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    Anyone else head to Freeplay in Melbourne on the weekend? I thought Adam "Atomic" Saltsman's keynote on the Sunday morning was brilliant!

      I'm ashamed to say I missed it. I had it in my calendar for 3 months, but forgot about it when my fiance booked us in for something else!

      yeah, i was really hoping to get down there, but work had other plans for me... :(

    Twas a bumper weekend for Star Wars fans with all manner of announcements coming out of Celebration V in Florida.

    Firstly the big one: Star Wars will hit Blu-Ray in "Fall" 2011, which roughly translates to early-mid 2011 for Australia (hopefully). All 6 films in a box set, along with extras, documentaries and for the first time scenes out of the Lucasfilm archives! They showed a quick clip of Luke building his Lightsabre in Return of the Jedi, which was oft talked about as being completed but was cut from the final film.

    They also premiered the trailer for Season 3 of the Clone Wars ( if it works for you). Look closely and you'll see:
    -Delta Squadron (Yup. The Clone Commandos are back!)
    -Darth Maul's brother (
    -(What I believe is) The first canonical appearance of the Nightsisters of Dathomir (If you've ever read any of the post-RoTJ novels, you'll know who I'm talking about)
    -More Cad Bane
    -More Mandalorians
    -and lots more.

    Speaking of Star Wars novels there's unsurprisingly several new titles coming out, however what is news is that we'll see the return of 2 or 3 part novel series instead of the current habit of doing 9+ books. Fan favourites Grand Admiral Thrawn (in a Timothy Zahn-penned followup to Allegiance) & also Wraith Squadron were listed as being in new books coming soon.

    Lastly (but by no means least) there's the Force Unleashed 2 stuff. By now we know most of story, including Boba Fett and Yoda's ( appearances, so there wasn't too much new info. Hit up The's coverage for all of it (including quite a few SPOILERS):

    Not to mention all the awesome new Hasbro figures coming our way, but I'm trying not to think about those as I'll get in trouble for buying any more of them :D

      Speaking of Star Wars, I managed to pick up The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith edition from EB games yesterday for $37.

      It's hard to believe that this game is so apparently rare?

      heard about this on the weekend. /me is really looking forward to the blu-rays!! yay!!!

        It's good news definitely, but there's elements of it I don't like. One, you can't choose between remastered and original theatrical. I can't stand all the retarded little insignificant additions he digitally added. Second, it's a box set of all 6. I don't want the prequels, just the original trilogy.

        Bah, looks like this grump will be waiting longer for them. :(

          You could use the prequels as coasters :)

      Yay! Another version of Star Wars to purchase!
      My VHS copies are idling in a cupboard now that my VCR player doesn't work, and I naturally have them all on DVD.

      Also, book series that aren't nine part epics that take 3 years to release are a bonus. At this stage, the next Fate of the Jedi book won't rock up until December :'(
      Also, buy your Fate of the Jedi hardbacks from Amazon. Current Australian RRP is ~AU$55. From Amazon, US$18 + postage. Works out much, much cheaper.

      Did you say Wraith Squadron?

      Ton Phanon... why? WHY?
      *starts crying*

        I said Wraith Squadron.

        And I know :(

        Now all we need is Stackpole to roll another Rogue Squadron book out and we'll be just about set.

          I have started to miss Corran Horn

            Corran is quite possibly my favourite Star Wars character (well, him and Kyle Katarn), but it seems he's been seriously messed up by the events in Fate of the Jedi. I'm kinda hoping he ends up snapping and becoming uber-badass for a while. But in a Jedi way...
            I, Jedi is one of my favourite Star Wars novels - the first person take on the story is rather well crafted, and Stackpole is an excellent author.

              I hope they don't, because then that'll effectively sign Corran's death warrant in the EU. Then again, it'd mean something will happen in the FotJ series - from what I've seen thus far, it'd be a welcome change.

                Kyle was and still is a favourite... but the Jedi Knight series made him look like a farmer.
                I prefered him in Dark Forces One.

