LittleBigPlanet Gets Retro-Active

LittleBigPlanet hits stores this Thursday and is one of the first big release in what promises to be a stellar list of Sony exclusives in 2011. This afternoon we're heading out to speak Siobhan Reddy, an Aussie who worked on LittleBigPlanet - so if you have any burning questions you'd like us to ask let us know in the comments below - but in the meantime take a look at the latest trailer, which shows off the incredible flexibility of LittleBigPlanet 2's create tools.


    I played the first one, and although it was pretty fun i never finished it.

    I tried my hand at the level creator but it was too tim econsuming and annoying.

    This will probably be a bargain bin purchase for me, if at all.

      Haven't you listened to Kevin Butler? You can NEVER finish Little Big Planet.

      Also, the creation tools have been given a complete overhaul and are supposedly a lot simpler to use.

      The biggest change for Level design is mouse and keyboard support for LD's. Apparently it really speeds stuff up.

      Can't wait for this one, I still play LBP with my boys 2 years on

        Yeah never understood the lack of releasing it that way to begin with or he'll putting a pc based design program out there as well but still need the ps3 for proper testing

    YouTube [and friends] put film distribution within the reach of the individual - amateur/enthusiast. 10 million people tune in to watch a man in spandex dancing in his garage.
    will people become increasingly tired of of generic/mass produced & repetitive gaming from the major studios [Modern Warfare 9?] and seek creativity and unique experiences from individual creators? can games like LBP2 [increasingly versatile create tools for amateur enthusiasts] inspire a shift to more user-generated content or are gamers simply content with vanilla flavoured gaming? what is your prediction for the future?

      10 million people tune in to watch a man in spandex dancing in his garage because they can do it for free and it only takes a couple of minutes. They don't do it as a replacement for watching a real, professinally-made movie.

      Likewise, people will happily play with the amateur creations that come out of something like LBP because they're free and only take a few minutes. But they're not going to play them as a replacement for profesionally-made games (or even Treyarch games :P).

        yeah . . . look . . . um? . . . i was kind of asking Siobhan Reddy. & the big movie studios disagree with you 2. ouch!!! so? um? awkward huh. and you havent spoken to 10 million people about their viewing preferences either. wow . . . and . . . research is important too. but on the plus side - your comment is cleverly ironic.
        : )

          Sorry - my bad. When you posted your question in a public forum, I mistakenly assumed it was open for public comment and discussion rather than a purely private conversation.

          Perhaps it'd be clearer for everybody if you took some kind of action to indicate the boundary of your private section of the internet. Maybe put up a nice, white picket fence, or at least a "please keep off the internets" sign.


    The original LBP received a bunch of updates for functionality, etc... most notably was Water...

    Is there anything that was left out because it may not have felt "quite right"? What were they and do you think they will make an appearance later down the track?

    Are there any plans for new "themed" DLC expansions similar to the awesome MGS4 DLC for LBP1?

    I know it's really early to ask this question but will we expect a sequel in the future?

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