GLaDOS, Your New PC Is Ready

OK, so since she IS a computer, Portal's GLaDOS wouldn't exactly need a rig of her own. If she did, though, it'd look exactly like this.

This is the Hammerhead HMR989 from DARWINmachine. And aside from the fact it's in a rather elegant, glowing "case", its key point is that it's not really a PC case at all. Rather, it's a frame for a PC's components to be bolted to, since it's basically an inside-out computer, stuff like the drives, fan etc exposed for the world to see.

Intended for "hardcore gamers" (well, duh), the case's designer, Matthew Kim, has a "background in race car engineering", which explains why it looks like the result of a steamy night between a Formula 1 car and a Portal turret.

If you're interested, there's one available, and it costs... $US2899. Plus shipping.

Hammerhead HMR989 [Darwin, via technabob]


    Wow now that is pretty. WANT!

    I is want.

    That looks awful.

    Looks sweet but I can't see any vibration dampening at all. With that design I can imagine it shaking and rattling its way across a desk.

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