Former Games Journo Writing New Star Wars Movie

Former Games Journo Writing New Star Wars Movie

Disney aren't just going to squeeze millions from a new trilogy of Star Wars movies. They're going to make stand-alone flicks too, and the first of those is due for release in December 2016.

There are no details on what it actually is, but we do now know who's behind it. Directing will be Gareth Edwards, who handled Godzilla.

The writer is an interesting choice. It's Gary Whitta, who many folks will know as a Hollywood screenwriter, but who many of you may remember as not only a former games journalist (mostly with PC Gamer), but also one of the writers involved in Telltale's Walking Dead series. He also wrote the Denzel Washington film Book of Eli.


    Hmmmm, Book of Eli + Telltale's Walking Dead + Star Wars.... Post Apocalyptic Tatooine?

    I love Whitta every time he shows up on the Tested or Giant Bombcast but he's not a very good writer. Plunkett also conveniently left out 'After Earth.'

    Whitta certainly isn't a bad choice.

    We could have had "Brian Ashcraft presents Star Wars Episode 7: Look at these wacky Gungans" or "Patricia Hernandez presents Culture Wars: How the Jedi are appropriating Sith Culture"

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