This Week In Games

This Week In Games

This Week In GamesThis week is a genuine humdinger in terms of new releases. It’s beastly.

Where to start? Well, personally I’ll probably be kicking things off with Vanquish – since I’m a huge fan of Shinji Mikami’s work – but at some point I’m going to have to risk life, limb and divorce at the hands of the epic timesink that is Fallout: New Vegas.

Those are the two big ‘uns this week, but that’s just the tip of a giant ponderous iceberg that runs the risk of consuming my every waking hour.

Have a gander below.

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition (360/PS3) What Is It? Fancy nancy version of Borderlands, loaded with DLC packs. Should You Care? A bit cheeky creating a Game of the Year edition of a game that didn’t really win any Game of the Year awards – but this is solid stuff none-the-less.

DJ Hero 2 (360/PS3/Wii) What Is It? The hip hoppin’, body poppin’ answer to Guitar Hero Should You Care? We like it. The mixes are incredible, the mechanics are solid and make sense, and there are a number of intelligent additions to gameplay.

EA Sports MMA (360/PS3) What Is It? The publisher who famously kicked Dana White out of their office comes crawling back with MMA fisticuffs in tow. Should You Care? Early signs are grim. We could be wrong about this, but the fact that EA has been wary of showing this to the press suggests bad news is en route.

Fallout: New Vegas (360/PS3/PC) What Is It? The sequel to the post-nuclear barnstormer that was Fallout 3. Should You Care? (Raises back hand and prepares for slap) Of course you should care!

International Cricket (360/PS3) What Is It? Take a wild guess. Should You Care? We don’t, but you might live and breathe cricket and, in that case, you may find this worth a bash.

Jewel Match (DS) What Is It? A DS puzzler of some sort. Should You Care? This isn’t Peggle so… no.

John Daly’s ProStroke Golf (360/PS3) What is it? A game starring a hilariously drunk golfer who subsists entirely on a diet of Peanut M&Ms. Should You Care? Probably not.

NBA 2k11 (360/PS3) What Is It? A sports game. About basketball. Should You Care? Do you like basketball? Or the playing of videogames that involve said basketball?

Professor Layton And The Lost Future (DS) What Is It? The game where going to Starbucks to pick up a coffee involves a series of brain teasing puzzlers that make you feel like you have an IQ of 63. Should You Care? Layton is awesome.

Vanquish (360/PS3) What Is It? Platinum Games’ attempt to make the stodgy third person shooter genre do mad handstands and awesome Marty McFly-style guitar slides. Should You Care? Absolutely.


  • Now this reminds me of a puzzle:

    Jill: “I’m twice as smart as my little sister, Sally”

    Amy: “I’m twice as smart as my little sister, Jill”

    Sally: “I’m one third of of Jill’s IQ minus my own.”

    What is the IQ of all three siblings?

      • This isn’t a puzzle, it’s a series of simultaneous equations.

        And kind of a dumb one, since the only valid solution is that all 3 sisters have an IQ of 0.

        • Easy now, Flux. Professor Layton is out this week so I though it might be a good joke to put a puzzle up in response to this post.

          On a side note, while 0 fits the equations, it is not a solution to the puzzle as these are (fictional) human beings we are talking about.

          It is not possible for a human to have a 0 IQ.

        • Okay, a bit of idle thinking over lunch makes me believe you wanted to say that Sally’s age is a third of “Amy’s age minus her own”, not “a third of Amy’s age” minus her own – so you mean s=(a-s)/3, rather than s=(a/3)-s. You’d need to make special mention of this in your word equation since it goes against the order of operations, but let’s roll with it.

          If you did take it to be that, you only get a ratio of ages Amy = 2xJill = 4xSally. Sally’s statement doesn’t provide any new information that couldn’t be learned from just the first two equations, so it’s not solvable to a single set of answers. (Or to be more nerdy, the answer is a line in 3D space, not a single point).

          And before you ask, I do indeed wish I could stop my brain thinking about these things sometimes…

          • My apologies again, Flux. It seems I should have checked the wording more carefully.

            As irony would have it, all of the Professor Layton games have at least one or two puzzles incorrectly worded each and I seem to have made the same mistake. DOH!

            Anyhow, like with the “Remember This” segments, I will give the answer at around 5 PM or earlier.

        • It’s all good Hacker, I was only suggesting that the equation system was dumb because it’s impossible to have a 0 IQ – I certainly wasn’t having a go at you! As you can probably tell, I rather enjoyed firing up the ol’ maths brain…

      • My maths is a bit rusty, but Amy = 4*Sally, Jill = 2*Sally, and Sally can be pretty much any positive value you like.

        Ignoring the fact that being twice as smart as someone does not mean your IQ is double theirs, because with those values, there’s no way that you can have Sally and Amy both inside the range of any meaningful IQ test.

        Methinks I’m over thinking this just slightly.

      • I need to be elsewhere so here is the solution.

        Amy: 40
        Jill: 20
        Sally: 10.

        40 – 10 = 30 thus 30 / 3 = 10.

        I am starting to think it would have been better had I used larger (100 or so) values.

  • Waiting for reviews on both Vanquish and Fallout.

    Vanquish i heard has only a 5 hour campaign and not much else to it (don’t quote me on that – that is why i am waiting for reviews) and not much else to it and if that is the case, i will wait for it to hit the bargain bin like Enslaved.

