Remember This?

Can you guess this game from a simple screenshot? I was actually quite proud to almost stump some of you guys on Friday with the Total Carnage screenshot, but I expect you may figure this one out before I come back from my lunch break! If that's the case, then feel free to talk shop about this classic game.


    Boogie Nights on the Racetrack

    Street Racer

    street racer, had some catchy music

    Wacky Racers for PC?

    Street Racer!

    Finally one that I know!

    I liked the battle mode in the arena more than the actual races though.

    Mario Kart 64?

    Nah its not Wacky Wheels, damn this is a hard one

      Ahh, that's the one I was thinking of, I called it Wacky Racers by mistake.

    First thought was Wacky Wheels, but now I don't think so.

    Street Racer on SNES! I remember that one! :D I used to play as the guy with the magic carpet.

    I used to love Wacky Wheels, but I don't think this is it..

      Ah Wacky Wheels, my friends and I had some amazing times with that game - thanks for bringing back all the memories! Don't know what the game in the screenshot is though, but the track look like snes mode 7.

    Skunny Kart!

    StreetRacer for Megadrive, ABSOLUTE CLASSIC!! All the karts and drivers had special abilities, the white bearded characters kart would transform into a flying carpet, the third character at the top with the moustache would turn into a plane (think he was the Red baron) and the chick on the end, her karts wheels were replaced with beach balls.

    oh the memories...

      Correction i believe the above image is of the Super Nintendo edition.. ( i only had a Sega MegaDrive)

    Definitely Street Racer on SNES - I loved that game, I only have fond, yet slightly annoyed memories of that damn Soccer game type, haha

    Star Raiders - atari 600xl

    Haha Street Racer!

    Hodja & Frank were the main ones I used. Kart soccer (football)! Even Mario Kart hasn't done that yet.

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