Remember This?

Can you remember this game from just this screenshot? Going by previous experience I'm going to guess 'yes'. This game has a special place in my black, pirate heart, so if you guess it before I get back to you, feel free to reminisce over this classic game.


    man I'm off my game today.. must be a case of holiday brain ;) When I first saw the tiny shot on the main page, I thought SmashTV, but it aint that... look like commando or something now, but My brain is mush, so I'm gonna leave it up to you guys! DO IT!

    That's Smash TV isn't it?


      Actually it's not Smash TV, but it's something very similar. I think someone beat me to it, though

    Space Hulk! No? Damn, no I want to play Space Hulk ... it's been a long time marines.

    Boogie Nights on the Dancefloor.

    Whatever that game is, it totally looks like it consists of a whole lot of carnage.

      I see what you did there.

      Never played the game, but was exposed to the massive amount of hype around it in European video gaming magazines.

    I don't think its Smash TV is it? Maybe Ikari Warriors or something similar?

    Well it's definitely console - Pres Start on top right confirms this. My guess is NES/Master System era from the colours and it's an Ikari Warriors clone - but I'm not sure which one. IT may even be Ikari Warriors 3.

      I'm sure some C64 games had "insert coin" in some games haha

    It's Total Carnage, probably SNES version. Sort of an unofficial-official sequal.

      I would actually call it a psuedo-sequel, and nevertheless it runs on the same engine.

      I have both arcade versions loaded in MAME ^_^

    Is it the Master System version of Smash TV?

    Total Carnage looks like an attempt to create a top down world for the 'ol Contra side scroler.

      Total Carnage - well done to those who got it.

      Wasn't quite as good as Smash TV, but still pretty awesome.

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