A Most Romantic Minecraft Map, Unofficially From BioWare

What new and creative applications can be made with world-building indie hit Minecraft? How about marriage proposals, lovingly crafted from one video game developer for another?

According to this romantic Minecraft map maker, one BioWare staffer asked another BioWare staffer to marry by way of signpost, pixelated lava and one massive engagement ring. Stick around for the response and the unromantic follow-up, which is kind of "Awwww... hahahaha!".


    Looks like its already been hit by a griefer

      How so? The only thing that looks even vaguely out of place is the heart shaped hole between the E and ?.

        the lava at the end of "me" and the "?" looked pretty crap compared to the rest of the wording, it was all perfect and spaced out then it kinda jumbled together.

    If it wasn't by a Bioware employee this article would unlikely have been posted.

    I thought he could have done a better job...

      QA, by the look of that map.


    You guys need to use internal memos more.


      I can't help it if these US guys can't keep up with me (yeah, sometimes someone will approve a story, not realising we've already covered it in Aus.)

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