                I, Jedi is one of the better books... and very clever in how it does things.

                But, I'll confess I haven't read much Star Wars since Jason stopped the Yuzhuan Vong. The way the EU keeps getting expanded makes it kind of hard to get back in.

                  The Star Wars: Legacy comic series is pretty damned good, largely because they pick up the Star Wars universe and jump 140-ish years into the future. Surprisingly enough it turned out pretty well and made it to 50 issues before Dark Horse ended it (and announced Legacy: War to follow it).

      Yeah, i don't want the prequel trilogy.. what a load of bollocks that was...

      i'll stick with my originals... also the non remastered versions at that...


    Dear Kevin Butler,
    Why hasn't cross game chat been implemented on the PS3? The PS3 is meant to only do EVERYTHING.

    Dear Fusedcon,
    Sony has been working very hard to keep the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Network at the top of its game. We've been updating the Playstation Store to bring you more of what you and fellow gamers like yourself want. Currently, Sony has no information to release about Cross-Game-Chat.
    But we all know what the real problem is. Zombies. They're everywhere. Call of Duty, Borderlands, Fallout 3, Uncharted, Wolfenstein, Red Dead Redemption, Oblivion, Resident Evil. The list goes on.
    Sony is dedicated to helping you survive the endless waves of these Zombies and supporting you with the necessary tools and controllers.
    Kevin Butler
    VP of AZP
    (Vice President of Anti-Zombie Protection)

      I wonder if there's anything that man isn't VP of

        I can assure you he's not the VP of the Give Free Games To The Cracks Foundation.

        Maybe that's why it's not working out so good...

      IIRC a guy from Sony (?) said that cross-game chat is impossible because it would break more than a few EA titles, due to the way those games were made.

    On an unrelated to Star Wars note, who's the Kotakuian in this clip talking about the NBN rollout in Tassie?

    Skip to around 1:17 to see it.

    Let's measure what horrible gamers we are!
    That's right kids, let's measure our pile/stack of shame. I guess to prevent it from being too crazy, only include games from this gen and last gen.
    Copied from

    "In order to normalise the results across all formats, disc-based and digital, the Stack will be measured in virtual centimetres, with a base value of 1 cm per game. The rules for calculation are below…

    Base score:
    1 cm – A game you have bought but never played
    1 cm – A game you have played and enjoyed, and intend to finish, but haven’t gotten back to

    Score modifiers:
    +1.0 cm – You don’t own the platform on which the game can be played
    +0.5 cm – It’s still in shrink wrap
    +0.5 cm – It’s a special edition, collector’s edition, or similar
    +0.5 cm – You paid full price for it, or close to it
    +0.5 cm – You bought it on or before launch day
    +0.5 cm – You pre-ordered it
    +0.5 cm – You’ve bought an expansion pack, sequel, or significant DLC for it without finishing the original
    +0.5 cm – You have some obligation to finish it; e.g. you’re a games writer and you have a deadline to write a review for it

    Immunity (0 cm):
    - It’s a casual game or puzzle game that can’t really be “finished” and you’ve put a reasonable amount of time into it
    - You gave it a significant try, didn’t like it, and don’t intend to finish it in the near future
    - You got it for free and never intended to play it; e.g. crappy gift from a clueless auntie, chucked-in bonus game in Steam, etc.
    - Last resort, to prevent the stack from toppling and levelling the neighbour’s garage, you have officially given up on ever getting time to play this game.

    These are all cumulative, so if you pre-ordered a special collector’s edition and paid full price for it on launch day, then left it on the shelf and never opened it, it counts as 3.5cm."

      PC = 9 cm (Beyond Good & Evil is a notable item on this list)
      PS2 = 11cm (Including Okami, God of War 2 SE, FF12)
      PSP = 2.5cm (Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters shrink-wrapped, and I could never beat Sir Sweet's 2nd form in Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?) Mercifully short, although I don't do much PSP gaming.
      PS3 = 5cm (Heavenly Sword, Brutal Legend, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, FF13, the latter two still shrink wrapped)
      DS = 10.5 cm (Bangai-O, The first 2 Castlevanias, Chibi Robo Park Patrol, Contact, FF3, Henry Hatsworth, Scribblenauts pre-ordered, New Super Mario Brothers, Puzzle Quest Galactrix)


      Generally I play my games as soon as I get them and don't stop until I'm finished. Only two games have failed this, hence, they are the only two games I have to play.

