Hands On With Game Room For Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is bringing its Game Room retro collection to the Windows Phone 7, starting with Centipede, Asteroids Deluxe and Shao-Lin Road. What does Game Room gaming look like on a mobile phone? Let's take a look.

These games are controlled by touchscreen with virtual joysticks, trackballs and buttons, perhaps not the best interface for titles that demand fast reflexes. But they're visually crisp, clear and offer another way to boost your Gamerscore - Achievements are shared across all of Game Room's platforms, including PC and Xbox 360.

Please excuse my unfamiliarity with the Windows Phone 7 interface - it's my first back button! - while we walk you through Game Room. And keep in mind, there's no actual room, no virtual arcade for your Avatar to walk through in this version of Game Room.


    Oh cool! Cause Game Room was such a success on the 360!

    But do you have to pay for the games you've already paid for on the 360 or PC?

    I'd guess not since PC and 360 don't share purchases.

    Anyone been having problems installing gaes to their wp7?

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