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    I was sitting at my computer on the weekend, and something jogged my memory.. started having flashbacks of might and magic 6 :0
    I tehn realized that even though I played 8 & 9, I never played 7! So I dug out my disks and started playing! The addiction started to creep it's way back during character setup, and grew exponentially from there. By the time I'd finished my first dungeon crawl, there's no way I could stop! I've essentially sentenced myself to several weeks of complete isolation in front of my pc. Having withdrawl symptoms at work now.. Need to get home and slay more!!!

      Oh god, the Mandate of Heaven... I'm not much of a retro gamer but buying the M&M6 collector's edition with the map and all the previous games introduced me to an amazing series.

      M&M7 was great but not as downright awesome as M&M6 (especially when you get blasters and go nuts on all the dragons towards the end). Never played M&M8 but M&M9 was utter half-assed norse myth crap.

      Your doomed, I find you can do your weekly shopping at coles online, if that helps...

    Good morning!

    Looking forward to another entertaining week?

      This sort of pleasantries and cheeriness should be outlawed on Monday mornings.
      *grumbles like a bitter old man*

        Ahhh mondays... You'll be interested to that that while when asked what day of the week is th most depressing, ppl always say mondays. But on a large study conducted a while ago, they found that everyday monitoring and questioning shows that it is Wednesday which cause the most depression! Good ole humpday.

          Stupid Wednesdays. Always bringing the rest of the week down.
          *grumbles like a bitter old man*

      Yup, should be a good one I hope! Gonna try something in here today, story time! :D

      Looking forward to seeing Jonsi on Wednesday, that'll be the highlight of my week! I do seem to be having less and less gaming time though. :(

        I saw Jonsi at Splendour and he was downright AMAZING! His closing song was the highlight of the whole festival. I'm sure you'll have fun...

          You weren't wrong. He was stunning, his voice pierced through the Palace and I loved the respect the crowd gave him: absolute dead silence until he had finished that last haunting note.

          I also used it as a good chance to road test the iPhone 4s camera. The photos turned out pretty damn sweet for a phone, and the video is crisp and kept up with the epileptic finishing light show.

          Kind of wish I was at home mellowing after it though, instead of being at work. Urgh.

            Haha, I'm jealous that you got to see a full show and not just a festival length set. But yes, depressing to see something amazing and then return to the mundane work place -_-


      Just made myself some pancakes with premade batter.
      I freaking love pancakes. Best Monday Ever.

    Once upon a time a grumpy pirate by the name of Chesty McCuddlepie was walking his parrot to the department of "Containing Underhanded Ninja Tormentors". On his way, he realised his beard had become more itchy than usual...
    (someone continue please) :)

      Being the dirty ol seadog that he is, it could only have been one thing! Crabs! Whether it's a reaction from dinner last night, or munching too much carpet is yet to be determined. Perhaps if he had his trusty cutlass with him, he could shave some off and find out.. what to do...!

        But as a beard is a requirement for pirates, Chesty was in trouble.

        How to get rid of the crabs? Well, he called a doctor, who wanted cash on demand. The doctor claimed that Cream of the Dream was the cause of the itch, and that Chesty should immediately stop using inferior store-bought medicine.


        Chesty searched his pockets and found the one cure for crabs which works everytime. So he pushed Bear Grylls into his curly matted chin locks and he set about his work, eating his way through the worst case of crabs ever since the Home Alone kid slept with MJ... Onwards he marched until...

          He stumbled in to a lively ale house. Staggering across to the bar, he loudly demanded to be brought a flagon of ale, or else he would cut off the serving wench's head. Needless to say, the poor employees hastened to comply with the dastardly Chesty's wishes.

          For the next few hours, Chesty tried to wash away his dark mood with potent alcohol. He was turfed out of the ale house after smashing a chair across another patrons back, and then...

            He noticed his parrot was missing. Perhaps it was due to his drunken state, but more likely it seems the work of a ninja. Those pesky trouble makers...

            Chesty angrily stomed out of the bar, with only one destination in mind. The 'Containing Underhanded Ninja Tormentors' center. Or C#$t for short. His parrot he deduced, was in deep trouble.

            He shook Bear Grylls out of his beard, who had made a camp site in the meantime, and took of on a stolen Vespa, when suddenly.....

              A ninja appeared from nowhere
              Chesty crashed and then heard a great tear
              he lost half his leg
              which he replaced with a peg
              now he only buys one boot to wear!

                "Bahhh tiddlebitties" said Chesty as he flung his removed leg into his beard for later use, "I smells me parrot, that thar neeenja hast me parrot" rrrrRRRRrRRRRRAAAGGGEEEE!!!! His face turned red, his muscles rippled, and Chesty took of down the road, Terminator style towards the C#$% building. When he arrive at the ninja headquarters he suddenly felt odd....then

                  He soon realised that his new peg leg had become stuck in a manhole cover. Damn!

                  After carefully removing the prosthetic from the offending manhole cover, he stormed towards the ninja headquarters. Drawing his musket, he demanded to know where the hell the ninjas had taken his beloved parrot.

                  After several minutes, a door opened at the front of the building, and...

    Damn, I had such a crazy weekend. I'm going to be absolutely rooted all week.

    First off, picked up an iPhone 4 on Friday. Had a blast playing with it all weekend (I had a 3GS, which is now my wifes) and I tell you what, I'm looking forward to the day where screens all have crazy high resolutions. It's epic.

    Secondly, my TV which I've been waiting for since May ... thank you Samsung .. fiiiinally arrived on Saturday. It's not huge, 40" LCD, but it suits how I like to play and the size of our apartment. Really looking forward to having some time to sit down and play with it.

    As a result, picked up a couple of games (The Saboteur and War for Cybertron as well as R&C: A Crack in Time for the PS3 I'll pick up next week) which I'll hit sometime this week. Shame I missed out on the double XP stuff, but if you guys see me online don't hesitate to invite me to a game so you can kick my ass. Haha.

    On the topic of PS3 games, anyone got any good hidden gems I should pick up? So far, I've got the aforementioned R&C and Uncharted 2, a mate of mine has Heavy Rain and a few others I can borrow, but more suggestions are always good!

    Lastly, it was the wife's birthday. Happy birthday! Went to two great restaurants, got quite drunk, had an awesome time out with friends. Pretty freakin' awesome weekend all up.

    How was everyone elses?

      I speak for a good many people when I say:
      Starcraft, Starcraft, Starcraft!