      Bioshock (PS3) - yes, I'm a horrible person, etc etc. I bought it in Feb, on sale for about $30. I played the start, got to the bit about a crazed dentist or something and then died. Decided to play later. but then my friend told me to play Uncharted 2 online, and well, I kinda just forgot about it. Then march came around with GoWIII and collection, got heavy rain from my friend and that lasted until may....

      LBP - Yeah, I've never finished the story. I have too much fun playing the online levels and DLC :)

      So 2cm! Woo!

      Okay, here we go:

      Wii: 5cm
      Xbox 360: 19cm
      Xbox: 1cm
      NDS: 3cm
      PC: 4.5cm

      Total: 32.5cm

      That's tragic, when you think about it.

        19cm of 360 games....!!!!!!

          Yeah, I'm a sucker for special/collector's editions.
          So, Fallout 3 weighs in at 3cm (I've finished the main story, but I don't consider the game finished, and I intend to 'finish' it someday), Assassin's Creed also weighs in at 3cm, and so on. So, not quite so many games, but lots of 'length' to them.

      I'm really hesitant of doing this, mainly cause I'm a relatively new gamer in the scheme of things and my 'collection' dwindles greatly in comparison to many around here. Even my shame collection!

      To use a Jeremy Clarkson quote, it's like "standing at a urinal next to a horse. Don't want to look at that!"

        Haha, it's all good.
        I mean, so long as you're not some sort of weirdo like Notorious who actually plays through the games before buying another one.
        I didn't even know people like that existed.

      PS3: 56cm

      Oh dear..

      My pile (embarrassingly) beats all of you:

      Wii: 24cm - never finished Zelda or SMG. Recently bought SMG2 as well. Have a whole bunch of 2 player light gun games that are 25% completed with my wife. These wont be finished anytime soon.
      X360: 15cm - ODST, Batman, GTA:LCS, ME1&2, GoW2, ACII etc.
      PS3: 10cm - kinda cheating as I bought the majority in the last few months. Some are still plastic wrapped.
      PC: 10cm - Bioshock1&2, Dragon Age, H-L ep2. Never finished NWN1 or Deus Ex :-(
      PSP: 6cm - Small list because I play most on the bus trip to work
      DS: 13cm - The DS is my wife's and it's also pink so I try to avoid playing it in the public :-P. Bought the usual mario and zelda games.

      Xbox: 9cm - A few Bioware RPGs to complete. Console is at my parents so this list ain't shrinking anytime soon.
      PS2: 2cm - ICO and Dragon Quest VIII
      GC: 8cm - Eternal Darkness and Paper Mario

      TOTAL: 97cm
      Oh my! That's quite scary! :-O


        ...I think you have too much money, mang.

          Ha! I wish! if I had the money I would have bought myself an arcade machine and a Neo Geo home console.
          I also don't buy games now at full RRP. I reckon the average cost of each game would be around $45.

    Anyone else make the most of the RDR double XP wekend... I didn't have much time but still managed to get from level 26 to 38 in about a total of 4 hours gaming.

    Also reached 208 in the Trials leaderboards...

      yeah, i wanted to do that. But i spent most of my RDR time playing some gang matches. It's just hard to grind gang hideouts when you can play some capture the bag! :D

    Manifest is being held this weekend in Melbourne. Anyone going? There's Tekken 6, Super Street Fighter IV, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournies. Are YOU anime enough to attend a con with a panel called "All Things Kawaii". If nothing else, bring a camera. You could get some hits on Youtube with a video of Australian-accented kids butchering the Japanese language.

