AU Diary: Australian 3DS Priced And Dated Tonight

Tonight is the night folks - the night where we'll either be pleasantly surprised by the local pricing of the 3DS, or completely enraged by it. The event kicks off at 6.30 Sydney/Melbourne time, so stay tuned to Kotaku to find out exactly how much we'll be paying for Nintendo's new handheld, and when we'll be able to get out hands on it.

We're sticking with our prediction of $350-399 with a release date of March 31, but we're hoping that package will be bundled with a game or sorts. Hopefully not Nintendogs + Cats.

This will be my first time checking out the 3DS in the flesh, having missed out at last year's E3, so I'm actually pretty excited to finally check it out. Nintendo are also heading over to our office tomorrow afternoon to give us some extra time with some of the games, so we'll have full reports on that tomorrow.

I'll also be tweeting the event @Serrels.

Fingers crossed for a reasonable price - what are you guys expecting?


    $400. $389 at Big W because they are cool like that, but good luck getting one from them.

    I'm probably getting the aus PAL one just for convenience sake. Otherwise its a big pain in the ass getting a power transformer, not being able to use the nintendo store and having to import from amazon and playasia. At least after the pain of the handheld price, I can get my games cheap from ozgameshop.

    I'm expecting $400, which if it is I'll import, but $350 or lower and I'll be pleasantly surprised, and I'll buy Australian :)

    I'm expecting $400, unfortunatly. March 31 sounds about right too.

      Sup Jordan lol

    For anything that costs over $300 and fits in my pocket, I'm expecting heaven in a box!

    If it doesn't come with a jet-transforming capability and at least 3 free wishes, I'll be very disappointed.

    On the other hand, if I manage to win one, I just want it to be the DS with a 3d screen! :)

    I still haven't made up my mind whether I'm getting this on release. :/ If it's $400, then I think I'll wait until the 3DSLite.

    I'm still a bit wary of importing it... especially since the new Pokemon White game will be region locked on everyone that isn't a DS/DSLite. I normally wouldn't mind, but after I get a 3DS I wouldn't want to keep playing my original Phat DS when it's backwards compatible :P

    I'm predicting $379 rrp. That'll make it slightly cheaper than the original PSP launch price.

    Hopefully that means bargain launch prices could be as low as $350.

      lol stevo someone else I know personally posted first lol!

    $399 and released in late March. We always get reamed with pricing. I hope I'm wrong, though.

    I'll still be picking one up even if it is $399 so that isn't the problem. I just haven't decided which color I am going to get. Prolly the Cosmo Black.

    I think Stevo is probably right but personally I think $350 would be a better price to launch it at.

    "AU Diary: Australian 3DS Priced And Dated Tonight"

    AU Reader: Will Read Summary Tomorrow Rather Than Conjecture

      Or you could just read it tonight, when we post it - your call :)

    I, being older and wiser* than most of you will just wait until the inevitable lite/SP/what-we-should-have-made-in-the-first-place iteration in which case I'll have more than enough time to save whatever ridiculously expensive compared to the rest of the world price they're planning to slap on it.

    *not guaranteed to be wiser

    I know I asked this in a previous news-item, Mark, but could you ask the Australian Nintendo representative what is his/her view of people importing 3DS from America, and what does an Australian 3DS offer that an American 3DS couldn't?

    It's the best chance we get in testing the waters, it would be good if you help us on this. Thanks!

      Region locking pretty much ruins the import for me, because I don't want to import every single game...that's a pain.
      Plus, what of charging it? Will the different V/A matter?

        Importing every single game really isn't that much of an issue IMO, as it is likely better than waiting up to 6 months extra for the AUS release, if released at all. There is nothing less convenient than getting the game later than everywhere else on the planet.

        Region locking screws us either way. We can buy Aussie and have to stick with paying for overpriced games in AUD, which, over the lifetime of the console will add up to be a FORTUNE.

        The alternative is to import, which will be cheaper, save you a lot of money in the long-run but you'll be waiting 1-2 weeks after EVERY launch. Watching others play it, wistfully reading about them on blogs like Kotaku...

        It all comes down to self-control. If you're impatient, just import. But if you want to save money and have nerves of steel, import.

          Not true, may good import sites such as or play-asia are quite fast on their delivery - especially if you shell out a little extra cash.

          Waiting 1-2 weeks after every launch is better than waiting five to six MONTHS for a game to be released in Australia. So I have no idea what you are talking about; importing an American 3DS means less waiting, not more.

    *readies lube in preporation for reaming*

      Nintendo goes deep ;)

    Where's the event at, I still have time to get there!

    As a retailer, I am desperate to get the details. So many customers asking questions about it, but to cover our ass, we have to say "it is not confirmed, it could change from the US details. Although it probably wont." Some concrete details will be very welcome.

    It will be $399.95 retail and released in May.

    Here is a link that "confirms" a March release:

    As for a price, it HAS to be under $400, or too many people will be put off.

    I've set my threshold.

    $400, import

    $350-400, toss a coin.

    I don't care how much the console itself is. I mean, I do, but it's not going to be a big surprise. I want to know how much the GAMES will cost. Will they be $60? $70? $80? More? I could see them doing that. That's what'll be the killer for me, I think.

      I am pretty sure the New releases will be $70-$80. A little bit more than current DS New Releases.

    Just walked by an EBGames, and noted they had signs up for coming in March. That may be EB's usual advertise before they know the actual details though.

    No Kotaku update?
    I have stayed tuned..

    SRP - $349.95 release date : 31 March 2011

    Well....? I 'm not getting any younger! Neither is my DSXL trade in!

    Nintendo’s just confirmed a March 31 release for 3DS in Australia for the price of AU$349.

    WOW. This is just. WOW. The US dollar is actually worth LESS than the AUD atm, meaning that you can import at 3DS from the US for about $260 including shipping.

    Heck, I can probably have it fed exd to my front door on the day of it's release by a guy driving a Limo and wearing a tux and it would still be cheaper.

    Anyone who buys this in Australia is confirmed for moron

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