      Probably not what you'd call a hidden gem, but 3d Dot Heroes looks kickass! While I have eyt to play it myself, from waht I've read, it should provide many hours of entertainment! Specially if you like old rpg's like zelda

      You should get Demon's Souls mos def. Also 3D Dot Game Heroes is a pimpin' import. You might want to hold off on LittleBigPlanet in favour of LBP2. inFamous isn't all that great. Yakuza 3 should be purchased solely for the reason that we're hugely lucky to have had it released locally and that sorta thing should be encouraged (p.s. the game is also good). Go go Gadget PixelJunk on the PSN. Flower is a nice game for you're relaxin' all chill. Buy Katamari Forever if you've never katamari'd before also it is in glorious 1080p. AND THERE IS YOUR HISTORY OF PSTRIPLE

        The PixelJunk stuff is already on my list - had a blast playing Shooter and to a lesser extent Monsters at my mates place. I'll defo get Shooter, undecided about Monsters. I don't know much about Eden but it looks enticing.

        3D Dot Game Heroes is now on my import list. Great visual style!

      Oh daisies, I almost forgot Valkyria Chronicles. If you ever enjoyed Shining Force on the Mega Drive, or any SRPG for that matter, then you will definitely enjoy its approach to the genre. Only disappoint is that there are no Trophies - you'll want everyone to know you played and beat it!

      I did homework. How exicting. And that was it.

      And game. I went to my mates place and did High explosive on Modern Warfare 2 (one star). And we got to wave 11 Insane in Horder for Gears. And I (re)started playing inFamous on hard and as evil cole.

      And inFamous is a game I think you should consider picking up. I really enjoyed it. Are you new PS3 owner?

        Yeah, I should've mentioned that I'll be a new PS3 owner. I've currently got a 360 so cross-platform titles aren't my concern right now.

        Ah, inFamous! Just the type of thing that's slipped my mind. Cheers Notorious :D

          No problemo!

          Also, some other games, MGS4. Flower like dzc12 said. Joe Danger looks good, I've been meaning to get it from PSN. Need to gets me some PSN cards! Also LBP is quite fun. GoW collection and GoW III are quite good. And also, Scoot Pilgrim is going to be released soon!

      Flower. I started playing it again, holy crap that games amazing.

      Yakuza 3!
      Also, Guy's suggestion of VC and Demon's Souls are also pretty spot on. Although I guess they're not really 'hidden gems', since they get pretty much universal praise.
      I've been trying to hunt down a copy of Folklore, so maybe you'll be keen on that too.
      And looking over the list, I notice these 4 games are a bit RPG-centric, so I don't know if that's your thing.

        It's a bit challenging to find genuinely hidden gems on the PS3 nowadays. The platform's fans dig most of them up, the only ones that are still obscure that come to mind might be Afrika and Aquanaut's Holiday. Does Disgaea 3 count? The series is pretty popular.

          Yeah, I like to think it's because although niche games still have either a love/hate straight forward element to it, there are people out there who still create tight communities around those games. And from that, there's always going to be someone singing praises if a game really is that good, so there's rarely a chance for a game to slip through the cracks.
          I once saw Afrika on special (less than $20AUD or so) on some site, and I was like "Pfffft, what", but a little while later whilst forum browsing, someone's saying how surprisingly addictive it is.

          I guess the only solution is to spam Tom with every good PS3 game ever. ;D

            My work internets ate my reply. :[

            Anyhoo, the more suggestions the merrier. I'd much rather have a huge list of things I should check out so I can scour reviews and so forth to grow a new library rather than blindly forging forward myself.

            Suggest away! :D

    Golly Moses am I ever tempted by Starcraft II's siren call. I'm not even good at RTS!

      Give in.....

      I won't though, seeing as the only RTS I've ever played was Warcraft 3 and Frozen throne. Even then, I tried to be honest and play properly, but I ended up using greedisgood.

      Well, the campaign is IMO worth the price of admission all on its lonesome. Then the custom games cater to people who don't want to play too competitively (such as myself). There's a competitive ranked mode. And I'm just waiting for the awesome custom maps made with the Galaxy editor - perhaps we'll see the likes of DotA for Starcraft.

    a BIG shout out to poor Loops, who is obviously working really hard this last week (for once). Its so lonely here without him.... Come back loops, forget work, its for chumps!

    I'll have to cuddle Bish in the meantime...

      I'm tempted to take you up on that offer; it's cold here in Sydney, and any secondary source of heat will be much appreciated.
      But then, I know there's a whole Qumulys-Chuloopa-Wildgoose thing, and having a 4th person in the mix would just make things awkward. I'd be like a 4th wheel, except not, because 4 wheels probably has the best stability, so that was a pretty terrible analogy.

        in all fairness i'm not too sure if Goose is in it of his own free will.. i'm pretty sure Q and i have been "Grooming" him with mixed results... he will crack though... oh mark my words, he shall crack!

        A forth wheel would, however, make out rainbow stripe convertible complete!

        Meep Meep!

        I'll vouch for that four wheel stability dealie, after watchin that new episode of Top Gear where Clarkson repeatedly rolled the Robin Reliant (Mr Bean's archnemesis green 3-wheeler, if you weren't aware). Hilarious.

        Guess the rest of us just have to watch that saucy triumvirate from outside the window, in the cold.

          That episode was so awesome. I love Top Gear. Though I do hate channel 9 for screwing it up.

            I really can't fathom how people can watch Top Gear on 9. They tear it to pieces. It really is a show that must be watched in it's native form; uninterrupted, with original music. *clutches strongly to his 15 glorious seasons*

        Its cold here too ... *looks around...* *jumps in for a quick ninja e-cuddle to warm bishy baby up. :p

      Indeed i am tied up with work - i'm actually on lunch now so yay for me..

      strangely enough, i always get my work done regardless of the time i spend on here - i'm quite good on the multi-tasking like that :P

      But yeh, friday and today have just been nuts - it should drop off a little later on today - but we'll see... :P

      Don't worry my little piece of man-meat, i haven't forgotten you! :P

        ROFL, so, since work has been opened to public, does this mean your only on at lunchtimes now??? *sulks*

        I had a theory on multi-tasking. They say that women are good at multi-tasking, but I got to thinking how some women can be fine one minute, and then freak out over the sillyest things, go nuts, be happy, etc. So is the multi-tasking due to them having multiple personalities in there???? Makes sense to me anyhoo...

          Only open to the public on Fridays my boy!

          Today is the start of a new month, so orders are flooding in, plus plenty of new proddy for me to take pictures of and make flyers of then upload to the web and the such...

    Well the back end of my civic has finally given out - so i've driven the partners Prelude to work.. fun!... I couldn't see the speedo on the freeway due to glare, so if there's any speeding fines - Sorry baby! :)

    What this means, though, is that after paying $600 for her car to have a major service (timing belt and all the trimmings) god knows how much we're going to be up for now - this means we can wave bye bye to our savings and look forward to starting all over again if we ever want to even think of going on holidays next year...

    In the good news, however:

    The costume party was a great success with my necromancer outfit getting plenty of compliments and my custom made staff even more so (pictures to come)... plus Bee and i won the couples award - which is awesome considering you wouldn't consider a necromancer and little bo-peep being a good combo... then again it doesn't say anywhere that Bo-Peep WASN'T dating a necromancer.. would explain how her sheep went "missing" though...

