Max Payne 3's Proof Of Life Is Here In 2 New Screens

It's been a while since we've heard from Rockstar Games and Max Payne 3, a game that's still without a release date. But Rockstar promised it's "still working hard on Max" and to deliver "news in the coming months" late last year.

Looks like we may actually hear more about Max Payne 3 soon, as Rockstar reminded us of Max's existence this morning with a simple tweet: "He's coming."

With L.A. Noire on the cusp of release, it looks like it's time to refocus on Max Payne 3, currently planned to shoot up the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC at some point in the future.


    Nice hawiian shirt Max!
    Glad this game is still being made, but id be more than happy if MP3 was set in a dark depressing setting like the first 2 games. As opposed to the Res Evil 5 looking backdrop its set in!

    I think the new setting could be a jarring (and therefore engaging) contrast to a potentially incredibly dark inner journey.

    Can't wait, keeping hopes high, etc!

    Speaking of LA Noire.. really wished it was released for the PC. Any reason (bar the piracy debate) for it not to?

      I'm with you! This game takes me back to my Police Quest days. I'll buy it on any platform, but yeah I would have liked it on PC. Same with Red dead Redemption. I would have bought that game on both xbox and PC. Oh well. I understand the whole piracy thing, just a shame.

    Hooray goes the man!

    I think the top pic is a flashback. Saturation filter, city backdrop, Max has hair...

    I hope they keep the fat-gut, washed-up Max that was in the early concept art. He seems to have lost a bit of the belly in the 2nd pic.

    Also, as this game will probably be using the engine RDR did. I hope they are tweaking the crap out of it to smooth out the shooting mechanics. RDR could be mega clumsy in firefights.

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