Halo: Dawn Is The Fan Fiction That Didn't Result In A Job

A few months back, Kotaku reader Jon applied for a job at Microsoft's Halo arm, 343 Industries, for a cinematics editing gig. In an attempt to stand out from the other applicants, he created a Halo-based machinima. This is it.

"The story tells of the war between the UNSC and the Insurrection, and

the genesis of the SPARTAN II program," says Jon. And his clip contains a new character that he created, Admiral Pierce.

Jon didn't get the job, sadly. But he sends along his clip, which was created in The Movies - hence the goofy walking?


    Well innovation and creativity are not something they seem to want in regards to Halo so I'm not surprised.

      While I certainly wouldn't classify Jon's attempt at getting the job as horrible, I certainly wouldn't consider using The Movies to create a sub-par cinematic experience, rather than doing the hard work himself (like I'm sure other applicants did), as creative or innovative.

    I think it was a fine idea, and 343 have always shown themselves to be machinima friendly. Id say his only mistake was using the movies as his tool, the movements are just too goofy. But frankly this could just as easily have landed him that job. Good luck to him!

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