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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I'll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    You gona try out Operation Flashpoint: Red River? Comes out tomorrow.

      I think you were the one who alerted me to this fact. Thinking of picking up a copy from ozgame for $50 tonight... im getting 360 version so hit me up with a FR if you want? GT: FatShady Live

      for anyone who wants to play this co op that is.

        I've never played an Op Flash game... I might get in on that.

        was hoping you'd chime in, I forgot what your XBL was the other night haha

          Just placed the order at ozgameshop... Looking forward to playing it in 3 weeks!

            It is released tomorrow.. that was a dig at the shipping times!

      I have a copy, but I don't know when I'll get round to it. Going on a camping trip for easter and have Portal 2 to blast through!

    On Twitter, you mentioned that you didn't have to worry about review embargoes anymore. Why for you say those things?

      KotakAU doesn't do reviews... they're done by the US based reporters.

        It's the "anymore" part that threw me off.

          Yeah, I'm guessing that the "anymore" means that he used to be affected by them in his previous jobs, but not now (by virtue of not writing reviews)?

          Because in his past job, he had to do reviews, hence needed to stick to embargoes.

          That seems obvious now that you guys have pointed it out. Methinks I have been struck by a minor case of the dumb.


              I count that as minor because of the base level of stupidity that I operate at.

              A major case would be something like forgetting how to tie my shoelaces. Which may or may not have actually happened.


                  Everyone knows that to sit you just type /sit

      Heh heh! I think this one has been answered already!

    Are we getting that sweet Adam Jenson figure in Australia, where from, and how much?

    Do you plan on celebrating Towel Day this year?

    Can we get an RPS-style "Wot I Think" from you on Portal 2?

      This story says Australia, and even dates it as the 25th of August.

        I saw that comment, too, but I don't know any specifics... not even price. I hope it's not retailer exclusive!

    Have you ordered a copy of Mortal Kombat online from overseas? If so, fwhererom ? What do you think the odds of getting it caught out are and having to pay the x3 price fine?

      To be clear: Mark (and no other user on this website, staff or commenter!) cannot advocate or promote in any way any act which is illegal, such as the importing of Refused Classification-grade media.

      I hate having to throw that disclaimer up absolutely everywhere anyone talks about importing, but it'd be worse if anyone was charged or fined...

      Regardless, I haven't ordered it - honestly. It looked good, but I can live without it.

    What console are you going to play Portal 2 on? PC? PS3? Xbox360?

      To my shame, the 360 - for the achievements.

      For shame.

    Has anybody seen a 3DS with a scratched top screen? I've seen two with scratches that perfectly match the borders of the bottom screen.Don't close them too hard apparently...

      Mine sometimes gets smudge-lines along the top screen corresponding to the edges of the bottom screen. No scratches, though.

      I don't have scratches on mine, but I've noticed that my finger brushes over the edge of the lower screen's ridge when using the thumb pad, which in turn transfers a thin line of grease to the top screen when it's closed. Same thing happens with my laptop keyboard too!

      That's not to say that there's never going to be scratches... going to have to keep an eye on that.

      I've noticed a little line, but it wipes off. I'm not a huge fan of the 3DS design all round actually.

    Can you please write an article where you lay out the foundations of your ideal game... and then ask what ours would be?

    Also, are you going to E3 or is Kotaku sending Jung angain (or has Seamus baggsed the tickets already)?

      Mine would be Symphony of the Night with more selectable characters and 10 times as long.

      Hmmm, interesting idea. Wouldn't even know where to start.

      E3 - not too sure yet.

    Is the site still having server issues as I'm getting heaps of page not found errors and sometimes it loads really slow.

    I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me.

      I wanna feel what love is.
      I know you can show me.

      Somebody already asked the same question:

      And the answer appears to be:

      I hope that helps!

        But can you feel the love tonight?

      Is this a question or a request. Because I'm totally willing to show you what love is.

    This is for everyone as well as Mark: What is the greatest name of a game you've ever heard?

    My personal favourite is:
    1... 2... 3... Drop that Beat (like an ugly baby)

      'Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?' (PSP)

      Unfortunately it was later changed to 'What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!?' to avoid infringement.

      DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest(see what they did there?)

        No joke - for 10 years I thought it was called Diddy Kong's Quest and didn't get the pun.

          OMG - I never noticed that.
          *hangs head in shame*

            It's 3 ways

            Kong Quest
            Kong's Quest

            Is fantastesticle!

      Can't think of one I'm in love with, but the one I hate speaking aloud the most:

      Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Rift of the Grimoire.

      I actually like KOLM (Kind Of Like Metroid), because it made me smile, and gave me a decent idea of what to expect.

