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    So I joined a Transformers WFC online game.
    The lag.
    It wasn't terrible, it wasn't unplayable, but it wasn't great.

    Also, I died 12 times, which no doubt helped my team in every way possible.

      Congrats on top of page 2 Bish. Its a rare honour, use it wisely.

      All I'm hearing is tranformers this, skellator that (is there a he-man game?). I might cave and buy transformers if you lads keeps this up!

      Boo to lag.

        Aw, wasted space of prime real estate.
        Maybe I can sell off the honour of Top-of-Page-2?

        Till all are ooooone!

          You playing it on Xbox mate?
          I havet had many lag issues yet (in the demo i did though lol)

          It's still a great game and don't worry, i get owned in most games i play. If your playing on live maybe we should hook up a game at some point?

            Nerh, PS3.
            Maybe it's the Wireless connection and try dig up an ethernet cable. Team Fortress 2 on my PC hooked up to the router runs pretty lag free (30 ping!), but I guess comparing the two would be like comparing an apple and an orange coloured citrus fruit (possibly an "orange").

        Mate - if i say buy it, then you have to buy it - at $49 there's no excuse not to now :P haha

    well there goes the thought of me backing Gillard...

      Oh snap! She was looking promising too.
      Thanks for the heads up.

      She's kept it pretty vague though. I mean, the only thing she's said (or implied, according to the article) is that she's against child porn.
      It's fairly middle ground stuff, trying to keep parents happy, whilst also keeping people like us happy, although it's a fairly vague statement.
      I can't really imagine we'll hear much else from her about this for now; it probably doesn't rank up very high in her to-do list after the Mining Tax, Asylum Seekers and the ETS. And it's not like we heard much from Rudd about it either, so maybe they're just happy to let Conroy do... whatever he thinks he's doing. Protecting the web from cans of spam with giant nets, I imagine.

    Don't forget the spams & scams coming through the portal...

    Help me Kotakun's...

    I checked the specs and my computer can run it, and it's going for around 30 dollars at JB-HiFi. So my question is:

    Should I buy Torchlight?

      If you love Diablo and wasting many many many hours of your life, then yes!!
      My only gripe was it seemed to get very repetitive after 20 or so levels. Still a good investment though!

      $30??? for torchlight?? wow... retail makes things much more pricey..

      I got mine on a steam sale for $10.. maybe less *shrugs*

      But you know what, for $30 it's still worth it. If you love diablo, you'll love this.

      I agree with the others, definitely grab it, but is something stopping you from buying it online where it's cheaper?

      I loved Diablo, was addicted to it for years, I have to ration myself with Torchlight because it's equally as addictive.

    @ James Mac
    yes its like diablo 2

    why is black light tango down not available in Australia?

    Hey Melbournians!!!

    We actually have an even coming up NEXT friday!! holy heck!

    it's an x-box night!!! w00t!
    I may actually go - sounds like it could be a good night of me having my ass kicked to me by somone actually sitting next to me! :D

      And it's free! I'd like to go along to it, but I'm already intimidated and I've only looked at the website!

      The only real meet things I've done have been Melbourne based deviantArt meets (I helped organise them for 5-6 years) and even then I end up just a quiet dude with a hacky sack. I don't think I could do a gamer event. Unless people can convince me otherwise...

    Time to decide on my next thesis, and as is wise and good have decided that reading through this 150'ish long discussion thread will give me guidance of some kind.

    As a result all I have gleaned so far are vague thoughts on permalinking essentially opening a smaller, localised version of the portal from Event Horizon, a horrid fascination with Qumulys and Chuloopa posting history, and conflicting thoughts about GAME sale addiction.

    Which reminds me... I have about 4 EB's within a 10 minute drive and yet the nearest game is more than 30 minutes away. CRUEL FATE THOU HAST WRONGED ME!

    Anybody here have Crackdown 2? I have some DLC for:
    "Four exclusive suits of agency issue armour:

    Anybody want? My 360 playing friends don't have Crackdown 2, thought I'd give it away to one of you guys.

      Don't know if you're reading this far back, Notorious, but i'll put my hand up.
      I haven't bought Crackdown 2 yet, but that's because I live out in the regions, so I have to wait a week after new releases before I can buy.
      It's on the way.

        No idea how Live works, do you need the game before you can download the DLC? Or can you get the DLC and then use it when the game comes in?

          Not sure myself, but I think if you've already used the download code, then it's non-transferrable.
          Otherwise, I think it's a matter of just passing on the code, waiting until the game arrivves, then using it.

            Well then, I can give you the code know or when you get the game, up to you. Though I'll be posting it on this, so some scumbag might use it before you do. Let me know which way you'd prefer.

    Just got my Lost Planet 2 T-shirt delivered. Anyone else get theirs yet?

    Also got a Dead Rising 2 T-shirt with it. I thought that was a nice little bonus.

    Thanks Kotaku and Capcom.

      yeah dood! I got mine on monday! others in here got theirs too which we discussed in the comments earlier in the week! I'm totally lovin the dead rising 2 shirt!