    Also spent last night playing Limbo with bee on the couch, which she is equally enjoying and being creeped-the-flip-out by... Just past the hotel sign bit now and having a blast with it.. some of the puzzles are really quite great and stump us for a little bit before we finally get them.

    If you've got a 360 and you don't own Limbo yet - what are you waiting for?!

      For a second there, I forgot there was a new game called Limbo. So I did a huge double-take when you discussed playing limbo on the couch. How exactly would that work?!? o.O

        *resists the urge to make crass comment about couch limbo with the missus*

        On a side note i am RATHER good at limbo.. the actual bendy over party game thing.. not the crass one.. although i might be good at that too... who knows... i might take up a referendum on that one...


          Nope, I shall resist too. I wish I had an xbox, cause what I've seen of limbo looks great. I like the creepy no music games. I think stalker got that right at times, long windy periods of stillness, then KAPOW!

          Are you sending the pics into Dave?? What attachments to your staff did you attach? Round knoby end?

          *makes crass comment you and your 'staff'*

            (to the tune of "A wizard's staff has a knob on the end"):

            Ohhh, Aaaaaaa
            Wizard's staff has a knob on the end


          Yeah I remember seeing you submit a pic for a comp once where you dressed up and were doing some crazy Matrix-esque bending.

    Ok, serious business time.

    As of late I’ve been getting blurred vision and (sometimes) headaches whenever I play my DS. If I play it for any longer than about 15 mins I’ll have slightly fuzzy vision for the next hour. I’ve tried playing in different light and holding the DS at different lengths away from me. I’ve even tried playing different games thinking the particular colours are doing it, but nothing works. Anyone else get this?

      I've heard that prolong heavy computer users who constantly stare at a computer screen without taking breaks to look away, can actually change the shape of their eyeball. This leaves things blurry as the minute adjustments in shape have drastic effects of the lenses focal point.

      Go to an iDoctor!

        I look at a computer screen all day and nothing happens. I spend 30 mins playing a DS and i need to squint to read a book

      I used to get headaches when playing my DS, but now I have a DSi XL and it doesn't happen anymore. Know anyone with an XL so you can see if the bigger screen will help you?

    Has xbox live been a bit screwy recently? particularly on Bad Company 2?
    i had the most frustrating evening ever last night

    Ok guys i have $2000 back from tax. I want to get a PS3 and was looking at the second hand ones from EB for $319 for the 80gig. Was looking at second hand so could spend more on games.

    Should i buy a new PS3 or is second hand ok?
    What new bundle would you buy/recommend?
    What exclusives do you recommend?
    Does the Play-Tv adapter work well?

      I won my PS3, which was a launch 60gb model. It's never failed me. Anyway, from what I understand, EB offers a 1 year warranty, and I think you can extend that. Not 100% sure though. So if it were up to me, I'd consider a preowned. I wouldn't know about PlayTV or anything, but there are some bundles with it if you can be bothered looking. i can't :P.

      As for exclusives, there's been some posts above in response to Tom, but I'm bored, so I'll rehash it again:

      Personally, my favourite exclusives are:
      Uncharted 2 and Uncharted Drakes Fortune
      God of War(collection and III)
      Heavy Rain
      Flower (PSN)

      And other games that I've heard are good/meaning to get:
      Demon's Souls
      3D Dot Game Heroes
      Joe Danger (PSN)
      Modnation Racers

      And yes. There's more games up there. And I think in last weeks Ask me stuff as well.

      Not sure about new versus 2nd hand, but exclusives recommended most would be Demon's Souls, the Uncharted games, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavy Rain, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet&Clank. I also would recommend 3D Dot Game Heroes.

      As for PlayTV, I have a TiVo as well as a PlayTV so I'm not as happy with PlayTV as others, but it's great for the price. You can only record one thing at a time though, and if you're planning on getting one I'd definitely suggest upgrading your PS3's hard drive to a larger size. Oh and do this before you've really used it much as some game files etc won't survive a hard drive transfer.

      But yes, don't pay extra for the PS3 with a bigger hardrive because potentially for very little comparatively you can upgrade greatly with almost any 2.5-inch SATA notebook hard disk drive.

      Wow! $2000 back in tax! I wish I could get $2000 back in tax! How much do I need to earn to get that kind of dosh back? Given a $2000 tax return, surely you can afford a new PS3? Even before the tax return?

    The Backbreaker team have taken the feedback from below average game reviews and the great work from the BB community and released information about the upcoming patch to the game titled 'Greathouse'.

    Here is the list. Let it be said that this is possibly the greatest patch ever.... Can't wait!


    See more here:

    Here it is, the long awaited Greathouse change list. I've already posted the big features, this is an extremely in-depth look at everything in the patch. If you just want a quick look at the major features you can read the other thread, but if you've got some time I highly encourage you read this one. Please Tweet, Facebook, and MySpace about Greathouse This is a major patch, here's a look at what Natural Motion has done:

    List on Facebook

    BRAND NEW "GREATHOUSE" SCREENSHOTS show the new replay suite!

    From the NaturalMotion Games team:

    Over the past few months, the team at NaturalMotion Games has been talking with the community and listening to all of their ideas for Backbreaker. We’ve taken it all on board and, as you know, we’ve been working hard on an update. As a tribute to the Backbreaker forums’ favourite player, we’re naming this update “Greathouse” and it does a whole lot more than simply tweak a few things here and there. We’re very nearly done and now we want to share with you exactly what “Greathouse” will bring to Backbreaker.

    One final thing. We take great delight from seeing all your videos and we’re humbled by your support and enthusiasm. If you’ve seen something uniquely amazing in Backbreaker that made you smile, laugh, point, call a friend or rub your eyes in amazement, then you ‘get’ Backbreaker… and we’ve made this game, and “Greathouse”, for you.

    Key Additions

    Brand new replay camera suite

    • New free-flight camera
    • Sideline and Endzone cameras including ball lock, pan and tele-zoom function
    • A player-centric camera including zoom and rotation function. Track any player on either team.
    • Ball camera including zoom and rotate
    • Complete replay suite functionality added to Tackle Alley
    • Added pause/play to all replay cameras for greater footage control
    • Added ability to remove OSD for clean footage capture

    Offensive Gameplay Camera

    • The Quarterback camera has been pulled back and raised a little. This still keeps the feeling of being down in the action, but provides a slightly wider view and vision over the line
    • Added a ‘glance’ button which allows you to instantly check your blind-side

    Expanded Playbook

    An Extra 59 Offensive plays consisting of these formations:
    • Ace – Double Tight End
    • Spread – 4 Wide
    • Bunch – Bunch right
    • Empty – 5 WR!!
    • T-form – Old fashioned power football, 3 running backs in the backfield

    An Extra 51 Defensive plays have been included consisting of these formations:
    • 44 – 4 Defensive linemen, 4 linebackers.
    • 46 – Traditional old school defense born of Buddy Ryan
    • 33 – Nickel package with 3 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers
    • 3 Deep – 7 defensive backs package with 3 deep across the back.

