Community Kudos

Community Kudos
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Hey everyone,

Thanks for another awesome week. It’s been awesome. You’ve been awesome. Together we can be awesome.

This week’s Community Kudos is sponsored by THQ and Costume Quest, which is an awesome Xbox LIVE/PSN title developed by Double Fine. We showed you guys a cool Tim Schafer walkthrough vid of Costume Quest earlier in the week, but now we have five download codes for the game to give away. So thanks to THQ for that!

Anyway, let’s get down to business.

Community Kudos this week goes to…

TadMod for suggesting we do a bargain round up post. I love the idea and we’re currently looking at how we’re going to bring it back.

Fistbeard MacTavish and Lord Crumplebottom (yes I know someone made up that name on the fly, but I’ll find out who it was!) for their awesome exchanges earlier today. Best usernames ever.

And lastly I wanted to give an extra bit of kudos to the Vanquish prize winners Emma Koch and Matthew Phillips. The Vanquish prize packs had ten winners, but you guys put a lot of effort into your entries and I wanted to hook you up with something extra!

All five of you get a DLC code for Costume Quest for your troubles! Congratulations!

If you have any suggestions for Community Kudos, email me at [email protected]. And no – you can’t nominate yourself!


  • They put in effort?!?! Obviously you don’t know how much convincing it took to get my partner to play Vanquish for 5 minutes while i shot the video!!

    Haha jk – awesome stuff guys, very much deserved.

    This is the best post to end the week on – keep it up Serrelicious! 😀

  • Hey Mark,

    I sent you a reply, just so you know 😉

    Otherwise, kudos to whoever nominated me, and congrats to the other winners!


  • Wait, you’re rewarding people for performing at a level better than adequately? This goes against everything I learned at school (and what is now causing me to fail uni).

    But seriously, gratz guys, maybe one day, when I stop being such an egocentric poster, addicted to the sound of my fingers typing on a keyboard, maybe on that day, I can join you in the hallowed realms of being kudosed by the community. (which now as I reread it sounds condescending… God I suck at this.)

  • Umm I think something may have gone awry in your posting Mark. I recieved an email with a code for the costume quest. Not being sure why, I came here to find out what I’d done to deserve it, but clearly it wasn’t intended for me. I have not yet used the code, so if you want to sort out who it should belong to, them I will happily oblige and forward it on to the correct recipient.

    • Dude. I mistakenly sent one to you! But it’s yours anyway! There was one extra, so just keep it – consider it a Community Kudos in advance!

      • Was mine the extra? XD

        I was just about to send you another mail saying that I was willing to sponsor a smaller competition with my key and a cheap steam game, lol.

        Oh well, still keep up the amazing editing marky 😉

      • Awww for reals?! That’s just all kinds of awesome! Is it DLC for a game you have to own? Or is it a code to download the game?

          • okies.. just wanted to make sure i didn’t need the game first, cos then i would have had my own little comp as I don’t have it 😉 Arigatoo Gozaimasu Mark san! It’s a nice little curprise and cheerful note on which to end one of the crappiest weeks of my life!

          • Wow, Awesome! Weird having an in-joke between me and my mate turn into something this cool. It wasn’t made up on the fly, but a running joke we’ve had between us for a year or so.

            No email came through to my account, which is probably why a code went rogue. ah well.

          • Also, Fistbeard McTavish and Lord Crumplebottom are the same two goons who might have been referenced in the Dead Rising 2 reader review. Most odd couple ever?

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