LunchTimeWaster: Haunted By Past Mistakes

One Step Back has all the telltale signs of pretentious indie gaming: a delicate, melancholy piano-led score; elusive interstitial text; gameplay mechanics as reflective metaphor for life. Yeah, it's just the sort of thing I love.

The icing on the cake is that it's also a good game.

In each level there are two doors, an entrance and an exit. Initially, the exit door cannot be used. As you move, however, it slowly fills with blue light until eventually you can run through it.

At the same time, the entrance door is bleeding white light until it spawns your past self, and then another and another and so on. These doppelgangers will each follow the exact path you took around the level and if you run into them at all, you die.

It starts to get tricky when you have to do several laps of a level before the exit door finally opens, all the while dodging half a dozen iterations of your past self. You'll easily catch yourself out if you forgot exactly what you did just moments earlier.

One Step Back [ArmorGames]


    Sounds enjoyable. But it also sounds derivative of the 'phantom Marios' in the Mario Galaxy games.

    Nice concept, especially the "twist". But the controls were bloody awful.

      Yeah, the controls were quite awful. I liked the concept of the game though.

      I found the wall-jumping mechanic especially troublesome.

      Didn't get a chance to play through it during lunch, will finish it off when I get home.

        When wall-jumping, I found it worked best if you ran towards the wall then shortly before reaching the wall, you tap the right and up arrows simultaneously. To keep momentum going, the second you land on the wall, tap the left and up arrows simultaneously, and continue to alternate as you climb. I found it caused all kinds of problems if I held down the left or right arrows, instead of simply tapping.

        Hope that helps!

    David, do you read Rock Paper Shotgun for your Lunchtime wasters? I've noticed a couple lately that you've posted the same day they've linked to it.

    Not a complaint by any stretch, just find it interesting to see what other sites industry journos read.

    Found the controls too frustrating...

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