Why Contain It? Let The Deus Ex Ads Pile Up In The Streets

As seen on a Sydney bus.


    i gotta say - that's a damn cool looking ad

    Now THATS a game advertisement. Never see them over here in AUS.

      umm.. dude... caption.. sydney bus... etc...


      "As seen on a Sydney bus."

      "Now THATS a game advertisement. Never see them over here in AUS."

      The post says it was seen on a Sydney bus...

        Uh... the point I was making was "WOW a game advertisement in Australia!" I never see them, at least here in Adelaide. I don't know if Sydney regularly has this kind of thing.

          They're not exactly common, but yeah, they crop up every now and then.
          I've only ever seen them on Sydney Buses (the company) buses though, so mostly on the ones that go to and from the city.
          The last one I saw was one for Red Dead Redemption.

          I saw an ad this morning for Mafia 2 in Sydney. Although it was on a bus shelter, not a bus...

    I might be wrong here but it looks kinda photoshoped...

    That's some really early advertising, specially for a game that is due in 2011 right?

    This looks shopped, I can tell from some ofthe pixels and from quite a few shops in my time.

    That's a fake right? Looks like a fake.
    Plus it's a little early...

    "I've received reports of armed attacks on shipments..." Oh wait.

    A bit early. Isn't the game out in 2011? Not complaining though the ad looks great.

    I'm somewhat surprised, I didn't think this was a big enough title to get this level of advertising treatment.

    Does this mean it's coming out soon? I didn't think it was until next year at the earliest.

    That's ace! Though a little early to be advertising. The game doesn't launch 'til early next year?

    No way! This game is getting public marketting?! It doesn't even have a release date, and isn't likely to ship before Christmas, is it?

    Look at the "Emergency Exit" on the back of the bus. Sadly, Photoshopped.

    It's fake:

    1. Original photo is blurry but the "ad" is sharp and clear.
    2. The rear if the bus would be dark as you can see the sun is shining on the front and side of the bus, the ad wouldn't be this bright.
    3. Ads on Sydney Buses never cover the rear window.
    4. All Sydney Buses have the Bus Number on the back.
    3. Ad has no URL, Company name, or release date. How would non gamers know what this is? A movie? A game? Hair product to give trendy spiky hair?
    4. Game isn't out until next year.
    5. "Give way to Buses" sign is normally next to the rear lights and not above.

    I can keep going but I think I need to get back to work. An no, I'm not a graphic artist, marketing dude or work for Sydney Buses.

    Do I get a Gold Star now?

      Maybe not a Gold Star but a proof reader :-P

    Get a bit bored during lunch Wildgoose?

      Hahaha, I think it was less than a just a lunch-break.

    I remember there use to be Red Faction 3 ads on buses in Perth when it came up.

    I'm calling shenanigans...

    1. Agreed, its fake.
    2. This should now be a photoshop contest to win the game... huh?

    Even if it is fake i still love the tag line!

    What do you guys think about this? After seeing this in it's obvious fakery, I now think less of the title given that their marketing department must think that their consumers are completely stupid...

    Bus driver would shit himself if he saw that in the rear view mirror

    Would a non-gamer know what it was about? It could be hair gel for all they know.

    I used to see a bus advertising Red Dead Redemption doing the rounds on Parramatta Rd when the game was coming out. A couple of the bus stops had the game plastered on it as well.

    Did they photoshop Colin Farrell in there too or is that just me? :D

    Looks shopy.

    why contain it?

    ...it's cool

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