3 Minutes Of Silent Hill-Inspired Creepy In Motion

3 Minutes Of Silent Hill-Inspired Creepy In Motion

While Hollywood is working on a new Silent Hill motion picture, a group of Silent Hill fans are finishing up The Confined.

Heavily inspired by Konami’s horror game series, The Confined features a character that was originally created as a haunted house character last Halloween. The film’s creator, Nathan A. Quattrini, decided to carry over the creature to this fan film.

Directed and filmed by Leo Kei Angelos, The Confined is slated to be finished this fall.

If the name Leo Kei Angelos sounds familiar, that’s because he’s also working on a fan film inspired by Dragon Age.

[via GoNintendo]


  • Oh, there were MULTIPLE creatures? I didn’t realise that, they all looked identical, probably a mistake on the filmmaker’s part.

    While it was creepy as hell, I think the shot at the end of one of the creatures wielding a scythe was one too far- it was narmy and silly looking, especially as it didn’t DO anything with it.

    Still, this captures the essence of Silent Hill very well, although the slasher movie ending was a bit unsubtle.

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