      For some reason that Seaman dreamcast game popped into my head!

    I forgot to ask you this on the weekend: What's the status of Ben's site upgrades? Not wanting to rush him, but it's been coming for a while and it sounds exciting! Maybe we could have some kind of beta program for special people - like those who have given you streetpass hits? ;)

      Actually, I can answer this one.

      The new web guy they're hiring is going to focus on the accounts and such (or so I've been told).

      It may take a bit longer, but it should be worth it in the end!

    Have you done your homework assignment from last week's Ask Me Stuff? You know, finding out for us what has happened to the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection?

    If not, I can keep posting this question each week until you get us answers :P

      Ooh, I'm interested in this, too! Let us know anything at all to do with it~


      Story on the front page now :(

        I'm sorry, Mark, but that wasn't the answer I was looking for.

        The correct answer was actually "It's coming out next week. And because you, Braaains, have shown such keen interest and are such an all round great guy, I have managed to get you a free copy from Sony, personally signed by Fumito Ueda".

        Now go sit in the corner and think about how you'll do better next time.

    I ordered Mortal Kombat for the PS3 the other day from the UK. I have heard rumours that customs may confiscate it. Are they really wasting our tax payer dollars to do this? Will it make it here?

    What does 'your comment is awaiting moderation' actually mean?

    Is this an automated process that filters out comments with offensive content? Or do the staff/you actually read through each comment and approve/disapprove of it?

    I can't imagine someone reading through all these comments to approve them, but then the time it takes for a comment to get approved sometimes seems a little random so I don't know if it's automated.

      It's not automated. We read every. single. comment.

        You must love TAY :p

        I know there is a redesign of the site coming up, is there a possibility of having it so that we can comment instantly and just flag inappropriate comments? With the amount of traffic this site now sees, it seems odd to stick to the current method.

          It's a definite possibility.

              Thanks for the info, I would like to see a way to flag comments. I asked partially out of curiousity and partially because I saw a comment recently I found somewhat offensive which made me wonder.

              I like the simplicity of Kotaku as it is, and though many things would be welcome such as up and down voting comments, user accounts, the ability to receive messages when someone replies to your post, I don't think any of it is really necessary.

              But anything that can facilitate us moderating ourselves, or at least assisting in moderation I think would be helpful.

        What about your own comments?

          We don't moderate our own comments, if that's what you mean. They're automatically approved on submission. But sometimes I'll read a comment that Mark's made and turn around and throw something at him.

            Yeh I meant would you ALL read through everyone's comments, including your co-workers :P

      When I post a comment at work it will tell me that it's awaiting moderation... and when I get home and check Kotaku that same comment will be there, and it will be marked as awaiting moderation.

      How can I see the same comment from two different computers?

        Because you're logged in as the same person on both computers...?

          But I don't log in to Kotaku with Facebook.

            I don't think you have to be logged in with Facebook necessarily. Do you use the same email address when leaving comments?

              Yeah, but does that mean if I logged in with Fatshadies email address I'd see his unapproved comments too?

                If you posted with his username and email address (which you don't necessarily know, but could take a guess at from his past posts) then yes, you probably would. But then you will have posted with his name which is not very nice! So I guess it's ultimately an honour system.

                  Also, I figure we could subvert the entire moderation process if we all agreed to post with exactly the same username and email address, then just put our real username in bold as the first line of the post. Could be a fun experiment but really, if we wanted to chat instantly, there must be better options on the Internet to do so :P

                  I wouldn't... and I'm not that concerned by it.
                  I just found it weird is all, and I thought I' ask is all.

                But if you did, I'd steal more than just your handle. You've seen me in the Kayne & Lynch comp and the WWE comp.. are you really that silly to think i'd let you get away with it...

                Seriously, dont do it man... your misspelling of my name alone hurts me! lol

            It's something to do having the same information in content_author and content_author_email cookies for the site. You're using the same user name in two different locations, and probably the same email address too (though I haven't tested this). You can test it in reverse right now by making your comments disappear on your current computer!

            - Post a comment as "James Mac". You'll see that it's awaiting moderation.
            - Post a second comment as "The original and the best James Mac" and that will be under moderation, but the original one will disappear!
            - Post a third comment as "James Mac" and you'll be able to see the first and third comment, but the second one is gone now.


    Which gaming gets the most love in your household? When you buy a multiplatform game, is there one system you tend to favour over the other? Why?


      Yeah, like I'm googling that while I'm at work.

        Is simple I explain:

        Is Interrogation that ends with a bang; either by gun or genital.

      I play my 360 most. I love PS3 exclusives, but usually get multiplatform games on my 360.

      I love the PSN store though - some of my favourite games are on that service.

