LunchTimeWaster: Give Them The Flick

When I first loaded up Flick Buddies, my first thought was, 'this would probably work quite well on the iPhone'. Then I finished and, sure enough, and option popped up saying 'buy now for the iPhone'! Regardless, you can play this bad boy for free online - and in many ways it's the perfect time waster.

Flick Buddies is a game where you flick your 'buddies' into a pinball style world and try and hit targets. That simple. The challenge mode is probably best - which provides you a pachinko-esque environment to flick your buddies towards. The regular mode has you facing off against an AI to see who can 'flick' most effectively.

I liked it. In fact, I'm in the process of buying it for my iPhone now.

Flick Buddies [Kongregate]


    Thanks for linking Mark.

    Just so everyone knows, the iPhone/iPad version currently only has "classic" mode. We've submitted the new version (with challenge and teams) to Apple and we are expecting it to be accepted within a week.

    Oh Mark... your browser is showing *giggle*

    ...and I quite like this game too.

    Great game!

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