LunchTimeWaster: Dragon Punch A Shark

I love this game. I frickin' love this game. Essentially it's a one button dash game in the vein of Canabalt, but it adds so much to the experience. News just in - the game let me Dragon Punch a shark. In the face.

In this game you run, from lava, from a flood - you can jump, double jump, and then float your way to victory and escape. The game feels frantic - pitched perfectly. You feel like you are always a second from death and each jump, each perfectly timed jump, feels like a rewarding leap from the jaws of inevitable death.

There's other stuff thrown in - a combo system you probably won't notice when you're too busy running for your life.

This is one of my favourite LunchTimeWasters in recent weeks. I implore you to check it out. My best score so far is 10767.

Flood Runner Armageddon[Armor Games]


    26478 on second try. this game rocks! wish i was actually on lunch!

    Wow. Very frantic and way more fun then Canabalt. I somehow got 65431!

    Pretty sweet. I'll have to take another shot at it tonight.

    490,242 on third shot for me.

    After a few tries, I managed to get 330232.

    I think I'm pretty good at this.

    that was epic!
    4,318,943 on first try!

      Good work!!
      Most I got was about 457368 after a few tries.

    I got somewhere in the vicinity of 2.7 million before i finally died. And then my hand started hurting. It was a good run, though. Could have done better if I didn't keep getting struck by lightning.

    ~250,000 on my second try. Didn't die either, it was time to leave work so I had to shut down.

    You lose points if you go too high without a shield. Damned lightning.

    On my third try i got well over 10,000,000 but a wasp messed me up dropping me to 7,370,711...

    Great game but there needs to be a high score table

    over 2,000,000 on my first go, what's with the massive variations in scores?

    6.43 mil first try, got completely smashed by lightning and bugs and crap. Some of the penalties were over 500k, bit rough

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