      Wish I could, but sport and work get in the way, so I'm saving for Armageddon in October. I'm gonna get me some swag and autographs!

    HAHAH Holy Crap!! What a day!
    First of all my reader review is up, which i am pumped about - my first one here...


    That puzzle quest facebook comp David linked to?


    Thank you SO much David for posting it, and of course a massive thanks to Infinite Interactive!

    Finally another game Bee might actually play with me.. lol

      How'd you find out? I was checking their page all weekend thinking "I wont buy it til I know I haven't won"... Looks like I could have spent all weekend playing it instead of dreaming about it :\

        Got a facebook message from one of the guys at infinate :)

          Damn! I guess that makes me a loser :( Oh wells.. Congrats anyway!!! Happy Questing!!

    A bit of news I was forwarded from a chum at ubisoft over the weekend.
    If any of you are developers, or want to be, you might be interested to know that iD have released the source code for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

    Completely free and available here!

    A few weeks back I made the trek to Launceston for Game On 2.0 to check out the exhibit and see what the fuss was all about. After an initial thought of "what? is this it?" when I found the upstairs artwork area first, I quickly recanted when I headed into the body of the exhibit with all the games. Lots of awesome oldschool arcade machines and consoles, alongside newer releases.
    I thought it was fantastic overall, with lots of classic games to see and play. Was especially enjoyable to see my 3yo getting into and playing games I grew up with.

    Managed to get a couple of hundred photos, of which 100 odd I've uploaded here: On 2/

    Is it worth a trip to Launnie to see? If you're in Tasmania, then absolutely. If you're interstate however then probably not, unless you're headed down here already or find really cheap flights.

      Doh, URL is broken because of how PB formats album addresses. Try this instead:

        Kudos on the upload, mate! very impressive indeed.

        I seriously need to get ta copy of steel battalion with controller! lol

        Will be good when it finally reaches Melbourne... The exhibition that is... not a Steel battalion...

      It has Jak and Daxter! Awesome! Looks like fun, the earlier Melbourne-y one certainly was.

      Indeed! I had an absolute blast when version 1.0 was at Melbourne. I can't wait for them to come back with 2.0!

    Woo! My buddy at Ubisoft knows I'm a Might and Magic nut, so he forwarded me a nice tidbit of info last night!Heroes of Magic VI is coming next year!! w00t!!!

    The Might & Magic Heroes VI adventure starts 400 years before the events in Heroes of Might & Magic® V, showcasing a family of heroes in a thrilling, epic story where Angels plot to revive an unfinished war.

    A legendary Archangel general killed during the war of the Elder races returns to life with a vengeance. Under the cover of preparations for an upcoming Demon invasion, he unites the peoples of Ashan to eradicate his ancient enemies. However, he underestimates the power of the all too human dynasty of the Griffin Dukes.

    The Griffin heroes’ destinies will be written by players. In the game, players will be able to:

    Enjoy the critically acclaimed Heroes gameplay, remasterized with the well-known developer, Black Hole Entertainment, and in close partnership with the game’s numerous fans.

    Experience the unique mix of Turn-Based Strategy & RPG: Explore extra-large adventure maps, collect tons of resources and build extraordinary cities.

    Perfect your tactics to level-up your heroes, recruit troops & ready them for combat on exclusive battle maps

    Shape your destiny: Lead the Heroes of the Griffin dynasty within an intriguing scenario. Choose your path, assume your choices and customize your gaming experience thanks to a brand new reputation system.

    Rediscover the richness of the Might & Magic Universe: Discover fantastic landscapes and creatures from the world of Ashan. Enjoy revisited 3D designs and an exclusive new bestiary.

    Share with the community: Post content & compete with your friends using a new and intelligent, online community interface.

    Anyone else as excited as I am?! :0

      HOMM V looked terrible to me?

      I hope this sequel will be able to live up to the precedent set by the amazing HOMM2, HOMM3 and the ok HOMM4.

      Not a super huge fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, but I do occasionally enjoy playing them. Currently, I've played 2, 3 and 5.

