Reader Survey: WIN $3,648 TV And Camera Package

Long time readers might remember our last survey. It's a time when we find out a little bit more about who is reading, so we can do a better job of (a) serving you and (b) getting the right advertisers involved so we can KEEP serving you! For a few minutes of your time, Sony is kindly offering up a 46-inch BRAVIA NX700 LCD TV along with a Cyber-shot TX5 to one very lucky Allure Media Network reader.

Just head over here to take our survey, which should only take about five minutes. Give us your details at the end of the survey and you'll be in the draw for the prizes!

Take the survey here.

Terms & Conditions of the prize draw here.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to the survey, it really helps us develop what we do here at Allure Media.

Good luck with the Sony prize pack!


    Hey Seamus whens the mafia 2 gun lamp comp on gizmodo going to be announced its been a couple of weeks now? cheers.

    Done - really cool comp, but i honestly would have done it without the incentive :)

    Cheers and good luck to everyone :)

      Yeah, I'm always happy to take a Kotaku survey as well, I usually enjoy them - perhaps there is something wrong with me.

      That said, if I do win, I won't be crying too much, I'd love a telly to replace my aging Rank tube TV.

    The camera lured me to fill it out. I love the cybershot T-series, I've owned a T-10 and T-11... (would've bought a newer one too but the model wasn't coming out for another month while I was in Japan- so much cheaper to buy there)

    Done! Hope it helps you guys! That 46'Bravia looks real nice.

    In the money section shouldnt there be an option of to choose if you dont have a credit card?

    Hey guys, your survey is bugged. It won't register the question answered if you don't tick an option and only enter something in the "Other" box on at least the Mobile questions. You need to add some "Other" &/or "None" tick box options.

    For example I only use my phone for calls and SMS so can't answer Mobiles question 3.

      I just ticked the Games option in the Mobile Use section. Surely all here use our mobiles for playing games, even if it is not often.

        Nope. I'm an avid gamer, but my phone doesn't have a single game on it. Not even sure if it can game. Surprised there was no mention of the ipod touch in the survey.

    Prizes must be claimed in person? That is a bit harsh don't you think, having to make the winner go to NSW to get the prize :(

      Stop yr sooking, I'd gladly walk there and carry it home strapped to my back!


    Just to let whoever needs to know, er, know, there seems to be an issue with the survey: correct me if I'm wrong, but a lot of the questions that have "Other: please specify" as an optional answer don't have anywhere to actually tick, so even if you specify your answer by typing in the box provided, you try to hit "next" and it insists that the question needs to be answered. The only one I noticed that did have a little tick-circle for "Other: Please Specify" was instead lacking the actual box to type in the specification. So, that might throw results off a bit. I'm using firefox 3.6.8 on Windows 7, if that's useful

    could I please have a TV for bringing this to people's attention? ;)

    Hmm the survey is seriously broken in places. If you put an answer in the OTHER field in various locations it won't take the question as answered. This means I have had to answer incorrectly in the radio buttons and then answer again in the OTHER field.

    I love how there are no options for not having a credit card and only using your mobile for phone calls/sms. I must be out of touch or something.

    *crosses fingers

    You survey has a flaw. When it asks what mobile phone you use if you click you don't have one you still have to answer the questions what brand do you have and what do you do on it and writing none in other doesn't work.

    All done!
    Finally a comp I don't need to use a lot of brains for!

    So are you guys going to fix the survey or should we just complete it in a "near enough's good enough" way?

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