Buy This INSANE Gears Of War Game Chamber On Ebay!

Australian Gamer writer, and Kotaku regular, Cav was wandering aimlessly around ebay when he discovered this, an insane 'Game Chamber' filled with eights LCDs, eight Xbox 360s and a bloody air conditioner. The only catch? You'll have to cough up at least $25,000 for it.

According to the owner the game chamber is a "very rare item that was put together by Game For a national competition when GOW2 was released. It consists of a fully sealed air conditioned shipping container that has Gears Of War 2 external decoration. It is fully system linked."

Inside is the following...

8 x samsung 42" HD LCD Tv's

8 x Xbox 360's

1 x air conditioner

1 x fire extinguisher

1 x Netgear server

7 x Timber crafted GOW2 Lancer guns

10 x Plastic longshot replicas

Large assortment of army ammo boxes

Black & Grey Camo sheet which can be attached to the internal roof

8 x copies of gears of war 2, 8 x copies of Forza 2, 8 x copies of tom clancy Vegas 2 and others

The first problem is, of course, the price. The second is shipping. Simply put, you can't ship something this size! It's pick up only and is located in Cairns. Still it looks incredible.

Here are some more pics of this incredible set up.

Thanks again to Cav for alerting us to his original story


    Wow... its one of those things.. You know.. That I want but don't need... Haha that is wicked sick!

    Remember entering this comp... would've been an incredible prize to win.

    If I was stupidly rich, then I would be all over this!

      Yer I remember that comp too, all of my friends praying that we'd receive that monster

    Looks like one of those, 'if I win the lottery', type setups. Though I can't see anyone getting that much use out of 8 linked 360's these days as most games no longer support system linking.

    Wow, i think this was the container they used to show of Gears 2 at the Melbourne e-games expo back in 08 i think?

    Would save me building a separate gaming/bar room

    'Pick up only'



    He left out the most important details in his listing.


    I doubt anyone in Sydney would have the space for such a thing nowadays unfortunately. :(

      It would be 20 foot long. Its a standard half container. As for transport it would be quite easy. There are container trucks everywhere.

      depends where you are though... I would certainly look at drawing up plans to attach the thing to my house somewhere...

      If that meant a second floor or something then so be it.

        The truly dedicated would sell one of their two cars, and park the thing in the now-unused second half of their double garage. Who gives a stuff if you can't close the door any longer.

    It's funny that there's no shipping for the purchase of a 'shipping' container.

    I had wondered what happened to this. Was working for GAME at the time of the competition.

      Ditto that

    Yeah but they have the crappy old 360's not the ace new black slim ones!

    I'd rip out most of the TV's, 360's and throw in a couple of sofas and a minibar. Almost a 'Gamers Backyard Shed.'

    Only problem is the air con doesn't exactly look like it does much to cool a metal container.

      You'd be surprised. A lot of construction site offices are a shipping container with a tiny aircon in it and they work great.

    7 x Timber crafted GOW2 Lancer guns

    I think someone has taken a souvenir.

    Let it be said -
    I do feel slightly queasy and ill
    at ease when I see such a spectacular
    contraption. Of course, I mean to say: how many red
    rings of death can you fit into a sea container?
    Imagine it. The sea container sealed
    tight. The darkness. The flashing red lights. The
    horror . . . the horror.
    That said, this particular item may be of use to me
    if it still has its water-tight integrity.
    Does it float?
    Buoyancy is always of the utmost importance.

    if i was the owner, i would have offered it internationally, just make the buyers pay for shipping, otherwise that will be very hard to sell, due to the size and all

    If I was rich, I would buy something like this. I think I remember there being an ODST truck going around the US for people to play Firefight before it was released XD

    Given the price drops in TV's and Xboxes etc, that seems awfully pricey. If he got $10K for it, I reckon he should count himself fortunate. Still a cool set up though.

    Just chuck it on the back of the ute, she'll be right :P

    God dam that would be sooooooo good.... but I don't even think it would fit in my backyard!

    So this guy won it, now he's selling it for $25,000?! I don't know about you guys, but that sounds like a bit of a dick move.

    I'd be saying "you got this sh.t for free dude. How about you sell it at a humane price?"

    Also, CAIRNS. Hopefully it's still there after the motherf***** CAT FOUR cyclone that's about to hit them...

      That's like saying if you got $25,000 in cash you should give it to charity, because it's a dick move to keep it.

      It's an auction, it'll sell at what it's worth or it won't sell at all.

      yeah, what Rathkan said.

      Also, it's a SHIPPING CONTAINER, I don't think the cyclone will do much to it. Actually, I can't think of a place I'd rather be than inside one of those things

        I seem to recall seeing a similar container floating away during the floods in South East Queensland recently, so it could have some downside, especially if near the coastline.

    This takes me back to a time where people actually played Gears of War 2 online!
    Ah, the good old days.

    "Australian Gamer writer, and Kotaku regular, Cav was wandering aimlessly around ebay when he discovered this,"

    I sent Kotaku an email "Tip" about this 4 days ago. Feeling a little ignored and un appreciated now :-(

      Sorry mate - I didn't get it.

        S'ok I was putting on the emotional bit ;-)

    So... This thing has been just sitting there for a few years since GOW2's launch with the consoles, set-up etc like a sealed time capsule?

    WTF is this doing in Cairns???

    I actually know this guy, great guy, great thing to play in also.

    I can build one of those for under $10K.

    Hmm, next project?

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