    Gameplay Enhancements

    Improved Passing Game & Reduced Interception Frequency

    Following valuable feedback from reviews and Backbreaker forums, we rewrote elements of the AI that will help make passing a more effective way to gain yards.

    Here is a summary of the changes:

    • We’ve improved the O-Line for teams throughout the game. This will give you longer in the pocket to make your reads correctly and go through your progression
    • We’ve increased the passing animation speed and increased the minimum distance where a long windup will be required. You will now be able to execute the pass more quickly and hit your target more effectively
    • There were too many dropped passes to the flats. We’ve introduced a new pass classification for these simple passes and have ramped up the accuracy of the QB when performing this type of pass
    • The accuracy of QBs has been increased across the board
    • Defensive Backs now fully respect their visibility cone, only seeing interception opportunities when appropriate. The DBs will continue with the assigned role until the either “see” the need to change, or “hear” the need to change, which is typically about 1-2 seconds after the snap
    • We’ve tweaked the amount your QB will lead a receiver when activated
    • Moved pump fake to shoulder button to make lob passes easier to execute
    • Improved mechanism for Quarterback scanning the field
    • Reduced penalty applied for throwing out of focus mode

    User Interceptions and User Controlled Catching

    • Following community feedback, the user is now given full control over interception attempts when controlling a defensive player. Interception attempts are made by holding the left trigger (focus mode), ie. by actively looking towards the ball as it comes in
    • Wide Receiver catching in now also uses this mechanic (i.e. hold left trigger when ball is approaching)
    • To signal an incoming ball, the user-controlled WR will be highlighted red when targeted by the QB

    QB AI Logic

    The QB AI has received a major overhaul. Firstly, the opposition QB will now recognise double coverage better. He is also more likely to throw the ball away rather than risk a throw / take a sack. This results in fewer AI interceptions and sacks. We’ve also reworked the QB receiver selection logic and increased prioritisation of throwing to the primary.

    Improved Pocket Protection

    Following numerous tweaks, the pocket is more solid. Pocket time now averages around 5 seconds and is all linked to the players’ attributes.

    Show and Hide Blitz

    New ability to show and hide blitz, pre-snap , by pressing the shoulder button.

    Jukes and spins

    The animation speed of these has been increased and better linked to a player’s agility attribute.

    Improved AI Time Management, Audibles and Play-calling

    Sophistication of play selection, audibles and timeouts has been improved. Additionally, the AI is more likely to flip their selected play depending on the situation.

    Opposition AI

    This has been given an overhaul and you should find your opponent much more of a threat. We’ve also rebalanced Easy, Medium and Hard settings to be more challenging and linked almost all AI decisions/speeds to their attributes. Also, you should be aware that all of the notes relating to AI, animation and behaviours above will apply to your opponent as well. These are game-wide changes.

    New RB Focus Mode

    When holding the left trigger, the camera will turn upfield when the RB is heading towards the sidelines. This is NOT automatic – you need to press the hold the trigger to manually glance upfield.

    Stumble Mechanic

    We have added a stumble recovery mechanic for when your player has been knocked off course. To recover from a stumble, just press the Action button as quickly as possible.


    • Fumbles are now more likely to happen for non-QB players.
    • Passes backwards are now classified as fumbles (respecting QB arm movement direction)
    • Catches bobbled / dropped within 2 steps as a result of a tackle are marked as incomplete passes rather than fumbles (player deemed not in control of ball)
    Bug Fixes & Other High Priority Issues

    Friendly Fire!

    Your players occasionally reacted too strongly to friendly physical impact. This happened especially when controlling a RB/FB and clashing with your line. We’ve dialled that back, which should make your running game more effective. Players will still react to the collision but will be less likely to be knocked down


    Users have been reporting a multitude of penalty issues. We have done a comprehensive review of all penalty complaints and bugs (including the infamous roughing-the-kicker) and have been able to resolve them. We believe you will find this drastically improves the quality of the game.

    Online Gameplay

    • Reduced online lag slightly
    • Built in a new protection system against people hacking the game to create a “super team” and taking it online
    • Removed the Cancel Stats Posting option as reported by the forum. People were abusing this to avoid losses showing up in their profile
    • Fixed a number of other stat posting related issues


    • Users playing as part of the D-Line were experiencing a slower-than-desired speed in getting off the mark due to a delay in input control. This has been solved
    • Users playing D-line can now bat the ball (pull down on the right-stick)
    • Spins, rips and swims are now more effective to help you get that sack

    Too much Boom!

    Stopped “Boom” playing every kickoff. It now only occurs at the start of each half. Yay!

    Team Ratings

    Offense, Defensive and Overall ratings for teams have been recalculated and now more accurately reflect the quality of the team if all the best players are on the field.

    Play Exploits

    Thanks to feedback from the forums we have put tweaks in place to prevent exploits on the following:
    • RB spinning through the line
    • QB sneak
    • FG block
    • Punt block
    • Nanoblitz

    Rule Fixes

    • Players must take 2 steps before they gain possession of a caught ball
    • Tipped punts and kick-offs that touch receiving team players and subsequently go out the back of the endzone no longer cause safeties (just touchbacks).
    • Intentional Grounding penalty now causes a loss of down.
    • Scrimmage kicks (punts/field goals) can only be returned by the kicking team if blocked before the line of scrimmage
    • Two Minute Warning will only stop the game clock after the play has ended.
    • Defensive/Offensive Pass interference rules are turned off when the ball touches a player.
    • Pre-snap penalties (Encroachment, Delay of Game, False Start) no longer stop the game clock.
    • Touchbacks and Safeties are determined by whoever intentionally touched the ball last, instead of whoever physically touched it last.
    • Failed field goals restart at the 20 yard line or the point the ball was kicked from (used to be from the 20 yard line or the previous LoS).
    • Improved Pass Interference detection.
    • Defensive Holding rule now active during punts.
    • Game clock is only stopped by a penalty if it is within the last 2 minutes of the first half, or the last 5 minutes of the second half.
    • No longer declaring a pass as incomplete if a player catches it in the air with their feet out of bounds (the feet must be grounded).
    • Fumbles on a 4th down, or within the Two Minute Warning, can only be advanced by the Defense or by the player who fumbled the ball.
    • Improved the "ball carrier" logic.
    • Now awarding a touchback when the punting team catches a non-live ball in the opponent’s endzone
    • A ball is only considered blocked/batted if it changes the impetus of the ball.
    • Intercepting the ball before your own endzone but being carried into the endzone with momentum will now give a touchback instead of a safety.
    • If a QB fumbles a ball while in the motion of throwing (i.e. hands moving forwards), then this is now considered a forward pass.
    • Ineligible receiver downfield during a pass down penalty now excludes tight ends.

