Mafia II Getting A Director’s Cut?

Mafia II Getting A Director’s Cut?

Mafia II Getting A Director’s Cut?I don’t understand Director’s Cuts. What happened when they were doing the original cut? Did the Director just leave the room? Bugger off for lunch while an intern did the editing? I THINK NOT! Anyways – according to Joystiq – apparently Mafia II is receiving a ‘director’s cut’, which probably entails a special edition of the game featuring all the DLC.

Said DLC will probably include Joe’s Adventures, Jimmy’s Vendetta and The Betrayal of Jimmy, amongst other things.

I enjoyed Mafia II, being that it was a decently told story in a well realised universe. Considering I usually avoid extraneous DLC missions like the plague, it might be worth bashing through it again if the DLC is integrated in some way.

More news as we get it.

Mafia 2: Director’s Cut revealed by Amazon [Joystiq]


  • Frankly, I don’t see the point. I loved Mafia II, but the DLC was pretty terrible. I don’t think the handful of sales this will generate are worth the effort/cost of printing a new batch of discs.

    • If its anything like recent DLC compilations Assassin’s Creed II ‘complete edition’ or Borderlands ‘GOTY’ edition. It will be the exact same disc as the original with a download token for the DLC.

      Actually I’m betting that’s exactly what it will end up being.

      • Which is insulting. I remember the incredible rage that flooded the interwebs when people realised buying Borderlands GOTY edition meant several hours of downloading all the DLC.

        I bought all the DLC for Borderlands as it was released. Do I get a ‘first look’ at Duke Nukem Forever though? Noooo…

        • Yeah, these things are annoying, in fact most of the games that get re-packaged with all the DLC are a complete FU to the fans of the game.

          The fans buy the game Day 1, they support and buy the DLC and pay the premium for it.

          I would love the publishers to reverse it though and so at the point of retail, eg: all the planned DLC for Mafia II comes out in a special edition with codes. When they are officially released you use the code to redeem it and away you go…

          Those that buy the standard version then have to buy the DLC as per normal.

      • Your borderlands goty edition must’ve been different to mine? I got a 2nd dvd with mine that contained all the dlc?

          • Mine wasn’t? I got a 2nd DVD. Though the dlc DVD only works with goty editions. You install DVD#2 and play off #1.

          • Yours an import version?

            One of my friends purchased Borderlands GOTY PS3 (local version from EB Games) and it only included a code, as he asked me if I wanted to download any of the packs from his account to play on my vanilla version.

  • Story was excellent but the gameplay was shithouse.

    Apparently, the DLC wasnt worth that much either.

    Still, it’s not worth a director’s cut at all anyway.

  • HAHA! I was just thinking the other day why games never had directors cuts. I thought probably because the animation story etc doesn’t get finished if it is decided to be dropped unlike a movie where you can rearrange all the extra filmed bits.

    It Could be good in some games though where a publisher forced them to keep the game openended for sequels when the director wanted write an end of a story.

  • Movie Director’s Cuts usually happen because the studio execs interered either demanding that the movie be shorter, the tone changed or just decide to re-edit themselves. The Director then goes back and releases their version on home media. These days a Director’s Cut is usually just a way to get more money and make people buy a film they already own. Sometimes the new cut doesn’t even involve said director (Alien3 and Superman II to name a few). I don’t think the director left mid projet or the studio made him change it so I’ll just go with the “More money” reason with this one.

  • Is this the same one that got released in Russia, I wonder? That one was just the game with DLC, too.

  • Mafia II was the biggest waste of money since Dark Messiah Might and Magic and the only thing that made that game a waste of money were spiders the size of cats, not that it was bat doodie boring.

  • Wow. Really?

    2K: Get fucked

    I bought your game the day it came out. Hyped it up amongst my friends. And I tell you what, White Phosphorus doesn’t burn as deep as you burnt me.

    It was pretty fricken obvious to anyone paying attention, this game had a number of scenes and moments cut from it (for whatever reasons, probably something to do with budget no doubt.)

    If anything, these extra parts in the original story should be FREE DLC for anyone who bothered to buy your POS half-game.

    Jesus. I think I’m done with 2K for good after this.

  • No-one is mentioning the Dragon Age: Origins pack. The sheer value in that pack is upsetting for anyone that bought the Limited Edition on launch, plus all the DLC as it came out, now they bring out a cheaper version with it all bundled in one. Even if it is just download codes, thats just disappointing. Worse still, all the DLC on the marketplace for anyone thats invested money in the original version still has to pay full price for the rest. Better off buying the whole game again.

    If Dragon Age taught me one thing, its never buy a single-player game on launch. Don’t give money to the devs or publisher, wait and see if they start pumping out the DLC. If they do, theres a good chance it’ll get a “goty” edition. Publisher doesn’t deserve full price at launch.

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