Fan-Made Streets Of Rage Remake Pulled After Request From Sega

Fan-Made Streets Of Rage Remake Pulled After Request From Sega

Streets of Rage Remake, the exhaustive, fan-made homage to the classic Sega Genesis beat ’em up series, looks to have finally gotten the attention of Sega. The creators of that freely distributed Streets of Rage title have pulled the game after a request from Sega.

Released last week after some eight years in development, creators Bombergames pulled previously posted links to downloads for Streets of Rage Remake, asking forum members not to redistribute the game. Streets of Rage Remake is available for Windows PCs.

“SEGA have contacted regarding the download hosted on this site,” writes a Bombergames forum moderator. “While this issue is being resolved, please do not upload the game for others to download. Any links posted on this site will be removed. Thank you.”

Forum moderators have since locked a thread discussing the availability of Streets of Rage Remake.

The Streets of Rage Remake web site says its creators had informed Sega of the project during development via “a formal letter,” but recent press of the 16-bit beat ’em up may have gotten Bombergames noticed.

Sega is still in the business of selling versions of Streets of Rage games through various means, including Steam, Wii Virtual Console and disc-based compilations for consoles.

Kotaku contacted Sega for details on its request to Bombergames, but the company has not yet officially responded.


  • Bombergames have done a *remarkable* job with the remake, if I were SEGA I would be proud of it.

    I’m ashamed that after all this time, they’ve had it pulled. The smart thing would have been to give Bombergames finance to officially release the remake to Steam, Wii, PSN, XBLA, etc.

    The remake is perfectly polished with more options and replay value than the original games ever had. I hope everything works out.

    • There’s a good chance that Sega only shut it down so they can work out a deal to distribute it on Steam or whatever. It’s the best fan-made game I’ve ever seen, and once Sega saw how good it was, they probably thought “Hey, there’s money to be had here”. I just hope the Bomber guys get a good cut.

  • Don’t fret if you missed the opportunity to download dirrect from Bombergames; it’s floating around on quiet a few bittorrent trackers.

  • If any of these companies had any intelligence at all, they’d open up franchise rebirths to the fan community. If you have fans crying out for a remake/sequel, but you’re too risk-averse/incompetent to do it in house – challenge the fans to do it. It costs you nothing, doesn’t matter how long it takes, and you if its all crap, you just keep waiting.

    Since fans care a lot more about the IP than the IP-holders themselves, we’d probably see a sharp rise in game quality – look at the amazing Sonic Fan Remix compared to the official Sonic 4…

  • What is wrong with the game industry?! Its rediculous that a developer just dumps our favourite games into oblivion, indefinetly. Then, when an unofficial developer makes a game better than the source company can, just sort of says “NO, ITS MINE.” Just shows how immature and impersonal the game industry has become (not you, godly Pro and Indie developers), and our society in general. If SEGA does not publish this, and Sonic Fan Remix. Then the modern SEGA is truly just a pale imitation of what it once was. The only way Sega and its great IP’s will survive, is if Nintendo buys them out in the end, and brings back our favourite games and characters. Lets face it Nintendo won the videogames wars…

  • Now I don’t know what Sega are doing to resolve this.

    But. And it’s a big one. If you do not defend your Intellectual Property you lose it. Streets of Rage as a brand could become Public Domain. 8 years ago, they got an e-mail and they thought some guy was making it for himself or whatever. 8 years later the person who read the e-mail and went yeah whatever may not even be at the company. Maybe they have a Streets of Rage game they want to show off at E3 and are worried about the brand being polluted by another company.

    Who knows, while it sucks for us who want to play it, and for the guys who just spent 8 years making it. Some good may come out of it, Or Big the Cat joins the Cast of Streets of Rage Adventure.

    But due to the way the law works if they don’t say “oi this is ours” they lose their IP.

  • Sorry Sega.. Normally I can understand why companies try and get these games pulled. But you know what? Its totally kick arse! And they put effort into this which shines through, unlike all the standard console classic releases..

    Just let them have it and let them sell it for like $5 or something, its worth every penny.

  • * years for a remake?????? what if i want to play this on PC then why wouldn’t you just download the rom for either snes or megadrive????

    I dont understand the need for this?

  • People just constantly spam their twitter page and/or message them through twitter to get this game released on other platforms or make a new streets of rage for us!!

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