Did You Know There Was Crazy Duck Racing In Shenmue II?

Why did Sega's beloved and ambitious Shenmue series fail to progress beyond its second game? Because Sega never really promoted one of Shenmue II's most spectacular features: underground duck racing.

From the man who brought you racing game classics like Out Run and Super Hang-On comes Shenmue II's duck racing mini-game, a component of the game that I personally was completely oblivious to. Thanks to the duck race filming efforts of Shenmue Dojo, however, we can all bask in the greatness that is ducks wearing bow ties sprinting through the streets of China.

Perhaps the best aspect of Shenmue II duck racing is the translation of duck quack into English. Watch as Ryo's duck quacks with attitude "I'm gonna kick some ass!" and "Watch me, baby!"

[via NeoGAF]


    Wait... what! There was no duck racing in mine!

    I don't think I got far enough in this to get to the duck racing...not that I knew about it. Mind you I rented the game but I managed to buy it recently X3

    I also missed out on this, it's such a shame that this series will never have proper closure.

    Yes i did. Shenmue is a lot like Laura Palmer, filled with secrets.

    I've played the duck racing many times. It's fun, but it's not really worth the effort required to get there.

    Omg I must go buy it for the duck racing lol

    Theres a Tomb Raider,Prince of Persia,and Mortal Kombat Collections,Sega and Sony should do a Shenmue HD Collection!!

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