      You, sir, are a dead set legend!

      I might actually pick this game up in a few weeks time now provided i can find it for somewhere around the $40 mark...

      Hey David, maybe the distributor can give you a few copies to give away in celebration? It's been a while since we've had a good old fashioned comp.. imagine, Gridiron related Haikus... MANLY!

      Thanks again Shady - i knew i could count on you to keep us updated on this one :D

        The forum went a little crazy at about midnight our time (sucks for me having to go to work on a little less sleep) but this morning there was a full breakdown. I have not seen screens yet so will look at lunch.

        I am also hoping that Owen does another write up about this (I assume he is already working on it) and perhaps a re-review based on the changes as it is a substantially different game. His last post suggested that he saw some promise so heres hoping a more positive review this time round.

        It sucks that this has to come in the form of a patch because if they did it right the first time, this would have possibly received better reviews but knowing software development, the deadlines can often lead to mistakes being made...

        I will be sure to update once I have it. Don't know release date yet but RyanMoody21 on Youtube will be getting the patch early and will post a vid in the coming days so keep an eye out.

          Owen just posted the announcement and article.. thanks.

      And the award for "Holy shit, that's the longest Kotaku comment in the history of ever!" goes to...



        Awesome... not something I really wanted to see competition about though... But Yay me! (and sorry if that upset anyone.... Was just so excited...

        And it was copy and paste so really I only deserve a small cookie...

        Technically he didn't actually type it... but give the man a Comm Service Award!

    The post yesterday about the length of a game got me to thinking. Can reviews even convey if a game is good or not? My all time favourite game is called Secret of evermore. Even by the standards of 1995 SNES games SOE isn’t really that great of a game on paper. The story isn’t really that original, the gameplay has been done before (SOM) and the game is rather short. And the graphics were nothing incredibly special. But, it’s still my favourite game of all time. I don’t mean just from a nostalgic standpoint. I really do think it is one of the most well crafted games ever created.

    Reviews can tell me a lot about the awesome graphics and awesome load times, but can it really capture the fun I can have with a game? I got God of War 3 some months ago after reading many 90% reviews. I personally don’t know what the critics were thinking giving that game such a high score. Sure, the graphics are pretty and the gameplay is solid. But I didn’t have any fun playing it. The game is an empty shell, simply another game reskinned and repackaged to grab the last of my coins. I was totally fooled by the people that went on and on about the epic boss battles and brutal nature of the game. But strip down all the pretty cosmetic features and all I was left with was a shallow game that was trying so hard to be good. Every reviewer told me why I should love the game. But it was just horrible.

    I think something just clicks in every single person mind whether they enjoy a game or not. I’ve heard from just about everyone that Oblivion is one of the best RPG games ever. I have the game, and while I can’t faulty it technically, I’ve played enough to know the game isn’t for me. No matter how many times I tried I couldent actually get into it. My friends tell me “but the game is so good” I know, the game is awesome to you, and to everyone who reviewed it. But it just didn’t work for me.

    Every game, the good ones, the bad ones, has a experience unique to that person. Who knows what was going through the players head at the time of reviewing – it’s certainly something that would be extremely difficult to put on paper anyway – If I look at every game I would place in my favourite games of all time list. Every single one of them I enjoyed for a reason that I didn’t read in any review. With Fallout it was the horrible person I had to become in order to survive. Even playing on good karma I pondered every decision and what it meant to me. I knew it wouldn’t affect my character of the game in anyway, but I still had to take in the severity of what I was I had to do in this wasteland. SOE got me because I just allowed myself to dive headfirst into the world and the characters and I was totally sucked in for 2 whole years. Reviews told me the story was average. But I loved it. I know reviews talk about immersion, but that a whole different ballpark that being totally fascinated with a game and thinking about the “what if’s” of the story for hours after you have finished it.

    Far Cry 2. I know Dave thinks it’s one of the best games of the last decade. I’ve finished Far Cry 2. And I don’t think I will be going back to it any time soon. No review can convince me that I should be having a good time when I’m not. Does this mean that the review was wrong or that the game is bad? No, it just means that everyone takes something different out of every game. For all I know FC2 may be the best game ever. But it’s not one I think is fantastic.

    Still, I won’t stop reading a ton of reviews before I buy any game. Some people’s opinions and recommendations I’ve really come to trust. I know it’s impossible to know if I will enjoy a game until I actually sit down with it. But I just can’t afford to buy every game I think is good now and find out it’s horrible later (sorry FFXIII)

    So anyway, I guess this is a question for everyone. Can reviews actually tell you if you will enjoy a game?

    I’ve got another 2 hours of uni to kill before my lecture starts, so please, comment and critique so I won’t die of boredom

      The trick is to never take reviews as being anything other than the opinions of one (or possibly more) person. These opinion pieces are often laced with enough juicy nuggets of fact that some initial impression can be constructed by the readers, and they can get some idea of whether they are interested in the game.

      Sure, a review is never going to let you know whether or not you are going to enjoy a game. But it can provide enough additional information to inform your decision. I know I have made a few game purchases based upon one or more reviews I have read in the past, but only because I was 'on the fence', so to speak, with regards to a decision. I have also not purchased games based on reviews. (Eg, Naughty Bear. Initially, that game sounded quite funny, but after reading the horrendous reviews I decided that the game probably wasn't worth the money).

      So just treat reviews as editorials, rather than factual documents, and use them as an additional source of information, rather than a definitive view of a game.

      The trick with reviews is to find someone who has similar views to you, and then only take their reviews seriously.

      I personally hate reviews, but then I have a pretty good knack for knowing if I'll like something or not without having to read too much about it.

      I also almost always ignore the end 'score' of reviews, they're meaningless to me.
      I do read reviews though, especially Kotaku's reviews because the way they're set out, with "Loved" and "Hated" sections means you get the information you need without having to rely on a grading system used by a mind that work differently to yours. And quite often things in the "Hated" section of a review are things I'd put into "loved" and vice versa.

      I'm with you on Far Cry 2 and Oblivion. Oblivion was a great game, but after i closed the 6th gate, and found out there was another 20 or so pretty much exactly the same, it got old really fast. As for Far Cry 2, technically a good game, but after finishing mission 10 or so, I was like.. ok.. let me guess.. my next mission is to drive to the opposite side of the map and kill someone... waaaaay too repetitive for my liking.

