH MY GOD WHY DID THEY EVER RELEASE A BROKEN GAME HOW DARE THEY ROBBLE ROBBLE ROBBLE". Games of this scope are going to have some rough patches I guess.

      see my response above, i am the same as you... no real issue. I would forgive it anyway because the game is so much fun but I have had a pretty solid experience.

      That's ONE link. :P

      If you look at the PS3 forums you'll see how widespread the issues are. It seems to be the 60GB PS3 FAT systems (original type) which have the most problems.

      I’ve tested with two copies of the game on two 60GB FATS and both have the exact same issues.


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