So You Want To Be A Games Journalist?

So You Want To Be A Games Journalist?

Being a Games Journalist is fun. You get to go to events, eat mini-Hamburgers, play video games, pee next to Hideo Kojima – so we’ve been wondering why it’s taken someone so long to make a video game based on the experience. But finally, the wait is over! Games Journo Story is here!

Games Journo Story is an RPG-ish game created by real life UK Games Journalist Brendan Caldwell, which features, in Caldwell's own words…

- Both good and bad alcoholic beverages.
- Stylistic decisions. Review games by wild swearing, thoughtful analysis or other!
- Multiple endings (two!) and a special secret third one maybe.
- A reference to Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Intellectual!
- The death of one (non-essential) character.
- Creative and liberal use of the Cutout filter in Photoshop.
- A soundtrack featuring Captain Kennedy and Blackbeard’s Tea Party.

Games Journo Story [via Game Informer


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