      That a new one is on its way is good news indeed.

    Eeeek, I've been struck down by RDR! RDR is just so damn submersive, and addictive, and beautiful! I've been using every spare minute I have infused in this game! So much so, I'm having to refrain from Talking amongst you all this week!
    You know its GOTY worthy when both my girls are happy to come and sit watching me ride ma steed for hours on end and we're all talking like cowboys. Its Ace!

      Yeah, RDR has that effect on people. It was a pretty epic game.

      I agree, it is definitely game of the year material. I found myself getting really angry at myself. All I wanted to do was play the story and i dedicated time to it, then as soon as I start to feel tired and ready for bed I curse myself for just going around and collecting skins for the last few hours.

      It is so easy just to get caught up in the world Rockstar created.

      Proud to say I got the 100% achievement so yeah, I hear you. My 1.5 yo also used to sit adn watch, making horse sounds and asying HAT, HAT, HAT when he saw everyone in game with hats on.

      I actually got the console on both consoles so if you are up for free roam, let me know.

    Couldn't be stuffed going back and looking this up, but who the hell informed us that Civ Rev was available on the APP store for free. I had never played the game and I am a tight arse so this was a perfect fit for me. I have literally wasted hours on this game already in a couple of days... I just can't stop it.

    And it is not the type of game you play for 5 minutes, I have already had a couple of games last for 2-3 hours, and that is on an ipod... Awesome!

    Cheers, my uni work thanks you!

      hehe sorry shady.. that would have been me :0 hope it doesn't screw up your work efforts too much ;)

    Not that anybody wants one these days, but PSPGo's are going cheap at JBHiFi - $299 posted (with the 10 free games offer)...

      Well continuing the topic of cheap stuff, if for some reason you haven't bought RDR yet...$77, today only!

      Get it! Get it now!

        Well that's embarrassing. 7 Days only. I'm terrible at this reading concept.

        Oh hey, GAME have a RDR trade-in value of $78!

        By my calculations, if you spend $6853 buying RDR from EB and trade it in at GAME, it'll be like getting a free copy of RDR at GAME!

          It's IDIOT PROOF I TELL YOU!

          Your comment most certainly made my day :)

        $77?! I bought it for 50 bucks off ebay, and that's pretty pricey as far as I'm concerned...

          I bought the limited edition for $55 off ebay. Don't know why anybody would want to pay EB games prices anymore for anything...

      I saw these instore yesterday and close to picking one of them up... feel like I need to have one for the sake of it, adding to the collection...

    So anyone played the HAWX demo?

    I have, I'm just looking to start a support group.

    On a scale of 1 (a little bit shite) to 10 (extremely shite) how would you rate it?

      Just played it. I'll paste my rant from somewhere else.

      Man, it's like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. They left the stupid assistance-off-forced-camera crap in, but made it slightly less awful. But then they did stupid things like put the view change option in the menu, as opposed to mapped to a controller button like the first game. wtf?! And then in the second mission, it tells you to switch night vision on, but then I couldn't make it turn off for the rest of the mission so I couldn't even make out the stupid aircraft carrier you're supposed to land on, and it has virtually no guide lights or anything to help you line up, it took about a billion flybys to do it.

      It's like they threw all these fancy ideas into the game without actually bothering to see if it was implemented correctly. THEY WEREN'T. Thank the maker there's a new Ace Combat game coming out...

        Dropping bombs on a helicopter seems like an increadibly stupid way to deal with it too.
        I went to ground and hosed them with the chain gun... which was a lot more enjoyable. Flying through flack with night vision goggles was nice though.

          That mission was constantly "wait, what?" for me. Like you said, the helicopters... were you meant to bomb them?! I used my gun as well, with the voiceover guy constantly going like "remember to stay above 15,000 feet..." while I'm like 100 metres off the ground shooting at helicopters with a gun. And then again when it's like "blow up the airport!" I missed 2 of the planes, so I had to shoot them with my gun again... where's the air support?! Who in the world would send in a lone bomber with no anti-air capability?! Ugh. Such sloppy design.

