So You Want To Be A Games Journalist?

Being a Games Journalist is fun. You get to go to events, eat mini-Hamburgers, play video games, pee next to Hideo Kojima – so we've been wondering why it's taken someone so long to make a video game based on the experience. But finally, the wait is over! Games Journo Story is here!

Games Journo Story is an RPG-ish game created by real life UK Games Journalist Brendan Caldwell, which features, in Caldwell's own words…

- Both good and bad alcoholic beverages. - Stylistic decisions. Review games by wild swearing, thoughtful analysis or other! - Multiple endings (two!) and a special secret third one maybe. - A reference to Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Intellectual! - The death of one (non-essential) character. - Creative and liberal use of the Cutout filter in Photoshop. - A soundtrack featuring Captain Kennedy and Blackbeard’s Tea Party.

Games Journo Story [via Game Informer


    And here I was thinking this was a guide to getting into the industry :)

    This article was supposed to describe how to become a games journalist, not a game about being a games journalist.!!!

    A reference to Ayn Rand, hahahaha....

    Objectivist philosophy, how I love you so.


    I thought you were going to write an article on the bad side of game journalism.

      But at least it looks like an old Final Fantasy :)

        Arrrrrrrr, tis tru!

          Game is actually pretty amusing. More on TAY....

    You peed next to Hideo Kojima?

    You have received the review build of NEW GAME developed by IO INTERACTIVE and published by EIDOS. Do you:

    [ ] Lavish it with unconditional praise.
    [ ] Criticise it relentlessly while still awarding it a top percentile score
    [x] Give it 4/10.

    ... Congratulations, you have been released from your contract with ONLINE GAME PUBLICATION!

    Love the music! <3

    I lol'd and lol'd. Awesome. Chuckled at the Ayn Rand reference, too.

    I just want a career that involves video games. I don't care what it is; tester, graphics design, journalist. Unfortunately I grew up in the wrong country. I still want to give it a shot anyway when I finish the course I am doing now.

      And every day a million other kids grow up thinking exactly the same thing...

    If I were a game journo I would pee on hideo Kojima instead.

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