      I own every console though. Also have to admit to spending a lot of time playing iPhone games.

    Any further word on Witcher 2 and the Steam issue?

    Only concerned as it's less than a month from release and there is no rating/announcement on the classification website...

    Also a site idea - Reader articles about smaller game studio releases or little (and niche) games that get overlooked in the marketing heavy environment? Sort of like existing Kotaku reader reviews.

      Oh please, someone, have an update for us on this one...

    If I tweeted Major Nelson about the voice update for Australian Kinect... would he answer?

      I've got a crazy suggestion on how you can find the answer to this... have you tried tweeting him? (I reckon he'll ignore you, or at best give you the "it is planned for some point in the future" line, but I'm only guessing too)

      I'd say go for it - ask him. Microsoft Australia are silent on the issue. Which means they have nothing to say.

        I'm getting this visual of three people in suits sitting at a conference table, keeping absolutely still, lips pursed. You keep throwing questions at them with small pauses in-between, their vacant stares looking through you, until you mention Gears of War 3.

        Queue subsequent fireworks, smiles and pony show.

        Am I getting this right?

    Is there any details on the 3DS Mario Kart yet?

      Nah... I'll be all over that. I thought the DS Mario Kart was the best one yet.

    Can you beat my score on Spongebob's Boat o cross.

    level 4

    Have you seen the cartoon show Archer yet?
    It's like Bob's Burgers... only if Bob's Burgers was well drawn, and funny.

    If not, why not?

      Nah, heard good things though.

      Currently watching Mad Men.

        If you haven't, then DO! Holy's instant classic. In an awesome kinda way *DANGER ZONE*

    Where an When is the best place to catch you on street pass?

      Spend a day lurking outside ?

      I'd say the fridge in our office that holds the cans of pepsi max.

        Righto if you see some random guy next time your at the fridge its just me.

    Hope this isn't too late, but I was just hoping maybe you could follow this up for me. In TAY, I ranted here:

    Basically, Australia, and Australia ONLY, get shafted to the Uncharted 3 beta, because to get early access, you can either buy inFamous 2 or be a PS+ guy. But in the post, they say you can only get early access with PS+. Why do we get screwed over for inFamous 2 for? I was wondering if you could ask Sony or something? Thanks :)

    Also, I find that I've been connecting a lot of '500 Internal Server Error' and timeouts with Kotaku AU. What's the dealio?

      I'll ask Sony - we're actually going to have a community comp thing for inFamous 2, so it'll be worth asking.

      Yeah, servers having some issues. Should be fixed soon. Sorry everyone - it's been difficult for me as well actually...

    Hey Mark, exceedingly late, but I'll probably pester you about it, until you tell me to shut up.

    You've stated a few times something about how the community here is the best you've ever been involved with *looks smug at self*. And I'm sure you enjoy your job at Kotaku. However, I was flicking through some stuff of yours from long ago, and you mentioned how you once wanted to start an Official Ninty Magazine here, and later you got work there.

    Relating to the question itself, apart from the differences in medium from some of what you've done before, what do you regret the most about working at Kotaku? Do you feel like you may have given up on other opportunities to be here, or do you think you'll have another chance later in life (Importantly to us, do you have any plans to eventually not work at KotakAU (obviously you do, but I mean immediately)).

    As a final point, how do you feel about having to cover everything in gaming, instead of dealing with specific aspects (specific, like ninty as a whole...) that you may have done in earlier jobs?

    Got my source from here:

    I'm just assuming you think we're the greatest, sorry if this is a mess.

      I initially wanted to start a Nintendo magazine when I first got here because when I first arrived in this country there wasn't one, and I really wanted to break into the writing about games in this country. I won't go into too much detail, but working on the Official Nintendo Magazine ended up not being all I thought it would be.

      I got my start in magazines, but I always knew I would have to move towards online at some point, when the Kotaku job came up I really wanted it and was so happy I got it. I don't really regret anything about coming to Kotaku - everything seems to have gone really well since I got here, and I love writing for an audience who really knows their stuff. It means I get to write the stuff I've always wanted to write. Which is awesome.

      The only thing I miss is finally getting the issue you spent a month writing in the office for the first time. I always loved that - seeing how the cover turned out, checking out the features. It was like Christmas once a month. I kind of miss that!

      As for opportunities - I don't think it gets much better than Kotaku. I think, in terms of editorial, it's the best job around. That's why I wanted the job so much!

      And writing about all aspects of gaming? I love it. I've worked on OPS, Australian 360, ONM, PSM3, and OXM, and sometimes it feels a little constricting. I love all games on all platforms. Like anyone I have my knowledge gaps (WoW) but I enjoy trying to stay across absolutely everything and I think it makes me better at my job!

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