Halo Creator Not Doing A MMO?

While Bungie's David Aldridge confirmed that the studio was making a MMO. Now Bungie says that was all a big joke. Ha ha. [Thanks Speider!]


    They're idiots if they do, I freaking hate MMO's... Co-op is fine, but MMO's by their very nature of charging to access a game you buy still makes me sour. I just cannot commit to a game which charges me monthly, it'll never happen.

      You do realise that there are plenty of MMOs out there that don't require a monthly subscription?

        Many of which, suck.

        Though Guild Wars (and GW2) is a shining example of no subscription and no crappy micro transaction MMOs.

        None that really catches my fancy, and besides, most of those require subscription if you want the premium (or as I call it "intended") experience.

    MMOs would be fine if you didnt have to pay regularly. Internet fees and xbox live fees are enough without having to pay extra for a single game. Having said that I wouldnt mind an mmorpg that doesnt charge monthly that was fps based.

      Global Agenda is the closest thing I've seen to that.

    • An mmorpg that doesn't charge monthly and is FPS based? you need Firefall(it's not coming out till later this year though)

        It does look pretty awesome though. Hopefully it doesn't become bogged down with micro-transactions.

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