LunchTimeWaster: Speed Racer

I don't like modern racing sims all that much, I'll admit it. I've never been all that passionate about cars, and I think that's the reason. In many ways modern racers are designed for people who love cars as opposed to people who love games. Formula Racer, however, is a game that harks back to the days when realism meant nothing. And I really enjoyed it.

Formula Racer reminds me of games like Pole Position, when racing games weren't about physics, or racing lines - it was just about going stupidly fast and trying to maintain control. About waving inbetween ridiculous amounts of cars and boosting to the finish. Of course, since it's in vogue, there's an arbitrary level up system, but it's as simple as it gets and doesn't detract from the racing itself.

It's a great distraction for those that, like me, are more partial to old school racers.

Formula Racer [Kongregate]


    Cushy job mark, you sit around all day playing flash games and occasionally working?

    *HIGH FIVE!*

    THAT'S MY JOB TOO! Then again, being a sysadmin at a school leaves me with term breaks for actual work work, and 10 weeks of "work".

    "Yes, you plug in a USB drive this way, not upside down"

    *back to pokemon yellow on his emulator*

      How hard is it being an admin at a school? I'm doing tech support work for a business at the moment, first IT job and I've been here for about a year. I figure a school is a possible future move, what's the necessary experience/pay like?

        Depends what you intend to do and where you intend to work.

        Public schools it isn't so much IT work as it's just resetting passwords, showing teachers how to do basic computer stuff, etc, and the big maintenance rushes between term breaks. Plus, lots and lots of warranty calls for computer hardware.

        If you do plan to go public and have the skills / balls for it, apply for a job as a Department of Education IT Supervisor (I think that's the title), that job will give you a much more hands on role with the networking equipment and will have you traveling between schools and TAFE campuses, getting covered up in Ethernet cables and going missing for 5 days straight. You also have minimal interaction with students and teachers.

        Private system which I'm in now is like a combination of the above. You have a lot more freedom to fix up problems yourself, as you don't need to jump through the DET's hoops. I basically spend my days plugging in ethernet cables, trying not to snap at teachers who feel the need to sit their laptops down on the library's gigantic magnet, and resetting passwords, along with the occasional meltdown with the servers. Term breaks are nuts as usual.

        As for the Pay? Depends where you work and doing what, but entry level pay is comfortable.

        Experience? Certificate 4 helps, but I landed this job 5 years ago with absolutely no experience other than working in another High School for a Work for the Dole program. I've learned everything as I've gone along, which has been awesome.

    This game is surprisingly good, though it would be nice to have a minimap so you can better tell when corners are coming up.

    That, and they've mixed up some of the tracks, but I suppose you need a bit of creative license.

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