Kinect-Powered Glass Eye Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Sure, Kinect can be used for good - stuff like possibly helping the blind. But it also can be used for evil.

And I'm not just talking about rumored Forza 4 motion controls.

UK-based Pufferfish design makes spherical displays for a variety of uses that range from Coldplay's Viva La Viva Tour to Disney's Epcot centre. Interactive mapping company Earthware uploaded a series of videos with its software running on a Puffersphere. Included are a couple of Kinect powered tech demos like an Eye of Sauron and just an eyeball.

Being tracked by a large glass freaky, but being tracked by the Eye of Sauron is down right scary.

Kinect連動でどこまでも追いかけてくる「サウロンの目」のムービー [Gigazine]


    yea well

    The Playstation move can cure cancer and aids!!!

    The second video makes me think of Mario 64.

    If I run around the eye three times really quickly, will it pay me?

    Only if your wearing overalls.

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