Will Homefront Change The Way Violence Is Depicted In Shooters?

Will Homefront Change The Way Violence Is Depicted In Shooters?

At Kotaku we’ve spoken quite extensively on the nature of violence in video games, devoting an Objection piece to it, speaking to Call of Duty’s Military Advisor Hank Keirsey on the topic, but in the latest trailer for Homefront, the developers take issue with violence in shooters, discussing Massacre Fatigue and what Homefront is doing differently.

We like what Homefront is trying to achieve, and having had our fill of shooters, we’re impressed that the team is genuinely trying to create a point of difference. Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype.


  • I’m looking forward to this game, more than I’m looking forward to MW3.

    Also, 14 AAA FPS’s launching next year… where am I going to find the time for all of those?

  • I don’t care what it does (i do, actually), all i care about is that it looks pretty damn spiffy!

    I hope it’s not going to end up being another “good old slice of american pie”, though…

  • Why do I get a distinct sense that this is going to be nothing more than a Call of Duty clone…?

    If Lionhead and Peter Molyneux were developing this very game, you’d all call bullshit… even if it did deliver on all it’s promises *cough*Fable III*coughcough*

    But it’s being done by a no name studio, and somehow you think it might change FPS forever? Gimme a break… I’m definitely going to check it out, but I am not expecting miracles.

  • Well this game has the potential to be on a pedestal with Half-Life, so it’s not going to be your average CoD clone.

    • And you base that on…?

      You sound like someone who’s going to be bitterly disappointed, and then goes and blames the developer because you took the hype so seriously.

      People have been doing this with Halo games for years… they build up such expectations in their minds, so much so that even if they’re playing a really good game, they still see it as a load of crap. This is why I rarely ever take note of the hype around games… you enjoy them more if you don’t have some huge expectation in your mind.

    • If theres one thing ill never understand its the amount of love that valve and halflife get despite valve being lazy and half arsed, and that half life the only thing half life had in it at the time was a story that was somewhat interesting because all previous PC FPS games treated story like an action movie ( you only need to know tho the good guy was an the who the bad guy was).

  • It looks interesting. Looks like there’ll be some moral choice moments, however when they cut to some levels packed with you potentially gunning down enemy troops after telling you about the moral choices etc of mowing through 30 – 100 troops and getting the fatigue… that looked kinda where they were heading in the last few seconds of that clip. Hopefully it won’t be. Sounds like it has potential anyhow.

  • I can see zero in that video that shows anything remotely resembling innovation or newness or revolution or whatever.

    I see how f***ing easy it is for people to overhype Red Dawn 2: Red dawnier: Now with yellow peril!

  • I do agree with the comment about “Massacre Fatigue.” I definitely experienced that in Black Ops recently. Flying through Vietnam, blowing everything up, killing god knows how many people on the ground like some crazed god out of the sky – it made me wonder who this game was targeted at. I found it more disturbing than the No Russian scene in MW2, but for all the wrong reasons. I felt nothing for No Russian – so I was an American hanging out with Russians who went on a killing spree. But it really didn’t clarify why they would do that. In the end, its all a double cross, but for a scene that was hailed as ground-breaking and trying to really show something, it felt really lame.

    But most of Black Ops had me sympathising with the Vietnamese. I really started to wonder about the value of allowing us to fly through and kill everyone with impunity. At least No Russian has you dying at the end of it, almost to say ‘If you participate in this sort of action, bad karma is coming your way.’ In Black Ops, you’re always the tough, super-successful American. And the only time you’re not, is when you’re brainwashed by the Russians.

  • A no name studio can pull off amazing things justin. Honestly alot of studios have no reputation UNTIL they make a great game. Take the studio behind ModNation racers for example (United front games). They crafted a genuinely fun racer which was succesful in more ways than one. Why even LBP was an indie game a few guys made before sony picked it up and turned it into what it is now.
    And Portal? yup. uni project by a few game students using the source engine.

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