Bioware Dev Proposes With Minecraft For Valentine's Day

The power of love is a curious thing, makes one man weep, makes another man sing. But love sometimes compels a man to build an enormous proposal shrine in Minecraft, and have his wife play through it. Makes the big chocolate Zelda heart I bought at the last minute look crap! Thanks for nothing Bioware dev!

My name is Mark Serrels and this is my favourite video game proposal video in the Citadel.


    Hhaha someone stole TechKnight's idea! Doh! Not that his was a marriage proposal that I know of, but he was talking of something similar!
    This reminds me a lot of my proposal though. Obviously minecraft wasn't around when I did mine, but as some of you know from the Scott Pilgrim comp last year, I proposed using a flash file, and my wife replied using a powerpoint presentation! :0 I love geeky proposals!! WIN!

      It wasn't a marriage proposal. But FFS! HE STILL STOLE IT! Bleh, well it helped me decide on how I'm gonna make it, I just need to find lava -.-

      Secondly, that's a cool mod, would love to give that a whirl

    There's always someone who screws the curve for the rest of us.

    Hey Mark, sorry to be a pain but can you please include a url link at the bottom of the youtubes vids as well. My work blocks youtube, but I can watch it on my phone if I know the addy

    Mark wins extra points for the mass effect reference that actually made me laugh :P

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