Ubisoft Did Not Get The Memo That Guitar Hero Was Dead

Rock Band is on hiatus. Guitar Hero is taking a long sleep. In short, the "expensive plastic instrument" music game bubble has finally burst. Which isn't stopping Ubisoft from releasing one!

Amazingly/inexplicably, the publisher tonight revealed Rocksmith, a Guitar Hero clone which uses a real electric guitar instead of a replica.

"Guitar Hero is a party game. Rocksmith is a music experience," Ubisoft tells The Hollywood Reporter, pointing towards the fact that the game comes not with bundled plastic instruments but a jack that allows users to plug a real electric guitar into an Xbox 360 or PS3.

With an angle that Rocksmith can help people actually learn how to play a real guitar, Ubisoft says, "We will create a new generation of guitar players" and also reckons it will be easier to get songs for the game because bands will appreciate the fact players are being taught how to play an actual guitar.

It'll feature songs by bands and artists like the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Nirvana and the Animals.

If you don't have, you know, an electric guitar just lying around, Ubisoft is also looking at releasing a $US200 bundle that includes a real one.

So the answer to reviving a genre that died because people got bored of large, expensive peripherals is to release a product which uses something only a fraction of consumers will already own? And if they don't own it, then they can get... an even larger, more expensive peripheral?

Best of luck with that!

Ubisoft Announces New Guitar Video Game 'Rocksmith' [THR]


    Well, to tell you the truth, I think it will do just fine, was the developer points out, it's less agame per-se, than an actual guide for learning and playing music. Not imitating it.

    One of the biggest drawbacks of such games as Guitar hero series etc, is the fact that you play nothing really, just mime along with the track.

    There's several companies putting out actual guitars and musical instruments that can play in games currently available, and have facilities to mute the strings of say a guitar so you can just 'mime along'.

    Or, unleash your own musical talents. I saw some excellent examples at last years 2010 E3, many that would leave music lovers frothing at the bit.

    Ubisoft can pull this off, and have been working on this for some time now, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it intergrated into a Kinect version, or be compatable with kinect etc.

    WHich also would work right into their current market plan. Don't right Ubi off just yet - they do know what the market wants, entertainment for young and old.

    I'm 58, and I'd be getting it just to help me with my guitar skills.

    Well I have a few electric guitars just lying around. And this could be great. It could also be crap. It probably won't even reach Aussie shores. And if I import, will it get picked up at customs? who knows!

    But I'll put this on my watch list

    ...Since when is rockband on hiatus.

    Hopefully its nothing like Songsmith (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oGFogwcx-E)...

    so... because Activision have finally stopped flogging a genre to death, the genre's done?!?

    activision dug their own hole by releasing multiple guitar hero games a year with no improvements (and in the case of a few of the games, no good songs!)...

    i'm quite happy that ubisoft is taking on this genre in such a way.

    its one thing to play a plastic instument but to play the real thing is faaar more challenging, fun and awesome.

    hopefully they can build on this (or harmonix can get involved) and bring it back to the full band experience again and this could very well be the second coming of the music genre in this generation!

    as i said, just because activision screwed up their franchise, doesnt mean the genre is screwed...


    I'm interested.
    I in fact have 2 electric guitars lying around, have had for years, but without professional tutoring, I have made little progress in learning.
    A game/tool like this would be great for me, especially since I don't need to buy more plastic peripherals!

    If this turns out to be any good then I'd be pretty interested in buying it.

    Rockband on hiatus - the Fender Squier has just come out and is both a gaming peripheral and a real electric guitar. Rock band 3 teaches you how to play with an amzing interface and lessons for songs and some DLC. Get with it guys!

    Didn't Rock Band 3 already do this?
    I was planning to buy the Squier Stratocaster, and Rock Band 3 of course, but now I might hod out and see if this will be any good.

      >>Didn’t Rock Band 3 already do this?
      I was planning to buy the Squier Stratocaster, and Rock Band 3 of course, but now I might hod out and see if this will be any good.<<

      Are you going to hold out until Ubisoft have over 2000 downloadable songs too? - I'll have a PS5 by then!

        Yeah good point. And besides, if Rocksmith supports all electric guitars, you would assume that the Rock Band 3 guitar would work as well, so if I wanted I could just buy the game by itself.

        I just wish there were more songs that I like on Rock Band, especially Metallica.

    Rocksmith is to Guitar Hero as IL2 Sturmovik is to HAWX. Well done Ubisoft for catering to as many audiences as you can.

    bugger, I thought of this years ago.

    Thank god I never enjoyed quick time event games. At least this way I'll use my guitar that's just lying around and I'll hopefully learn a new skill

    I can't say that this is that big of a surprise. Lately Ubisoft seems to like to take chances and buck the norm. After all, they are the company that is releasing Wii Dare! ;-)

    This is the third article I've read today that makes absolutely no mention of Rock Band 3's pro guitar mode, and that's without looking very hard. And how is Rock Band on hiatus? The last game came out just a few months ago, the real guitar came out a couple of weeks ago, and they're still releasing DLC every Tuesday as they've been doing for 173 consecutive weeks.

    Do we know how the guitar will plug into the console ? Do we have to buy an adaptor also

    The game will certainly require a 1/4" adapter, and I also salute Ubisoft for this effort.

    However, I will say this.... the technology required to extract pitch information from an electric guitar signal is, to say the least, a VERY difficult task. It's tricky enough to perform real-time pitch tracking on a monophonic sound source, and it's a whole nuther ballgame when the sound source is a composite of 6 strings/tones at once.

    It's no doubt in my mind that performance latencies will likely interfere with gameplay, as will imperfection in the pitch detection technology.

    I will believe the effectiveness of this game/tool when I see it.... BUT I am very curious!!! High fives Ubi for working hard to put this product out! crossing my fingers that it works as well as we hope!

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