      A possibly scandalous point: I like reviews that have been scored with a number.
      Actually, no, to clarify, I like Metacritic, because what I look for is consensus. To treat one reviewer's word as absolute gospel truth would indeed be silly, and if you have a simple numbers game, it's just a matter of averaging it out. Of course a big fat "87" next to a game title on Metacritic still tells me absolutely nothing apart from "green is good!", but if it's a game I've been keen on or even something I've never heard of before, it piques my interest. So maybe I read about it, watch some gameplay trailers, maybe even buy it and subsequently play it (although it has to be said that my ability to restrain myself from buying games is pretty terrible).
      It's as Cracks said; giving you the details so you can make an informed decision. Back on the topic of Metacritics, if I am searching for something particular, I usually read the links for the reviews that give it the highest score, the median score, the average score and the lowest score. While the highest score sings its praises, you'll find the lowest score belting the game for possibly the same gameplay element, consulting the other two for middle ground, and from there (as Strange said) you might find yourself thinking in a similar way to one reviewer, so you'll lean towards their perspective. (Personally, I grew up on RPGs, so I have a pretty high tolerance to high encounter rates, so if there's ever a review that complains about the billion random encounters you have to fight through, I dismiss that point entirely. A prime example would be Nostalgia which came out on the DS last year; a reviewer was complaining about all the random battles and added that random battles were such an old, rusty gameplay method and that with modern RPGs we had long since moved on from that sort of tripe. I started arguing with him in my head as I read the review)

      When I play a game, I try make it boil down to this: "I think something just clicks in every single person mind whether they enjoy a game or not". I always try to have a (reasonably lengthy) period in which I stop thinking critically about a game and just play it. If it's a cinematic game, hook up my console to the big TV in HD glory, get comfortable on the couch and let it wash over me. If it's an FPS, I shoot stuff. I try not to think oh, look, that building keeps spawning enemies so I probably have to trigger a checkpoint somewhere. I don't really care if a game is scripted to hell so long as the experience they give me is an enjoyable one.
      It just makes me happier with the binary choice of "Did you enjoy it Y/N?". A while ago when I finished Resonance of Fate, I sat around for a day confused and frustrated thinking "Well, it was different, and the pew pew was exciting, but at the end it became ridiculous and etc etc" deciding whether or not I liked it.

      As for my 'Everybody loves it but me' game(s): Metal Gear Solid series. Played the first one, and that was pretty alright. Tried playing the second, and I just couldn't get into it. Tried Peace Walker, and I just couldn't get into that either. I know all the good gameplay elements are there, but I just don't know why it doesn't click with me. I just don't like its brand of stealth, I think. I'm a bit of a clunky mover in games, and... I just dont like how MGS does things, I guess.

        Seeing as you bring up metacritic, I’ve got the whole review dilemma going on right now. A while ago I wanted to get some good JRPG games on the PS3 (the choice is very limited). David recommended Valkyria Chronicles, I got it based solely on his opinion and it turned out to be an awesome game. I also came across this game called “Cross Edge” It’s a cross over game featuring a handful of iconic video game characters from different games in an RPG setting. All the gameplay I have seen actually looks totally awesome. I love the way the game looks and plays (from what I’ve seen anyway). The 2D art style reminds me of one of my all time favourite RPG games Breath of Fire 3. The spells and skills remind me of old school SNES RPG games like Chrono trigger and the FF series. The interface, while cluttered, reminds me of the modern Star Ocean games.

        But the metacritic score is only 52. And all the high scores are from sites I don’t usually read. Established and trustworthy sites like IGN tore the game apart. The most frequent complaint is that the graphics are shockingly outdated. I really could care less about graphics. I’ve always said I’d love a really really long version of the 2d Dragon quest games with hundreds of characters, towns and thousands of bosses. 2D graphics doesn’t bother me in the slightest. But some of their other complaints are genuinely concerning.

        I just spent $200 on 2 uni textbooks, so I don’t have the luxury of money to spend. So what do I do? Go with my instincts and buy the game? Or trust these reviews and steer clear?

        If anyone has played Cross Edge, let me know what you thought.

      No, reading a review definitely doesn't tell you whether or not you will enjoy a game.

      For example, I enjoyed God of War 3, (I even wrote a review that got published here on kotaku!) simply because I played the first 2 and had an attachment to Kratos so I really did want to see how this game would pan out. It turned out to be an 8-hour hack and slash. But would I pay 100 dollars for it? Yes, because I, as an individual, decided I wanted to know what happened to Kratos, and would gladly pay 100 bucks to find out.

      (Now would be an apt time to digress and mention that the reviews on Kotaku are generally set out better since you can see/read what the reviewer liked and disliked and kind of put yourself in his/her shoes, and judge whether or not you will like it.)

      On the other hand, if you searched up killzone 2 on any playstation website, it would be way up there in their "Must OWN!" games. I got cheated, bought it, found the controls to be clunky, the story to be not very engaging and the scenery to be dreary. It just didn't capture any of my imagination, unlike Uncharted 2. Although some would argue that the voice acting is crap and enough of a turn off to justify leaving it in the bargain bin, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought it was just a really balls-out fun game.

      Or Red Dead Redemption, where you could argue that the poker and liar dice (WHICH IS MY FAVOURITE!) are far more engaging than the outside world where you ride and hunt stuff.

      The list is different for everyone, since everyone has their inherent likes/dislikes. My friend spent 200 hours on Final Fantasy X to finish the sphere grid (IN my opinion the WORST levelling 'system' to exist, EVER.) and he enjoyed it. I on the other hand, spent 80 hours, got the final weapons and cast holy to deal OVER NINE THOUSAND! damage.

      In summary, no reviewer can ever tell you whether or not you will enjoy a game. What you enjoy or not will be different from everyone else. What a reviewer CAN tell you is how the game compares to other games, and offer facts about how the game performs. You should always pick out the facts in the review, and based on that make a decision.

      Or even better, search up gameplay trailers on youtube, which offer a better view of how the game would play/looks like.

      You could take a general consensus like metacritic, but I do find that the majority can be misleading as well. (Pure football, with a metacritic rating of 50. I loved it, I just found it fun to thrash the computer and see the screen fill with "ASIANS ARE VICTORIOUS!") (asians being the name of my team)

      I guess if you're skim reading this and you've reached the bottom to catch the gist, what I'm trying to say is No, reviews can't tell you whether you enjoy a game because what you enjoy will be different from everyone else. It can, however tell you what the game is LIKE and based on that, you can make your own decision.

      Well, at the end of the day, it's just personal taste. I love inFamous. Plenty of reviews said it gets repetitive and boring, but I never felt that way. I was just having too much fun. Reviews said that Peace Walker's storyline is downright unplayable until you play co-op. I disagree. Some parts I agree on, some parts I don't.

      When it comes down to it though, I do read plenty of reviews and people's opinions to see if this is a game that I'd like. I do my best to play a demo or play it at a mate's place to try it out first. Unless of course, it's a game that I know I want and I've been waiting for it for a long time.

