Over 800 Children Herded Together For Handheld Gaming

If anyone wonders what a gathering of 800 people playing the portable game consoles look like, it looks like this. Because that's exactly what happened this week in Odawara City in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture.

At the city's shopping centre Dyna-City, a meet-up for "playing handheld gaming consoles at the same time". In a space that measures 30m by 15m, 849 grade schoolers squeezed in, playing educational English-study software for 10 minutes. There appears to be some bald grade schoolers in the photo.

Previously, the record was for 190 individuals gaming at once. No word whether bald grade schoolers were involved.

携帯ゲーム機で小学生がギネス新記録、同時学習849人が参加/小田原 [カナロコ]


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