Some Handy, If Obvious Tips On Being A Better PC Gamer

You’ll want to skip to around five minutes into this video, but once you do, you’ll get some tips on how to play games that sound incredibly patronising and basic… until you realise you never actually use them.

This is Sean “Day[9] ” Plott, a star in the world of StarCraft II who last week devoted one of his vidcasts to something that seems so obvious you’ll wonder why you don’t think of it more often: how to play PC games. And not just StarCraft. Any PC game.

I don’t mean how to formulate strategies, or foster relationships with other people. I mean how to actually play a game. How you sit, how you hold a mouse, how you position your hands over a keyboard, etc.

In many other pastimes, whether they be sport, dance or even art, the fundamentals of technique are the first things you learn. Where to put your feet, how to hold a brush, etc. We’re never taught that with video games, so it’s almost funny seeing it spelled out here in detail like this.

Don’t think of it as Plott teaching you anything. Think of it as a reminder that just like you would if you were taking a long drive or playing a game of basketball, warming up and positioning is important to better gaming.

[Day[9] , via PC Gamer]


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