CheapSkate Gamer

CheapSkate Gamer

It’s a pretty bad week for fans of CheapSkate, but particularly so if you’re not a PC gamer.

PC Direct Download Aliens vs. Predator – $13.58 Solid game, however the controls make it feel a little Alien at time.

Railworks DLC Complete Pack – $199.99 Not cheap, but for all you Railworks enthusiasts, you’re saving $873.36.

The King’s Crusade – $9.00 At a guess, it’s a total war style game, but I honestly have no idea.

Overgrowth Alpha – $29.95 Not a special, not a bargain, but totally worth it, this game is awesome (phh, cheapskate…)

Batman AA GOTY – $7.50 Only a fool would miss out on this, or I guess if the pc was the Bane of your existence.

Portal 2 preorder – $44.99 Preorder for a package whose perfunctory performance should pertain to portals. (I wish I was smart)

Squeenix complete pack – $74.99 Contains Games from the “western” owned subsidiaries, contains Tomb Raider, Hitman, Just Cause and a whole lot else, for that price, if you want months of gaming, a very good deal.

PC Box Dark Void – $6.21 Some people chose to aVoid this, but they missed out on fun jetpacks marred by silly restrictions.

Sins of a Solar Empire – $9.99 Not buying this is a sin. OK, so, exceedingly harsh and in-depth strategy game, makes Supreme Commander look small.

Rome Total War: Gold – $11.89 You’d have to be a barbarian to pass up on this offer.

Tom Clancy’s End War – $13.00 Aiming to be the be all end all for war games, this simply turned into an average game with a famous name.

Plants vs. Zombies – $13.00 For all the commercialist Zombies, who feel the need to buy things in Brick and Mortar stores.

Stranglehold – $8.00 Leap through the air, shoot your akimbo pistols, go into slow motion. Rinse and Repeat.

Xbox 360 Prince of Persia – $19.00 Unsuccessful reboot of the series, quite a solid game, but not really princely.

Red Faction Guerrilla – $14.00 Run around on the Red planet as part of a Faction wearing Gorilla suits. Or something.

Brutal Legend – $20.00 This Legend lacks the brutality it really needs as part of a heavy metal epic, but it does feature the best scream of “decapitation” of all time.

Playstation 3 Rise of the Argonauts – $14.99 This game didn’t really Rise to its namesake, but was fairly solid, all things considered (best to avoid the pc port).

Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty – $17.99 Downloadable game from the PSN, well worth it for fans of the series who avoid the PSN like the plague.

Lost Planet Extreme Conditions – $19.49 Shorter than the Colonies edition, released vaguely more recently, however, if you’re the type who avoids multiplayer, then this version is well worth it.

PSP Patapon – $11.99 You control your army via drums of rhythmic stuff. Well recommended.

Wipeout Pure – $11.99 While not as Pure as its console relations, this game avoids being a complete Wipeout.

Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights $14.44 I like Juice. Then something about cars.

Wii Madworld – $14.49 All around me are familiar faces, going nowhere, skipping verse-e-s (token Wii game for the week)

DS Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands – $16.99 Token DS game for the list, portable version of the well received but largely Forgotten midquel to the Prince of Persia trilogy.

Free game! Chibi Knight Ok, so this is a massive cop-out, as this is a flash game, but I really enjoyed it, and I probably shouldn’t have agreed to do this while at work.

Now below, to make up for the lack of someone who actually knows what they’re doing, we present the latest issue of Commander Computer Games, which may or may not be written out of canon DC style next week. Made by the one and only Jimu Hsien.


    • So, you’ll help front the charge for MadTod to bring back his jokes?

      I’m right behind you, but will probably avoid running into stationary spears.

  • Posting this from the comfort of a laptop (zzz) but I have to admit that this was done really sexily!

    GJ Blaghman and Jimu, you are teh bombz!

    • Yeah, I’m doing this from an old laptop, at the end, with excel, word and chrome all open, if I had more than one tab open at any one time in chrome the other programs would slow to a crawl, which made it an interesting experience.

      But thank you, I appreciate it, and was glad I could help.

  • Ah, this is awesome. But now I’m confused. Do I buy PC version of Portal 2 for $45 or pre-order the PS3+PC version for $60? Confusions.

    • Thats what I’m wondering. I’m going to hold off on pre-ordering it for now. Heck its digital, not like they are going to run out of copies 😛

    • Also pondering the same thing. Will probably end up getting the PS3 version so I can play it split-screen in the loungeroom with a mate, and the free Steam version for some co-op with a mate who’s overseas.

  • I would love to see a link to “This week in games” and have the cheapest price for this weeks releases also listed. eg where I can get M vs C cheapest. Cheers though for the heads up on everything else.

    • That’s a good idea, although, I’m not sure how feasible it would be in more crowded weeks, but in case he misses it I’ll pass this on to Tadmod.

  • Am I the only one who noticed that there is $211.05 in that picture?
    I am?
    Anyway, going to check quest for booty when I get home.
    Hard to pass it up with a $6 discount.

    • Just re-read my sentence, and in case their was ambiguity (there was, I hate this language at times), this is the disk based version from Ozgameshop, which I believe has free shipping. Sorry if that wasn’t clear, and sorry to my pride if you understood me completely, and I now look like an idiot.

  • I can recommend Overgrowth. Lugaru is a great game and the alpha’s released so far (that any pre-orderer gets) have been only improving upon the quality formula.

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