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    So has Kotaku AU made any decisions on who the new permanent editor will be...? Or will Junglist have the job permanently *dreams*

      It ain't me - but I'll be posting about that very soon! :)

    "We'll be promoting this post every morning until Sunday"
    I remember mornings like those, but they typically involve a nightful of gaming beforehand or a sleep pattern better suited five timezones east.

    What should I have for dinner tonight?

    Yes, I'm stuck at work for another hour and a half and I'm really bored.

      Oven roasted flakes of corn combined with a nutritious translucent white liquid squeezed from a Bos Primigenius.

    Does anyone know the release date for DEAD NATION on PSN?

    I've finally gotten around to spending my tax return and am buying an LCD TV. However I am a little confused by all the techno babble!

    What is the difference between Hertz and Millisecond refresh rates?

    Can someome please explain it to me in simple english?

      Hertz generally refers to your framerate ie

      50 htz (PAL)
      60 htz (NTSC)

      100 htz (gross motion flow PAL)
      120 htz (as above but NTSC)

      The easy way to remember these is 25 = PAL, 30 = NTSC (any numbers divisable by these is generally the format your looking at)

      Refresh rates refer to the amount of time the screen draws itself in a second. This includes drawing the same frame over an over again in the same second.

      When looking at LCD, it’s also a good idea to see if they can do 24 progressive, as most blu-rays display at the true cinema framerate of 24.

      Hope that helps you out.

        Hertz (Hz) refers to the 'refresh rate' of the screen, or in other words how many times in one second the image on the screen will be updated.

        The response time I'm assuming is just the time in milliseconds (ms) that it takes for the screen to receive and display a new image.

        Generally, higher refresh rates and lower response times are better, but don't pay too much attention to them. No need to spend the extra few hundred dollars on a 100Hz telly when a 60Hz one will suffice.

          Response time is the time in milliseconds it takes a single LCD pixel to change from black to white and back to black again. A slower response time results in more ghosting of images and is worse for fast paced motion (sport) or time sensitive things (games).

          When I initially went searching for a new telly I was very worried about response time as gaming is by far the number one. Hertz is nice - 100 is much smoother than 50 for television, however they achieve these rates by using algorithms to 'add' smoothing frames between the actual broadcast frames (think how flash tweens between keyframes). In the end, you'll want the hertz to at least cover the most frame rate intensive stuff (eg 60fps gaming, 24fps for film)

    Went on a cruise last week with the girlfriend. First night I proposed to her on the back of the ship after a black tie dinner (a formal dinner, we didnt actually eat any black ties) n she said yes. Im now a taken man, sorry guys

      Congratulations dude! Though I am disappointed nobody ate the ties...

      Congrats mate.

      The first night of the cruise is a brave move... would have been a bloody long boat ride if she'd said no.

        That's a bloody good point. But yeah congrats. I got hitched almost 5 years ago. All the best with It mate. Just remember gaming was here before she was!!!!! Pass on my best to the missus also.

        I have a feeling it might've just been a harbour cruise, as opposed to a month long holiday cruise.

      W00! Congratumalations! Exciting time for you both! Hope you get along well with her mother ;)

    $199 PS3 deal is on Catchoftheday today :)

    Lets see how many 503's i get today :)

    has anyone anyone here had any experience with, there australian but sell imported games, eg. they've got fifa 11 for $65 but its region is 'asia' is that going to cause problems down the road like for online or updates or is region fine as long as it plays? cheers.

      If you're wanting to import, I would suggest somewhere from the UK. However, I only import games from the UK that I don't play online, so I wouldn't know too much about how it affects online (if you get a UK game).

      I do know however, that a friend of mine did by BC2 which he didn't realise was the asian version and got burned when he bought DLC only to find it was incompatible.

      TL;DR: Probably shouldn't if you care about playing online.

        Cheers mate, might try talk to someone at the website just to hear what they have to say too, but i think ill just end up going with 365games in the uk, just have to wait a tad longer haha ah well ill survive

        I experienced incompatible DLC after purchasing an imported copy from EB Games. I didn't even know it was an import until I downloaded the DLC and it didn't work.

        I took the game back to EB Games to complain who told me that it was a moot point since no one in Australia buys DLC and refused to exchange for a local copy because I was outside of the seven day return period.

        Lesson: Don't buy locally either unless you check first for sneeky parallel imports!

          Thats so fucked you should go back talk to management or someone they cannot do that.

