LunchTimeWaster: This Game Gives You Wings

Fans of the anime/manga Bleach will recognise the art style of Armed With Wings 3 instantly, which is pretty much a straight rip, but we love the animation style so much that we can just about forgive the plagiarism.

We can also just about forgive the silly cut-scenes, because once you get into the game itself, it feels really weighty and is driven by some pretty interesting mechanics.

At heart it's a 2D slasher, but platforming and mild problem solving plays a huge part - but the production values are what elevates it above others in the same sub-genre. It sort of reminded us of playing the original Prince of Persia. The animation gives the game a feel and pace that rewards the player, and we like that sort of thing.

Check it out.

Armed With Wings 3 [Kongregate]


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