The King Is Dead - Long Live The King

Well it's with a heavy heart that I hand you over to Mark "Mad Dog" Serrels today. We've had a few laughs, you and I. We've tried some new things - some that went down well, some a bit more polarising. Be sure to let your new editor know which things you like the most.

Cheers for being awesome, Kotakuers. Having managed online communities since I was 16, I can say Mad Dog is inheriting one of the best - with amazingly little anonymous abuse and a satisfying amount of intellectual discussion. It makes this job that much better. Because how fun would it be writing for people you don't care about?

Not fun, that's how fun.

Thankfully we don't have that problem. I would've especially liked to do some more weekend stuff - but the Floppy needs to be fed, and I know Mad Dog has plans along those lines. So until he gets sick by ingesting some mysteriously poisoned cupcake that was sent to him by a Kotaku fan *wink*, you can catch me on 5 inch Floppy, or at @TheJunglist on Twitter.

Over to you, Mark!


    Woah woah woah - wait a minute... Who was having this so called "intellectual discussions?"

    I don't recall seeing anything like this :P

    Thanks for all your hard work in between editors - it has been both most welcome and thoroughly enjoyed!

    Enjoy playing with your 5inch floppy! I know i'll be enjoying having a bit of a look at it myself.
    hur hur!

    Take care, mate :)

    So long Jung.

    Thanks for helping out, it's been fun.

    Bye Jung, hi Mark.

    Cheers for stepping in and being a great acting editor Jung! Keep up the good work with Floppy, I shall be watching :)

    Out of interest, will you still be filling in when Mark's sick/away/etc?

    Nice work Jung, and welcome to Mr Serrels!

    Goodbye Junglist... though you will be back on special events, we know it...

    Take care Lord of the Jungle!! Although I've not posted much lately, I've been reading all your posts! Just promise to post something in Talk Amongst Ourselves every now and then! Or we'll come after you, with pitchforks, and gravy... Every meal should have gravy.

    Will we see you around, commenting on things Jung? Cheers for all your work! :D

    Thanks for filling in. Hope to see you around from time to time... Cheers,

    Don't forget to visit!

    Preferably in the form a weekly video feature >_>

    Thanks Jung,

    It was good while it lasted. Really enjoy your "floppy" :)

    thanks for putting up with us Jung :) best of luck with the rest of your projects. always nice to have you guest-editing for us.

    Serrels! We miss you over at A-N! Although it's sad to see you go Junglist.

    Thanks Jung.

    I doubt this will be the last time we hear from you so we'll all probably see you soon.

    Thanks for the wee overview Junglist, but mostly thanks for the awesome sad face picture you posted.

    All the best, Junglist. I certainly wouldn't count your article on "What have you done with my protagonist" as a bad point at all. It was a good dose of intelligent critique and a hugely welcome change from the normal launch-date/top 100 GBA game articles most sites stick to. Articles like that are the main reason i come to Kotaku.

    /me salutes your for all your efforts sire! I was planning to do a characature of you (like I did for Wildgoose) as a thanks for your dedication, but the weekend just ran circles around me, and now it's back to the weekly work slog :( Oh wells.. maybe I'll still get around to it someday soon! No doubt you'll still be popping your head in every now and then to keep us all in check anyway ;) Live long and prosper!

    There's only room for one of us in this town!

    PS: nice work on the MS Paint

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