    Fallout: NV – While i have enjoyed Fallout 3, i just have a bad feeling about this game. It looks like more of the same (which isn’t a bad thing i know) but it just gives me a feeling that this isn’t going to get anywhere near what Fallout 3 was and personally from what i know so far – i would say it is going to get a 7.5/10

  • Played through the vanquish demo and will be working on my comp entry tonight 🙂

    I gotta say, the best part is just doing all those powerslides in slow mo whilst letting loose wild rounds in the enemies direction 🙂

    Also i blew some guy away with my shotgun, at one point, in slow motion – then when the slow motion ended, my char (forgot his name now) lit a cig, took a puff and just casually flicked it away. You gotta love that level of badassery. To shoot a guy, then just light a cig in the middle of a intense firefight?? Go team! lol

    please note, i do not smoke nor do i endorse it, but it’s still pretty bad-ass 😛

  • Fallout is preloading on Steam at the moment. Preordered it back when it was US$50, not the US$90 it is now (LOL).

    DJ Hero 2 can be had for $140 or so from the UK with the turntable and free copy of the first game, can’t decide if I should yet or not though.

    Speaking of the UK Vanquish can be had for a bit under $50, but with so many games out over the next month or so I think I have more than enough to play…

    • I’ll just add that the Fallout pre-load is 6919mb, and it says it’ll unlock in “approximately 16 hours” (as of 12:30pm), so Tuesday morning, woohoo.

    • I’m skipping new vegas given my dissapointment in F3 but apparently this one will be better. Its got the Chris Avellone working on it and he’s some phenomenol games (Planescape: torment!!). But at the same time, Fallout 3 broke my heart, as did Avellone when Lionheart came out so… /shrug.

      I’ll wait for reviews or juts borrow it off a mate :/

    • I’d go with… “probably not”

      For me this week… New Vegas Collector’s Edition is the big pick up.

      Although, Vanquish is being imported from Zavvi, with bonus figurine, paid for… Castlevania Limited Edition from GAME UK (GAME exclusive is seems) will look to buy online tonight…

      • Obsidian in the last few years have been a letdown when it comes to handling games.

        Two big examples for me are KOTOR2 which was great up until an obviously rushed ending and even Alpha Protocol recently felt quite half baked.

        That being said I will be getting fallout because the modding community will provide me with hours of entertainment i’m sure.

  • Yo James Mac, Mark is winding his hand back for a virtual slap at you. You didin’t like Fallout 3!!!
    Well then likely you won’t like Fallout New Vegas either. It is the same game engine, just tweaked and improved to play. I have heard the writing is better. Not sure whether I can afford the time sink as I still haven’t quite completed the first one (that is after 50 hours!!).

  • What the hell happened to Rock Band 3?
    Wasn’t it supposed to be released on the 21st?
    …Has it been delayed? Please tell me it hasn’t been delayed?

    *runs off crying*

  • Imported Layton months ago as i’m a huge fan and couldn’t wait for our release! For those of you yet to play it, you’re in for a treat! I think its the best Layton yet.

    Im really, REALLY excited over FO:NV. FO3 is easily in my top 5 games of all time.

    Irate guy: I’m going to import FO:NV aswell. I was probably going to get it from – they have the PC version for just 24 pounds (which is a measly 38 bucks, less than HALF of what they are charging over here)

  • Def getting NV. Final exam tmoorrow and I will have an MBA and New Vegas in the same week!!!

    I was looking for a trade in deal and the best I could get was trade Dead Rising 2 and get NV for $35 at GAME. Not bad i guess as I have already played DR2 through a couple of times so was looking to get rid of it for a decent trade. Only paid $88 for it and used a voucher I got for that anyway.

    I have Red Dead, Kayne & Lynch2 and DR2 to trade and no matter where I went, the best i could get for all three was $100-110. As NV retails at JB for $89 I am not sure what to do. I don’t have the cash for NV outright so have to make the most of what I have. The DR deal aint bad i guess. It works out to be over $50 discount off the JB price and is $75 off the GAME price. Otherwise the best trade in deal i could get for DR2 was:

    Dead Rising 2 trade in value:
    GAME $40
    EB $44
    Gametraders $40
    JB $25

    So getting the GAME deal of $35 for NV is pretty good. I may even trade Kayne & Lynch for the difference!

    I played Fallout 3 for over 150 hours so would do just about anything to get one!!!. Can’t wait.

  • Just pre ordered New Vegas on Amazon. I wont get it for about a week but it was cheaper than Steam and I do like having an actual physical copy. I got tired of waiting for a Borderland game of the year version a while ago and brought it and all the DLC on Steam back during all those sales for about $40. Also looking forward to Fable 3 at the end of the month.

  • I’ll be picking up Fallout: NV Collectors Edition from EB. I’ve had it paid off for about two months now thanks to their trade in deal they had going.

    I do want to get Professor Layton, but I dont think I’ll have the money for it 🙁

  • I know it’s pedantic but:
    “RPGLand’s Ivan Taran gave it a rating of “Great” and the game went on to win the site’s Xbox 360 Game of the Year award, and be named the Runner-up for overall Game of the Year 2009.”

    It’s not one of the major publications, but there’s no official GoTY awards, and I’m sure Gearbox are proud of it all the same.

  • Ive got Fallout on order for $59 from,
    they have the best prices i can find from an Aussie store and free postage. Saves me from waiting a week longer for an import and from giving my $$$ to the slimy bastards at EB 🙂

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