You'll Never Play Unauthorised Arcade Version Of Plants Vs Zombies

What kind of relationship does Shunxiang Technology have with Planets Vs Zombies developer PopCap Games? None whatsoever, but that isn't stopping the former from releasing an arcade version of the latter's popular tower defence game in China.

Hearkening back to the early days of civilization, when man saw something he wanted and simply took it, Shunxiang Technology seems to have taken a liking to the success Plants Vs Zombies has achieved on the PC, iPhone, iPad, and various console systems, so they pretty much took it.

The Plants Vs. Zombies arcade cabinets popped up at a recent amusement trade show in China, festooned with PopCap's signature-style undead and vegetables art, somewhat altered on the zombie side for a little more variety.

The gameplay seems to be a far cry from the original game's strategic defence gardening. Up to four players man pea shooter turrets and annihilate the hordes of zombies walking back and forth across the screen, not much more than a shooting gallery.

Website Arcade Heroes contacted PopCap Games, verifying that the arcade cabinet is completely unauthorized.

So this Plants Vs Zombies arcade cabinet will likely never be seen stateside, but that's fine. With only a little of the charm and none of the gameplay of the original, we're not missing out of anything.

Also seen in China: Plants Vs Zombies Completely Unofficial Arcade Edition [Arcade Heroes]


    This happens so much in the arcade industry. China knocks of everything, but they rarely make it outside China itself.

    Sounds like fun!

    This is actually available in Timezone Fremantle, WA. Had a go at it today. Basically for one token, you get about 20 peas to shoot. Depending on which zombie you killed, it returns you a certain amount of coins which are then converted into peas again. So technically if you know how to maximise your peas and steal the kills, you can play for a long time.

    Wonder if Popcap Games should know about this being in Fremantle?

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