    I've bought stuff from gamelane 3 or 4 times.

    Fairly quick postage, dosn't seem dodgy at all.

    They are pretty cheap most of the time and once in a while they have some very nice deals. (alan wake for $60 on launch week.)

    I caved last week and picked up a couple of games at the GAME BOGOF sale! Picked up Fairytale Fights and Lost Odyssey for $29!
    I've never really looked at Lost Odyssey before though, so I'm wondering if anyone's played it? It was the best looking game for the same amount as Fairytale Fights, and I was surprised to see it has 4 disks! But, I've never even read a review or anything... What kind of gameplay is it? Similar to Final Fantasy or something? Any good?

      Lost Odyssey.

      The thing with this game is if you love old school JRPGs, like Final Fantasy then you'll love it. If you don't then you'll hate it.

      It plays very much like an FF from before the Playstation days, but looks better than most.

      I personally love it. Has an excellent soundtrack by Uemetsu (Of FF fame).

      3D but with a locked camera on the field so it looks like a pre-rendered game.
      The highlight for me were the flashback stories. Really set a mood.

      The best things about Lost Odyssey are Kaim's memories of his life as an immortal.

      They're quite powerful to read. I was moved a fair bit by them.

    Sounds interesting! I've never really played a lot of jrpg's.. not since the snes days anyway. But I don't mind a bit of turn based combat. Last game I played like that would have been paper mario, and I loved that! Good to know someone likes it though :) I was hoping to hear that rather than a quick response saying it was total rubbish ;) With 4 disks I imagine it's a pretty big game, so hopefully it was a worthwhile choice!
    Certainly encouraging to hear your response though :)

      damn.. this should have been attached to the post above! Damn my slow work computer! Playing tricks on me!!!

        Ha ha, wurk comps sukk!

        Yeah it's only four disks cos' of the massive amount of movie. The game is of average JRPG length.

    I'm looking for a really fun PC action game (got my xbox 360 controller recently). I have HL:2, SCII, HON, Fallout 3. I was thinking about getting dead rising 2 but I think the single player is pretty boring looking.

    can anyone help out?

      if you liked fallout 3 maybe mass effect1/2 and oblivion both really great.

      Get either Oblivion or Morrowind (or preferably both :D). Oblivion is newer, has better graphics, better voice acting, better combat mechanics, etc, but I'd argue that Morrowind had a more enthralling story.

        Morrowind gave me depression, true story.

        same with heavy rain

    I have finished mass effect 2, was okay. Didn't like 1 at all. Have beaten oblivion and played about 50-60% of Morrowind ages ago.

    Thanks for the suggestions anyway, I am quite choosy ><.

    So... George Lucas is going to rerelease the entire Star Wars series in 3D.

    To be released, one each year, in their story order.

      3 years till theres something worth watching, lets just hope he gives us some gad dang Blu Ray releases, heck i dont care which version, originals would be nice but even the dir cuts would be nice

        I concur, my friend. No one gives a shit about 1,2 and 3, i know i dont.

    For those who are interested and in the Brisbane area (which im not, it severley sucks) it looks like Duke Nukem Forever will be playable at the Mana Bar

    Just wanted to say thank you to the people who were helping me out with my deadrising 2 issues earlier.

    If anyone else is having trouble getting the steam version to run try making sure you have the games for windows client installed. It seemed to assume my coumputer allready had it and then crashed whenever the game tried to load.

    Downloading and installing games for windows seemed to fix it completly.

    Anyone else play the Castlevania: LoS Demo? I was supremely disappointed by it.

      Is that the new 3D one?

      Damn will have to check that out...

    I finally realised what Civ V is lacking... Leonard Nimoy announcing my nations technological advances.

    Hey Guys!

    I was just wondering if the PS3 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock instruments are compatible with all the previously released music games, like the Rock Band series and older guitar hero games?

    Thanks in advance

    Best moment from FIFA 11 so far.

    Started manager mode with Manchester City (all for the $$$$) and bought Fernando Torres. Then I played Liverpool in the Carling Cup, and as I'd put the custom chants on, the Liverpool fans were singing the Fernando Torres song :)

    Duke nukem 3d on the app store for free. FYI.

    Also I am 119 globally in trials hd. Just in case you were wondering.

    Minecraft will ruin your life in a good way.

    Still looking for dead rising co op players. Gt: fatshady live

    Final exam in 2 weeks. Can't wait for it to be over.

    Work is crazy busy hence me being quite.

    That's all from me

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