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    Even old age, death and zombification couldn't stop Harrison Ford from making another terrible Indiana Jones sequel.

    Quoting Monty Python and the Knights of the Holy Grail:


      never screw with the knights who say 'NI!'

    When Billy was asked if he wanted to go see the Rolling Stones, this wasn't what he had in mind..

    It never ocurred to these idiots to just step to the side and let the boulder past.

    I knew that eating at the Indiana Jones themed restuarant was a bad idea!

    In soviet Russia, Cookie eats you!

      HA! I love it!

    Tonight on Celebrity Takeshi's Castle...

    Goku runs for his life!

    Naaa Na Na Nana Na Na Na Katamari Damacy~

      haha.. exactly what I was thinking, you beat me to the post

    "When you said a Cookie Monster was behind us, I didn't think you meant a MONSTER COOKIE!!"

    Indiana Jones: The Groovy Years

    Jason thought to himself, "This new incentive driven fitness program will be the death of me.."

    "I told you reinacting the first scene from Indiana Jones was not a great idea!" 1st guy

    "Well its better then being controlled by some naked fat guy who enjoys teabagging strangers!" 2nd guy

    As soon as Wildgoose left Kotaku his big pile of crap went for a stroll.

    It was a sprint to the finish in the Tri-County 'Race of Things That Will Never Die', with Stone falling well behind Zombie, and Disco coming second.

    "Boulder Dash THREEE DEEE!"

    Zombie Matt Shirvington and Frank West clone flee malicious boulder

    Feel the city breakin'
    And ev'rybody shakin'
    And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
    Ah, ha, ha, ha,
    Stayin' alive!

    In a mysterious parallel universe quirk, gravity made boulders roll UP hills.

    "But had to go and say 'you don't have big enough balls to kick our ass',...idiot!"

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