What's On Good Game Tonight?

We have a killer mix of reviews this week on Good Game.

* It started as a source mod, but Alien Swarm is free to play and addictive as hell. Our review of that, up first.

* Disciples III is a turn-based strategy RPG. That’s about the most interesting thing I can say about that game, really. Ho-hum.

* OMG STARCRAFT II. Yes, GG had to wait like everyone else for the release of this long-awaited sequel – and our review goes to air TONIGHT!

Plus, we hear more from game devs’ piles of shame, and Bajo brings us an epic 5-UP on our pick of the Best Video Game Dictators.

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Til next week, Hex


    "It started as a source mod" Umm, try Unreal Tournament 2004. At no point was it a 'mod' for the source engine.

      Is now.

        Well, isn't it technically NOT a mod? It's a standalone game on the Source engine.

    Awesome sauce!

    Will be interesting to see the vote on SCII.

    So, Dave, according to this you and Bajo will be hosting GG tonight?
    Why is this the first we've heard about it?
    Oh, wait, Hex has her name at the bottom instead of the top this time.


    Just wondering why a free game is being reviewed? Because there really isn't some kind of barrier to entry like having to pay for games and DLC, which is why most game magazines and sites don't review free games.

      Bandwidth cost? There's also still a barrier of whether or not it's worth the time. Have you downloaded EVERY single free game out there? Just because it's free doesn't also mean it's good (which is fortunately not the case for Alien swarm!)

        User reviews are generally helpful in determining whether or not a game is worth downloading if it's free. Bandwidth is a possible arguement, but if your considering whether or not to download because you can't afford to waste the download, then maybe don't download it? Why not review other free games then? I'm just wondering why a proper video game show would bother reviewing games that don't cost anything when there is plenty of DLC and games that cost money that could be reviewed. I'm also pretty sure some ISP's allow for free downloads off Steam, iiNet (3FL) does.

        Once again, I was just wondering...

          I still don't think a games freeness should determine it's 'reviewability'. Sure there are plenty of other games and DLC to review, but this game is current, popular and also quite good. Hex said herself on the show that they'd gotten a ton of fanmail asking them to review the game.

          Reviews aren't just for letting you know whether or not to buy a game afterall. I enjoy watching reviews of games I've already bought and played just to see what other's opinions of them are, and why.

    Wow guys, I'm actually thoroughly impressed this week guys. I'd all but written GG off, but a friend of mine insisted I watch this episode (as I'm a huge SC fan).

    The Alien swarm review was great (except as Johnnoz already mentioned, it wasn't originally a source mod), the '5 greatest dictators of gaming' was hilarious and the SCII review was one of the most balanced I've seen. Best of all, it really delved into the multi-player aspect of the game, instead of giving the cop out 'RTS is HARD' excuse other outlets are giving.

    Thumbs up guys, keep it up!

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