What Are You Playing This Weekend?

And while you're at it, tell me what I should play this weekend.

One game I'm definitely playing this weekend is Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. But it's candy-cated delights are best suited for short bursts of play. I'll need something else to tide me over a chilly winter weekend.

So I'm asking for you advice. I have started to play but not finished the following games from this year:

* Just Cause 2 * Red Dead Redemption * Resonance of Fate * Super Mario Galaxy 2 * Yakuza 3

I'm enjoying all of them. What should I make sure I complete this weekend?


    I’ll be trying to get further into Valkyria Chronicles. So far I’m doing a few skirmishes to boost the potentials and weaponry or my team. I also need to find a good balance. Right now my team is way too offensive, it works most of the time. But on this mission I need defence.

      You only need to do each skirmish once or twice. By the time you hit the next chapter or two, they start giving pretty pitiful EXP (in comparison). I generally find that if all my classes are at the equivalent level of the chapter number (eg. Level 8, Chapter 8), you should be fine.

      Also, an offensive team is good. Since map rankings are based purely on speed, it's better just to kill everything than to turtle (generally speaking. I don't know which map you're on). Apart from your standard CP boosters of Alicia, Rosie and Largo, I found Jane and Vyse (both shocktroopers) to be pretty good. Jane's ace, IIRC she only gets one negative potential (Child of Nature), and that never activated for me; Fearless Will boosts defence when running through a hail of bullets, Sadist, Imp Hater, Lancer Killer, Mid-Range Skills all boost her offensive capabilities. Vyse has (relatively) high HP and defense, and gets a couple of attack boosting potentials.

        I’m somewhat OCD when it comes to levelling up. I love to be a few steps ahead of my opponent so I can absolutely crush them. So far I’m really focusing on the shocktroopers and the edelweiss

          I took priority with Scouts and Shocktroopers. For the most part, I didn't really use the Edelweiss much since it absorbed too much CP. Although I guess that led to alot of save/loading whenever somebody got mangled.
          Once you hit Elite units (Level 11), Scouts get rifle 'nades and Shocktroopers get flamethrowers too, so that's something to look forward to.

    Keen for some ps3 Borderlands. PSN is ChinoZaki.

    Currently have a level 21 Siren & Soldier.

    just been playin from Gears of War 2 (20x XP this weekend)

    prob play some assassin's creed 2 as i haven't gotten around to it... maybe some blur and/or split/second also

    Ahhhh, all these Borderlands comments only serve to remind me that I need to get that game ASAP.

    I will be playing Super Street Fighter 4 and/or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. :D

    Will be whacking in some Super Street Figher 4, thanks Kotaku and Dave! Your ace! :D

    Mostly NCAA Football 11. If I can take my PS3 back from my girlfriend who got herself a copy of the new Lego Harry Potter.

    Also lots of Alien Swarm.

    Currently playing Deus Ex, because I figure it's time I finish it, dammit. Every previous attempted playthrough I've managed to get distracted by real life, and struggle to get interested after a break.

    as i wait for SC2 i'll be sleeping =)

    Just hitting some of my old favourites - League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 while i wait for SCII on Tuesday!

    pretty much playing Legend of Zelda: The Spirit Tracks during my breaks at work

    other than that, my weekend starts Monday, so will get back to "Blue Dragon" (360) and maybe finish off the Pulse missions in FFXIII

    picked up Dragon Age for $39 so i'm going to smash through that. Haven't played Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet, do I have to play the first one at all, cause I haven't played that either.

    Giving DJ hero a go, Big W had it on sale for $40 and a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like it, so I couldn't resist. They also had the full band hero set for $89, but I am waiting for RB3.

      The game glut has meant that I ended up at least 6 months behind in gaming. Which is great, it means when I get through a game and go to buy a new one, they are six months old and usually half price or less, which is bloody marvellous.

    I'm playing World of Warcraft, largely because this is the first weekend since moving into our new house that my PC has been working!

    Gears 2. Twenty times normal experience. =D

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Just Cause 2 would be the perfect company for Sin & Punishment 2! S&P is frantic, all-out action while Just Cause 2 can be taken at a liesurely pace. There are only 2 story missions in Just Cause 2 where I felt anything reminiscent of pressure. The rest of it was just a violent, tropical holiday which I would recommend to everyone.

    Was going to try and complete SC1 Brood Wars, but realised there was not enough time so I've been playing Alien Swarm.

    If you haven't downloaded Alien Swarm, do it, it's free and it's awesome.

    I vote Resonance of Fate, if you dig the style, which I adore!!

    Super Street Fighter IV!

    But otherwise, not much than that.

    DEATHSPANK, i want to play deathspank, can anyone recommend getting this game??

    Sleep is death.

    Smothering my lodgers.

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