    Just out of boredom/curiosity, what O/S do people run? Any cool linux kids around? Or Apple fans? I myself dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

      Windows 7 here. Man, soooo much better than Vista. And I didn't even have much beef with Vista, 7 is just... so much better.

        Yeah I get what I you mean. I never had much of a problem with Vista, it was just SO SLOW. Boot up takes a billion years. And making it hibernate took forever. Windows 7 is much speedier. And the ability to snap the windows to the sides is quite useful.

      2 Windows 7, 1 XP, 1 Ubuntu, 1 Windows 98 and 1 DOS 6 :)

      Home comp is Windows 7, my laptop is dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu, my brother's laptop is Vista.

        Yay Ubuntu as well! I find myself using it increasingly more and more. I installed for uni, then I started doing C++ with it, then Python, and now, I pretty much only use Win7 to record shows with Media Center, to play games, or to use MS office. I find it to be so much more reliable (Ubuntu, that is).

      Windows 7 here. I'm thinking of changing my older computer to windows server, and just doing all my gaming on my beast of a laptop

      OSX... because I'm different -straightens black turtle neck-

      I'm still using vista just because i'm lazy and it won't stop my computer from sucking anyway.. :P

      OSX. But to be fair, I hardly ever use my Mac anymore. I spend most of my tech life out of work on my iPhone and my consoles. PC mate of mine though is pushing me to make a rig..



    I'm playing Mass Effect and getting REALLY pissed off... not just frustrated, but pissed off!

    I am CONTINUOUSLY getting mauled during my first run in with Geth Ghosts and some great big armour robot thingie!

    If i'm not getting killed in one shot, then my squad members are. It's driving me nuts.

    Even in cover i'm getting picked off, and as soon as i pop out of cover to try and pick someone off, i'm insta-killed!

    What the f.... i'm seriously had enough, after 10 or so attempts i am getting nowhere... i can deal with hard, but i can't deal with getting slaughtered without being able to so much as exchange fire!

    [email protected]!$^@%^$^@&!&&*)%!$#!!!

      General advice: make sure your squadmates have tech abilities and that you've equipped appropriate ammo (ie. shredder) in everyone's weapons.

      If it's the section I'm thinking of (Liara's dig site on Therum, yes?) then here's a strategy: as soon as the cutscene ends, run to the left and take cover. Then make sure your squadmates are in cover. Now take out the minor geth first, making sure your squadmates aren't targeting the geth armature. Then once it's just the big guy, you should be able to get him from distance quite comfortably. From memory this is the first time you really have to concentrate on ordering your squadmates properly, and it's a huge difficulty spike until you work it out.

        Yep - spot on Goose - you never fail to be helpful! haha

        I'll give it a shot tonight and see how i go... what about the ghosts though? everytime i try to shoot them they just jump away - quick little buggers

        Furthermore, use abilities. Lots of abilities.

        Don't know much about the soldier class, so I can't help there. But if you have tech abilities, use them all as they wrok well against Geth, especially the likes of Disrupt. If you have biotics, use abilities like warp to assist your team mates. And if you find yourself able to choose your teammates before engaging the battle, try to pick the more ability-type ones, such as Garrus with Kaidan/Wrex.

          Yeah i have both Garrus and Wrex as i like their moxy!

          Garrus is always the first bloody one to get picked off the bugger!

          Well i'll try a few more times again tonight, and if i stil lcan't do it i'll throw a tantrum and weep into my pillow

          I play as a soldier.

          Assault rifle until it doesn't get back up.

            I endorse this message.

            Seriously though, I don't think I ever changed it up in ME1. Even when ME 2 rolled around, it was 10% taking long shots with the Widowmaker then back to shooting things in the face with the Geth Pulse Rifle.

      Wow I think I'm stuck on the exact same thing. They keep advancing right up to you and killing my team then I'm screwed. It annoyed me so much because I was enjoying the game and I knew it was drawing to a close. I will have to try it again someday :( I tried it like 10 times and rage quit. Never got back to it yet, been preoccupied.

