So, Some Guy Is Already Lining Up For A 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is not released in the United States until Saturday. So lining up on the street outside a Manhattan Best Buy seems... smart? No, that's not the word we're looking for...

Dedicated will have to do. Anyway, this guy started lining up on Monday night, meaning he and his buddy will be out there all week. To buy a 3DS. From a Best Buy. Just on the slim chance that he may get some free stuff thrown in for good measure.

Ah well. Good luck to you, sir! Hope the next three night sitting out in the cold just fly by.


    Wouldn't it be hilarious if the store's entire shipment was already sold out because of preorders? I'm presuming here that this guy doesn't have a preorder.

      He does have a pre-order dumbass. He mentions it in the video.

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