        Yeah, the DR2 shirt is awesomesauce.


    Why didn't anyone warn me its crap??
    Sacred 2 that is...

    All week all i've been hearing "Holy crap Sacred 2 collectors edition is only $20 at K-mart!"
    and now i know why it was $20 for the CE... this could possibly be worse than Alone in the Dark... heck i only paid $12 for that CE...

    It's the voice acting, the lack of customization, the animation... it's like Neighbours Medieval Edition... then for the hell of it they've chucked in some futuristic dog-robot-men! What the hell!!

    I only played for about 10-20 minutes, but thats all i could stand before i thought "screw this i'm going to bed"...

    Am i over-reacting? is this actually a decent game somewhere down the line?!? Why would people be actively searching this game out?!

      I bought it too, but I couldn't find the collector's edition on the shelf, so I just got the regular one.

      I haven't played it yet, so thanks for the heads up.

      I went into EB straight after I bought it to find out how much I'd get to trade it in, and they said $20, so I'll get my money back. I'm guessing you'll get more if you got the CE.

        Yeh, but being a collector i still might just end up keeping it.. i mean i still have Alone in the Dark sitting on the shelf.. i'm just bummed i spent my $20 weekly allowance that my lovely lady has allowed me (lol) on this...

        Did Eb specify if it was $20 cash or Store credit? Cause they always pay less cash i know that much..

          Nah, they didn't specify, I assume it was trade. I'll be taking mine in today.

          Also Kmart have got Divinity 2 for $20 and EB said they'll give $25 for it.

            I'll confirm this. I did the exact same thing last night.

            Bought Divinity 2 at Kmart for $20 and asked trade-in value at EB for $25.

            D2: ED is a pretty rare Xbox360 game.

              ahh so thats why it's so expensive anywhere i see it regaurdless of the middling reviews.. i might have to pick it up next week then, if that's the case

    I can't speak from experience with sacred 2 directly, but i would expect that it's the type of game that would take a bit to get in to. I know from playing the first one that the first hour of gameplay was fairly drab, but it got interesting a few levels in. Dunno what the deal is with those robot dogs though :0 Saw some screenshots of them the other day.. weeeeird!

    On an entirely different subject, I saw something yesterday that sparked a memory in me.. no idea what it was anymore, but ever since yesterday, I've had an undying urge to play europa 1400!
    Think I may just waste my entire weekend playing it! If only I had some lan buds close by to join in the fun!

    If in the event Chuloopa is reading this.
    You prayers have been answered my friend:

      Hehe thanks mate - but Kotaku posted this a couple pages back - but yes i am super excited - that is exactly the type of special edition i was hoping for!

      Only problem is it says "European Exclusive"... but then again Australia usually gets the exact same stuff as Europe.. all i need is conformation and a price :P

      Cheers for the heads up though, always nice to know someone is looking out for me haha

        We share the same plight sir.
        I too cannot wait for this game !

    Monkey Island 2: Special Edition is brilliant. Just so you all know.

    Holy crap... i'm at work on my own - no one else is here hahaha

    I thought i might do the right thing today, and seeing as things are slow i'm adding some more products to our website... for those of you who wonder what it is i do, here's a small taste:

    Shameless self promotion haha.

    Basically what i do is most of the advertising/sales/graphics/anything else the boss gets me to do type work

    We're actually a small distribution company, but one of the bigger in terms of range... and by that i mean we have a massive warehouse full of stuff and 4 staff including the boss haha

    With the bloody rate rises and such allover the place though it's a killer for a business like ours that mainly specialize in leisure items in the higher price bracket, which is where i get my spare time on some days - also that i'm constantly in front of this god forsaken computer..

    but there you go, some insight into the life of a Chuloopa :)

    Games based on good movies usually turn out bad, so how bad must a game be if it’s based on a rubbish movie?

    Nice article

    GAME ON 2.0

    i had the pleasure(sorta)of going to the game on 2.0 expo in launceston today.

    if you live in launceston then i reccomend you go but i went up there all the way from devonport, and it wasn't really worth the 2 hour drive there and back.

    it was far smaller than i had anticipated and it wasn't set out in a very orderly fashion, but it was still enjoyable.

    for anyone interested in going i'll list the 3 best and 3 worst things for me personally.

    1. owning noobs at halo 3 system link. major lols
    untill little kid noobs started team killing because they didn't know who was on there team...

    2.pong. that's right. i went there. the only reason it was so good was cause i owned my friend on it.

    3. atari missile defence/command. i just sat there playing it forever it was so fun. if anyone goes to the expo try beat my score, i got 12,350.

    1. the vurtual sphere thing. it was a major dissapointment. i thought it would be far better movement and everything. you may as well have just played something on the wii. the move ment didn't work at all but thelooking bit was kinda cool.

    2. pong. i wanted a second game but it seemed someone had broken it.

    3. the variety. the add said over 120 playable games, but every third one had a 'coming soon' sign on it, so they were just blank screens with controls. pointless.

    all round i recommend checking it out, but don't go too far out of your way to go there.

    can someone please get rid of the dorky guy with glasses??????!

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