        Sprint left until you're behind the wall... get your teamates to hold position behind you.
        The jumpers repeat their travel pattern, but they're not going to come in after you, so learn their pattern and pick them off.

        Once they're down crouch walk out to the boxes and pick off any remaining foot mobiles.

        Then open up on the armature. Don't forget to use med gel if needed, and that you can go back behind that wall if you need to recharge shields.

          The whole med-gel having a cool down rate thing is driving me nuts too.. lol

          What game seriously limits how much you can heal yourself?

          I swear they are just mocking me.. lol

            ....and now i'm being killed repeatedly by the Krogan battle master... bloody typical lol

              Krogans have really high health, so you want to be hitting them with debilitating effects to give you the time to take them down. this is where biotic powers come in handy, as you can use them to warp his armour, or send him flying with the likes of push or lift.

              Also, try getting your allies to spam abilities on the Battlemaster and then attack his allies, while you focus on a) surviving and b) killing the Battlemaster.

    GT5 news. Awesome.

    Couldn't give a toss about the go-karts, but the track 'designer' sounds pretty schmick.

    Plus there's a whole swag of new screens out, and it finally looks as though they've got a release date that might actually make reality.

    Happy days :)

      I didn't really care for the go-karts til I saw the screenshots this morning. They look like they may be a lot of fun.

      My main concern was the amount of tracks shipping, but that's now thrown out the window. Looking forward to some beautiful insanity.

        And SKIDMARKS have finally made it into a GT Game!! :D:D:D

        Welcome to 1994 (Ridge Racer), PD... :)

    Played through the Scott Pilgrim game the other day with a couple of mates: HUGE PORTION OF ADVICE!


    We simply played as guests, and when the game froze and we had to restart (ON THE LAST BOSS!!!!!), we lost all but one of our character data. Luckily we found a glitch to get infinite money, and quickly trained some new characters up to the level we were at, but it's still VERY ANNOYING.

    It would have been nice to have a little 'WARNING - CHARACTER DATA WILL NOT BE SAVED ON A GUEST PROFILE' pop-up come up when you selected guest...

    Ps: Is anyone else having problems with the facebook connect? The 'publish this comment to facebook' box comes up, but all I can see in the box is broken code

    Just a reminder that Melbourne anime festival (Manifest) is on this weekend:

    The cosplay contest is usually great fun to watch, but they also have video game tournaments in:
    Super Smash Bros Brawl
    Super Street Fighter IV
    and Tekken 6 for all of you fighting nuts out there! My friends usually enter the SFIV comp, and the competition is usually quite fierce!

    There's also the usual anime convention standards of anime screenings and TONNES of anime merch. A lot of the big distributors, like madman, often have sales at the show, so it's a good place to pick up cheap anime/manga (at least for Australian standards)

      It's tough that they gotta compete with the election on Saturday. I'll probably be taking the day off on Friday and come in for a visit with the sister.

        You can always do an early vote, I just did mine today so I wouldn't have to worry about it on Saturday

    w00! just finished dealing with a bitch of an exchange server. sending out 74000 spams every couple of hours. what a nightmare! taken me a couple of days, but finally got it to stop and start behaving itself! w00! think i've earned myself a cookie or two and a good long session of scott pilgrim!

      I read that last sentence as good long session with scott pilgrim thinking you were living out your wildest fantasy with M. Cera.

    Any sydney siders heading to 'Animania'??? Try find me as Black Mage with a White Mage :D

    For those guys hyped about Reach, there's an awesome 17 minute video interview with Joe Tung over on GameSpot. Really worth the watch, if not just for the bomb about campaign matchmaking! So hyped!

      Also, kudos to the hard working minions who are posting comments so quickly this morning! I hope Dave rewards you with copious amounts of cake and booze!

      Thanks Tom. Video is loading up now.

      I'm getting super-psyched for Reach. Should be a whole heap of fun.

    what do you nice fellas think about the new splatterhouse?

    think itll kick tush?

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