      Scores aren't that bad. Precise scores like 9.1 are just stupid though. And comparing scores between games is also stupid (Hey guys look, Joe Danger is 0.1 less better than Uncharted 2!). But I look at scores to give the general ballpark of how good a game is. And that's why I like metacritic. Uncharted has a metacritic score of 96, I think, so it does show favourable reviews. But then I'll read reviews (well I didn't, I was waiting for UC2 since Drake's Fortune came out, so it was pretty much a guaranteed buy from me anyway) and see if it's what I want. It'll tell me about the great art style, great visuals, great dialogue and humour, it doesn't take a billion bullets to kill a guy unlike UC:DF. So this enough would tell me to get a game.

      But something like FF and Pokemon, with turn based attack system, that'll be in a review and that'll just tell me to get the hell away from it. I was kinda hoping Naughty Bear would be any good, but reviews say there's a crap load of bugs and things that annoy the hell out of way, which means I don't plan on buying it.

      TL;DR : Reviews give useful information that help decide if that's what you like. Scores are good to give a general gist of a game's goodness. People have different opinions. Either use your own, or find someone who has exactly the same taste in games you do.

    Anyone else getting a truckload of Firefox hangs and lockups this afternoon? Or is it just my rotten luck again?

      I'm on the Firefox 4 beta, the only problem I have with it is that the Flash Plugin crashes more frequently than I'd like. And that's about it.

      Updating to 3.6 seems to have fixed this issue, also.

        Ooh! Try firefox 4b2, it now has app tabs. Meaning certain sites that you always open will permanently live there!

    Just got a new laptop, HP probook 4520s series, is very awesome

      I'm using a laptop I got 4 years ago, but thankfully warcraft 3 runs on it. Ahhh dota how i love theee

      Don't know how good the 4520s series is, but I have vowed to steer clear of HP laptops after the last one I had developed super severe overheating problems, to the point where the effective operational lifespan of the machine was about 15-20 minutes at a time. And this is after the battery recall for potentially super-overheating / explosive batteries...

      My new Toshiba laptop works like a charm. At just under a year old, it's capable of playing most games on highest graphics settings (and it can play Crysis o.O ), and only had one problem (loose video connector, which was fixed under warranty).

    Chuloopa, Qumulys, cracks or anyone who gets a chance, wont be here for davids Ask Me stuff so can one of u please ask the following, "David, do you know any Video Game Sound Designer in Aus that I could talk to about the industry?"

      Technically, meeeeeee! I'm just starting out myself and have my first developer meeting today in fact! I'm nervous but hugely excited to be doing something in life I truely enjoy. My little home studio is finally being put to good use. I can tell you that as a minion, don't expect big bucks, or any in fact to get started. As you would know, you can endlessly fiddle about with a track for weeks, so its very much a labour of love.
      What I've found the hardest part since setting up my business, is the legalities of the required paper work. I hate paper work, and there is mountains of stuff to read through, licensing etc!
      Best of luck mate!
      Are you in Melb btw?

        Sorry to have subjected you to yet more paperwork Qumulys! I too hate paperwork, but hopefully this lot will be all in your favour! Good luck today man!!

          Thanks big time to you welbot who helped to get my foot in the door :) Without your help I'd still be lamenting at home! Yeah, paperwork sucks, but its a part of life...
          Ryan, if you are in Melbourne and would be interested in teaming up with me for some projects that could be cool as I already have a business name registered, legalisties mostly sorted and a studio setup, so we could have some fun making tunes! Let me know if yer interested! :)

            Qumulys, yes! I live at tweed heads but have the oportunity to travel down there.would like to get your email so we can talk about it.

              Cool! Also with sites like soundcloud we could work over the net on ideas too. Email me at qumulys1 @ gmail. com without the spaces :)

                I have emailed you.. did u get it?

      I'll put it up if nobody else ends up doing it. I can see Chuloopa or Qumulys leaping at the chance, though :P

      Thanks fatshady and everyone for posting that

    Hey guys,

    Has anyone got a Kindle? Thinking about getting one of the new ones coming out later this month, just looking for some opinions. Also, does anyone know if the "experimental browser" works for more than Wikipedia in Oz?

    Get rid of those damn Samsung Galaxy S adverts from the top banner. They automatically do the rollover-expand thing, regardless of whether I want it to or not, and it refuses to reduce back to minimal size. As a result, many of the pages I check have the top article completely covered by the damn ad.

      Hey mate, what OS and browser are you using?

        I was using Firefox 3.5.2, but a small upgrade to the newest version has fixed this problem. Thanks for the speedy response, though.

          I'm having the same problem with OSX 10.4 and Firefox 3.5.7, and can't upgrade the browser at work...

          I just have to hope nothing important is the first story

            Maybe install a browser to a USB flash drive, and run it through that? It might just bypass the security restrictions on installing stuff on company computers while not an admin.

            Or ask tech support if you can have the newest version installed, as 'you've noticed this version is sometimes unstable' :P

              Thanks for the tips, but as one of 6 Macs in a building with about 2000 PCs, I prefer to save my fights with IT for when I really need something.

              Annoying rollovers on a site I'm not even supposed to be looking at don't seem worth the hassle.

    So excited! Just purchased tickets to see The Chemical Brothers next year at Brisbane Riverstage!!!! OMG!!! Any other Kotaku peeps going along?

      Well, considering I live in Perth...

      Chemical Brothers are okay, but probably not something I'd pay to go and see. I'm more of a rock/alternative sort of listener.

    I know alot of you love StarCraft2, but I just picked up a tip that it has the potential to melt your video card.
    Screens that are light on detail (such as menus) may make your video card overheat if your cooling is insufficient. This is because the game has nothing to do so it is primarily just working on drawing the screen very quickly. It essentially refreshes the screen at rates beyond the norm which generates a lot of heat.
    Apparently this bug was also present in the beta.

    A temporary workaround is to go to your DocumentsStarCraft II Betavariables.txt file and add these lines:



    Hope this helps anyone to avoid disaster!

      Also kids - don't forget to make a copy of the file you intend to alter just to be safe! :)

      Naughty StarCraft! How is it a game 4 million years in the making, can have such a silly mistake brought forward from beta's??? *scratches head.

      Strangely enough, overheating hasn't been too much of an issue for me, especially compared to the incredibly weird and inexplicable system lag I was getting. Such that it would take me ~5 minutes to get through the login screen to the menus, and the game would frequently hang for a few seconds before resuming play.

      I found it difficult to find any web articles explaining similar symptoms to myself, so I sent an email to Blizzard (who still haven't replied, almost 30 hours later...), but I did happen across a really strange workaround. Apparently, running the game by right-click -> 'Run as Administrator' makes the game run perfectly fine again...

