Your Shape And Ubisoft Are Preying On Your Insecurities

Your Shape And Ubisoft Are Preying On Your Insecurities

Your Shape And Ubisoft Are Preying On Your InsecuritiesIt’s the second week of 2011 – you have an intestinal tract lodged with roughly five pounds of beef and turkey. Your stodgy gut is taking on a bizarre ‘dome-like’ appearance. You have a headful of resolutions you’ll most likely never keep – seems like the perfect time for Ubisoft to prey mercilessly on your insecurities with Your Shape.

And prey they have, with a handful of things – perhaps most cleverly they’ve hit straight to the heart of your weaknesses with a “New Year New You” programme, to “get you in shape after Xmas and New Year celebrations”. And to compliment this they’ve created a free iPhone app that let’s users “view and manage their Your Shape profile and stats on-the-go, allowing them to quickly and easily track how many calories they’ve burned and monitor progress made towards their fitness or weight loss goals.”

It’s like they know! They know I’ve been looking in the mirror with a little sad face, trying to suck in my gut. It’s like they know I’ll be tempted to spend 400 Microsoft points on DLC I’ll most likely never use!

Curse you Ubisoft. You’re going to guilt me into exercise, aren’t you?


  • Man i have been feeling exceptionally bad as i’ve been missing gym time recently – i HAVE to go tonight.. like i really, really need to.
    This is getting stupid – everytime i look at my pale gut i just start to loathe myself, even though it’s really not that big in comparison to others..

    These sorts of games should, however, come with a massive label saying “WARNING – PROBABLY WON’T WORK – BUY A GYM PASS INSTEAD”

    • I have to disagree with it not working.
      I go to the gym up to five times a week and Ive started doing Your Shape at home too. Its killing me! Its damn hard and when I first started it I was sore for days.

      • yeah I agree – I go to a fairly old-school gym that’s full of free-weights, and there’s a couple of treadmills, but that’s it. There’s some classes, but they’re all at inconvenient times with my work, so something like this is the perfect fill in to combine with my weights training

    • I’m surprised Fitness First hasn’t lobbied the government to make that Law yet… if one of them sees this they probably will!

    • i completely disagree, the kinect version is freaking hard. I go to the gym 5 days a week, average session is 1 hour. And the kinect gets me working harder than those (and i work out hard in the gym when im there).

      totally love the kinect for the 2 health titles i have!

    • I agree with the other people saying these things work. They do. I can do weights and cardio at gym to quite a good extent, but these programs (i use wii fit myself) cover a wide variety of floor exercises and give you tips/encouragement/a plan to do them.

  • My resolution was to run the city-to-bay (Adelaide) in an hour flat.

    12kms… it’s not till September, but I’m beginning to remember why I gave up cross country running.

  • I have been playing your shape a lot on the xbox, basicly every day, usually around 1-2 hours. Iv burned over 30.000 calories now and i lost a lot of weight, in kilos its around 10 kilos, which is a lot. I never lost weight playing a videogame before, but this game really keeps me going, especially since i lost about 5 kilos in 1 week. That also included a low fat dieet, just eating fruit and water

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