Foxtel on LIVE: Unmetered on BigPond?

Nick Broughall over at our sister site Gizmodo is reporting that Foxtel on Xbox LIVE is appearing as unmetered content on BigPond which, if true, would be great news for BigPond users looking to view content via the new Foxtel Xbox Service.

Gizmodo are still waiting on the official word back from BigPond on the issue, but we did a cheeky bit of research and called up the sales team posing as a prospective customer, whose primary reason for switching across to BigPond was unmetered access to Foxtel over Xbox LIVE. Sadly, after being put on hold for 15 minutes the saleswoman came back and informed us that, currently, no plan was in place for unmetered access.

There's still hope though - we'll let you know as soon as we get more infomation.

Are BigPond Offering Foxtel On Xbox As Unmetered Content? [Gizmodo]


    Sneaky Serrels, undone by the ineptitude of Telstra. :P

    People in those call centers are only used to scripted talking, its almost as if they have no soul.

      This isn't by choice, Telstra makes them act like act.

      I know because I worked there. After three months, I had to quit because it felt like I was a living robot trying to screw people out of thier money. I was like a human pokie machine.

        Wow for three whole months, you experienced the struggle of being a women...
        Yeah I went there

          Yeah, you're a real winner, Anonymous Keyboard Warrior Troll!

    Just wondering if you can look into why, if this is happening, you cant use your foxtel account that is through telstra to use foxtel xbox?

      That's because this is a different service that you pay for separately that has nothing to do with the normal PayTV service.

    This would be great if proved confirmed. The biggest problem with the movie and streaming services in Oz are the prices we pay for data and the size of the average file to download.

    I only have a 25gb cap and that'll do without spending 100's of dollars a month...


    Telstra? Offering something as good as Unmetered Foxtel?


    Thats the best joke I've heard all day.

      ^^ This. BigPond charge for upload, haha! There's no freaking way this is legit. A friend of mine is on a BigPond plan... 12Gb for $60 a month. Yeah, that's a great deal -_-

        he should really look at upgrading his plan then... the prices are nothing like that these days

    oh great, now we can watch five episodes of every show that is on a never ending loop, repeating mere days later with adds longer than free tv via your xbox? can't wait

    Foxtel through xbox is unmetered for me! I'm on Bigpond Cable.

    Unmetered data shows up in my usage stats.

    Now how about unmetered XBLA so I can actually dl some demos or games for a change...

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