      So, if you experience weird system lag in Starcraft 2, run as Administrator.

    ladies and gentlemen - yesterday was a day in history to be marked on all of your calenders.. Kotaku AU was completely devoid of a single comment by my glorious self... I'm glad to see the place didn't go bust without me... now i don't have to worry about such a thing weighing heavily on my conscience, every night waking in a drenching sweat screaming "NO, IF ONLY I HAD MADE A COMMENT..."

    I got up at 5.30 am to get my car fixed yesterday and didnt get home until after 6pm and then had to make dinner, then finished limbo with my lovely partner in the first game we have ever completed together before passing out...

    $600 later and i still need to spend $300 on the weekend for 2 new back tyres and another $500 to have the timing belt done next week.. combine this with $600 for Bee's major service and repairs on her prelude and we are officially broke and having to re start our holiday savings from scratch... in between that i still also have to find the money to get to the dentist... so yeh.. feeling a little stressed...

    ...but things can always be worse! haha

    Just wanted to let you guys i have been photographing my collection of stuff at home for the "Show us yours" posts and it's sure taking me a while having to pull everything out... i have too many games lying around.. then there's the extra games i still have at Mum's and more at Dad's...

    I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to do a Kotaku reader review on Limbo tonight if i can get around to it as well..

    Oh - also picked up a much neglected title called "American McGee presents Scrapland" on the original xbox... hope to get some time with it soon.. the reviews for it all seemed positive enough :)

      Urgh...Car bills... Nothing sucks more, I sympathise with you buddy! Man, I wish I had Limbo, it really looks ace and I'm glad you got some REAL quality time with the lady, gaming. :) Don't go AWOL again, or I'll have to spank you ;) other words... go AWOL again... :P

        And yeh actually playing a game with her was great - even though she has NO patience :P lol

        no insurance chewie? Or was it just wear and tear that the back end of your civic went out?

        Well hopefully you get a tax return that covers at least some of these expenses... :D

          Wear and tear my boy just shat itself.. i have done over 200,000 ks in the thing :P

        Oh, just noticed which may or may not be of use to your Limbo review, is that Yahtzee's review this week is of.... Limbo and Deathspank!
        I won't spoil it...

          helloooo lunchbreak waster!!

          cheers for the heads up pal... i was thinking about old yahtzee this morning and how he just hates almost everything.. i couldn't imagine being a gamer that doesn't get joy out of the games i play...

            I do believe I saw him have an erection while playing Limbo. Perhaps he just hates to admit he likes games, thats his style. I do miss the early days of ZP though, with the chosen tunes to suit the review. I hate to admit, but he's gone rather stale of late, but he's still good for the odd chuckle. :)

              haha i must admit, that was a rather good review - i do agree that he has been rather hit and miss recently, but oh well..

              Don't worry q-bo... limbo is bound to come to steam or PSN eventually...

                whenever I watch ZP i think of it as all the bad things a game has; like his bayonetta review, where he ranted on about her (lack of?) proportions, and an incoherent storyline.

                Armed with my logic, I concluded that if I tried to understand the storyline and I honestly don't care about the proportions, I should enjoy it.

                Lo and behold, I do! :D Just take everything he says with a grain of salt and it'll be fine. Besides, if he was a nice guy i doubt he'd get as many views talking about how great a game is.

                His supermario galaxy 2 was an epic review though. LOL

    I am now ranked 219 globally in Trials HD. I am sure Qumulys is the only one that will still be impressed but had to share. This is my highest rank and when you consder that the number of people on the leaderboards is 1.1 million, not bad!

    I would have to be top 10 of the Aussies...

    Anyone else still playing it?

    Anyone else keen for the new DLC in November?

      That is an incredible achievement FS! To get that good AND have time to post on Kotaku... How do you manage it???
      I'm still playing Trials 2 2nd edition on PC. I'm not good at Trials at all, but I love it. I'm still struggling on 2 more tracks though, Diablo and You Shall Not Pass. I think I've been trying to get past one section in Diablo for a week now, its driving me crazy, but in a good way! I've held the world record in Dirt 2 on 1 track, and top ten on about 8 tracks in Dirt 1. But unless you constantly keep at it, there's always someone out there who is determined to get to the front.

      Well done mate!

        Not sure where the time comes from. Wife, kid, uni, work and other games.

        Oh i know where I get the time... sleep is not listed above!

        *HaPpPpPpy DaNcE* I know its a sucky score, but I finally conquered Diablo!! The degree of hardness is unmeasurable since only 1556 people have passed it, I was placed at position 1551... lol. With 3 minutes to spare, clocked in at 57 minutes with 631 faults.. Considering that trials had had 20 million unique users since it started selling, thats a small percentage that have passed diablo, so regardless of score, I'm stoked!

        You shall not pass is the last one left now.

          Congrats mate. I could never git into the PC verison. I just can't do the controls at all. The xbox just 'works' for me. But trust me, Im here for the long haul as far as xbox and trials goes. Love this game. Now up to 216 globally.

          You gotta get into the console verison and start giving me some competition.

      Though I've never played Trials HD, I can say that getting so high on the leaderboards is a huge accomplishment, no matter what game it is.


        I've never played Trials either, but they way these guys talk about it, makes me wanna play it so bad!! :0 Sounds hella fun!

          Indeed. It's almost like it has a cult following, but at 2 million unique players, I think that label hardly applies...

    Castlevania on XBLA is awesome!

      So, so awesome. Add 'Spearro' if you like. I should be on for a while tonight. I'm also playing a fair bit of Lost Planet 2.


      Were you playing with friends or alone?

    Happy Friday all! =D almost beer o'clock....

    Anyone know of any great ps3 deals/bundles in Sydney at the moment, me Old 40gb ps3 died for good a few days ago and looking to get another one this weekend.
    Also, yes 360 fanboys, I have an elite as well.


      JB Hifi has 2 deals atm.

      first one is $499 for 120gb ps3 slim with iron man 2, sing it, and a hdmi cable.

      the second deal is $599 and you get 120gb ps3 slim, iron man 2, sing it, gran turismo 5, uncharted 2 and a hdmi cable.

    This Halo: Reach price is slightly out of my price range

    About $850 out of my price range.

      Seems like a perfectly reasonable price for a halo fanboy...

      That's just...
      What is this I don't even...

      Also, I noticed on some of their other products shown on that page, they made the super-awesome-totally-amazing-never-before-seen-really-it's-not-a-marketing-strategy discount of...

      Wow. I am so gonna buy that special for 99c discount! Woo!

      But guys! Free delivery! FREE!

      A while ago, I was looking for Mafia 2, and a random UK site was selling the collector's edition for 999 pounds. But again, free delivery!

      Holy crap! That's crazy! Fishpond is usually quite good. I bought 3000xbox points off there a while ago for $15, and got Mortal Kombat vs DC for the same! Maybe this is how they make up for crazy discounts like those ;)

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